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Oct. 2, 2023
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House Bills and Resolutions in Committee:

Agriculture and Natural Resources - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2437 Updating certain terms, requirements and fees contained in the Kansas pet animal act.
HB2397 Prohibiting conveyance of certain real property in this state to foreign adversaries.
HB2372 Regulating the land application of swine manure and wastewater.
HB2342 Establishing the pet animal board of veterinarians within the Kansas department of agriculture, transferring all Kansas pet animal act powers, duties and functions to such board, limiting procedures relating to the seizure of animals, eliminating no-contact inspection provisions, requiring a license for animal rescues, authorizing a single license fee for all license categories and changing the membership of the Kansas pet animal advisory board.
HB2308 Establishing a hunting outfitter task force that shall study the hunting outfitter industry in the state of Kansas and may make recommend changes to the law and rules and regulations.
HB2168 Allowing hemp fiber, grain and seeds to be used as food for livestock, poultry and pets; adding hemp grain to the definition of grain; authorizing the secretary to utilize performance-based sampling when inspecting industrial hemp; lowering license and registration fees; extending license and registration periods to two years; and exempting certain hemp processors from fingerprinting and background check requirements.
HB2091 Requiring the secretary of agriculture to establish a division of sustainable agriculture that shall apply for federal grant funds under the greenhouse gas reduction fund to assist farmers in converting to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture practices.
HB2006 Making the use of artificial light for the purpose of spotting, locating or taking wildlife unlawful and restricting rule and regulation authority.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Budget - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2079 Establishing a statutory white-tailed deer firearm hunting season and requiring the Kansas department of wildlife and parks to provide resident hunting license holders certain permits free of charge.

Appropriations - 16 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2472 Authorizing the governor to submit a budget report to the legislature that increases the total expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year by not more than 2% of the total expenditures from the immediately preceding fiscal year.
HB2468 Concerning state of disaster emergencies, appointing the incident commander by the adjutant general for weather-related disasters, establishing coordinating duties of the division of emergency management and establishing the disaster contingency fund for use by the state finance council to match federal grants and funds to respond to such weather-related disaster.
HB2464 Increasing the dollar amount of state scholarships for students attending a postsecondary educational institution who have established financial need.
HB2463 Authorizing the Kansas development finance authority to issue bonds for the renovation and equipment of the university stadium on the campus of Wichita state university.
HB2462 Authorizing the Kansas development finance authority to issue bonds for the construction and renovation of a new department of nursing and student wellness center on the campus of Emporia state university.
HB2461 Authorizing the Kansas development finance authority to issue bonds for the construction and equipment of the NIAR technology and innovation building on the innovation campus of Wichita state university.
HB2460 Prohibiting postsecondary educational institutions from taking certain actions regarding admission applicants and faculty concerning diversity, equity, inclusion or patriotism, exceptions; providing for civil remedies and penalties.
HB2415 Establishing the KanCare bridge to a healthy Kansas program to expand Medicaid eligibility.
HB2362 Removing state fire marshal approval as a requirement for licensure or renewal of licensure for disability service providers and facilities.
HB2277 Concerning state agencies; relating to the employee award and recognition program; authorizing hiring, recruitment and retention bonuses; increasing the limitation on such award or bonus to $10,000; eliminating the secretary of administration's authority to adopt rules and regulations; and requiring such secretary to submit an annual report to certain legislative committees concerning such awards and bonuses.
HB2274 Making and concerning supplemental appropriations for fiscal years 2023 and 2024 for various state agencies.
HB2273 Appropriations for FY 2024, FY 2025 and FY 2026 for various state agencies.
HB2235 Authorizing the division of printing to print for local governments and schools.
HB2078 Changing the membership requirements, terms of members and the quorum requirements for the information technology executive council.
SB195 Authorizing the children's cabinet to form a 501(c)(3) for fundraising for the Dolly Parton imagination library book gifting program.
SB155 Substitute for SB 155 by Committee on Ways and Means - Making and concerning appropriations for fiscal years 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 for various state agencies.

Child Welfare and Foster Care - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2407 Creating conditions for the administration of certain tests, questionnaires, surveys and examinations and eliminating the parental consent requirements.
HB2377 Directing the office of vital statistics to provide birth or death certificates to the Kansas department for children and families and exempt the department from fees for such certificates.
HB2371 Limiting the number of children in out-of-home placement cases assigned to case managers.
HB2369 Enacting the Kansas indian child welfare act.
HB2189 Granting jurisdiction to the court to extend custody of non-minor dependents to the secretary for children and families.
HB2112 Enacting the Representative Gail Finney foster care bill of rights.
HB2076 Repealing the adoption protection act.
SB232 Substitute for SB 232 by Committee on Judiciary - Establishing the office of the child advocate as an independent state agency, making orders granting custody for adoption subject to the federal Indian child welfare act, directing the secretary for children and families to consider foster parents as prospective adoptive parents in certain circumstances and authorizing appeal of any order of placement of a child.

Commerce, Labor and Economic Development - 12 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2471 Establishing the transformation of passenger and freight vehicle industry program to attract businesses engaged in electric motor vehicle and hydrogen-powered vehicle production by offering qualified companies that meet certain requirements an investment tax credit, retention of a percentage of total payroll tax, reimbursement of a percentage of eligible employee training and education expenses and a sales tax exemption for construction costs of the qualified company’s qualified business facility.
HB2450 Providing a sales tax exemption for the construction or remodeling of a qualified data center in Kansas, and the purchase of data center equipment, eligible data center costs, electricity and certain labor costs to qualified firms that commit to a minimum investment of at least $600,000,000 and meet new Kansas jobs and other requirements.
HB2399 Enacting the freelance isn't free act to provide protections for freelance workers, authorizing the secretary of labor to investigate alleged violations and the attorney general to enforce orders against violators, establishing a private cause of action for freelance workers against violators and establishing an assistance program for freelance workers to be administered by the secretary of labor.
HB2389 Applying real estate broker licensure provisions to trusts, authorizing the Kansas real estate commission to issue cease and desist orders and providing that dealing in real estate transactions involving assignable contracts requires licensure.
HB2374 Changing the legal public holiday of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.
HB2368 Enacting the making work pay act to increase the Kansas minimum wage.
HB2348 Restoring local government control over wages, compensation and benefits for construction projects.
HB2334 Extending the deadline for project agreements under the attracting powerful economic expansion act, enhancing incentives for qualified suppliers and adding a new employee relocation reimbursement incentive for qualified suppliers, limiting the corporate income tax rate reduction provision to two rate reductions and permitting qualified firms and qualified suppliers to participate in other economic development programs for new projects.
HB2333 Providing for disqualification from employment security benefits for failing to attend a job interview without giving notice to the prospective employer or for failing to respond to a job offer.
HB2123 Establishing the office of entrepreneurship within the department of commerce, encouraging that 5% of state contracts and certain incentive funding go toward Kansas businesses that have been in operation for less than five years, encouraging the elimination of first-year business fees and requiring the office of entrepreneurship to submit an annual report to the legislature.
HB2064 Establishing the Kansas employee emergency savings account (KEESA) program to allow eligible employers to establish employee savings accounts, providing an income and privilege tax credit for certain eligible employer deposits to such employee savings accounts and providing a subtraction modification for certain employee deposits to such savings accounts.
HB2063 Limiting current workers compensation benefit reductions that are based on the receipt of retirement benefits to reductions only to permanent disability compensation and only when retirement benefits begin after the accident.

Corrections and Juvenile Justice - 27 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2385 Creating an inference of an intent to distribute a controlled substance based on the quantity of the substance possessed instead of a rebuttable presumption.
HB2380 Requiring a criminal conviction for civil asset forfeiture, remitting proceeds from civil asset forfeiture to the state general fund, increasing the burden of proof required to forfeit property, making certain property ineligible for forfeiture, providing persons involved in forfeiture proceedings representation by counsel and the ability to demand a jury trial and allowing a person to request a hearing on whether forfeiture is excessive.
HB2370 Defining consent in the Kansas criminal code for sexual offenses.
HB2363 Releasing any person convicted of a drug offense involving marijuana from such person's sentence and providing for the expungement of any associated records.
HB2355 Removing sodomy between consenting members of the same sex from the crime of criminal sodomy.
HB2354 Requiring involuntary commitment proceedings to be commenced for a defendant who is awaiting a competency determination.
HB2353 Increasing the amount of time a person may be held for treatment and adding criteria for when continued treatment may be ordered under the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons.
HB2349 Abolishing the death penalty and creating the crime of aggravated murder.
HB2328 Excluding tests to detect the presence of fentanyl, ketamine or gamma hydroxybutyric acid in a substance from the definition of drug paraphernalia.
HB2295 Requiring people who live with offenders on probation, parole or postrelease supervision to report when such offender is not home during required hours.
HB2286 Prohibiting motorcycle profiling by law enforcement agencies.
HB2280 Requiring a person convicted of driving under the influence to pay child support for any child of a person killed during the offense giving rise to such conviction.
HB2217 Requiring that a criminal sentence be presumptive imprisonment if a person felony was committed against a person based on that person's actual or perceived race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation.
HB2213 Authorizing offenders subject to offender registration to register at one location, creating a mechanism for fees to be waived and creating a mechanism to seek relief from registration requirements for violent offenders.
HB2212 Eliminating offender registration requirements for certain juvenile offenders.
HB2187 Adding members to the commission on peace officers' standards and training and requiring the new members to be appointed with a preference to increase diversity.
HB2186 Modifying the criminal penalties for unlawful voluntary sexual relations and excluding juveniles adjudicated for the offense from offender registration requirements.
HB2180 Increasing good time and program credit for certain offenders and removing liability protection for wrongful acts committed by the department of corrections in making good time and program credit calculations.
HB2151 Requiring the secretary of corrections to notify judges, prosecutors, nonexpert witnesses and lead investigators when an inmate is released from custody.
HB2128 Creating definitions of "intimate partner" and "intimate partner violence" in the Kansas criminal code and requiring certain considerations be made in determining bond when a crime is committed against an intimate partner.
HB2115 Prohibiting the use of restraints during hearings under the revised Kansas juvenile justice code unless deemed appropriate by the court.
HB2104 Defining options for early discharge from probation for certain offenders and limiting the maximum term of supervision on probation.
HB2072 Reducing the criminal penalties for most severity level 5 drug crimes and increasing the penalties for offenders in criminal history category 5-I.
HB2022 Providing for the appointment of the superintendent of the Kansas highway patrol by the attorney general, not the governor; transferring the duties of governor relating to the Kansas highway patrol to the attorney general; granting jurisdiction of the Kansas highway patrol to the attorney general, a division to be known as the Kansas highway patrol.
HB2012 Requiring offenders on probation, parole or postrelease supervision to complete a citizenship curriculum.
HB2005 Creating a traffic infraction for operating a vehicle while fatigued.
SB307 Adding for-profit private entity to the definition of "qualified applicant" in the Kansas fights addiction act.

Education - 13 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2458 Authorizing the state board of education to establish a new unified school district, if necessary, for the attachment of territory of a school district disorganized via voter petition and providing for administrative and judicial review of resolutions to permanently close a public school building.
HB2315 Requiring school districts to offer instruction on life skills for middle school and high school students.
HB2251 Authorizing the department of education to contract with a private vendor to install and operate school bus cameras.
HB2248 Requiring school districts to adopt policies to ensure parents may review educational materials and records pertinent to their child.
HB2224 Increasing the number of school days and hours that must be provided by school districts for each school year.
HB2223 Removing the sunset for the high-density at-risk student weighting under the Kansas school equity and enhancement act.
HB2163 Requiring statutory due process procedures for a school district's non-renewal or termination of a teacher contract.
HB2158 Creating the campus free speech act to require each public postsecondary educational institution to adopt a policy of free expression.
HB2157 Creating the campus intellectual diversity act to establish an office of public policy events at each public postsecondary educational institution.
HB2152 Requiring the display of the national motto in public schools, colleges and universities.
HB2142 Creating the get the lead out of school drinking water act to require schools to comply with legal limits on lead content in school drinking water.
HB2139 Creating the crime of abuse of a sports official and providing criminal penalties therefor.
HB2003 Authorizing the Kansas state high school activities association to establish a school classification system based on student attendance and other factors.

Elections - 24 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2297 Expanding the scope of uses of campaign contributions to include family caregiving services.
HB2289 Limiting the power of the governmental ethics commission to issue subpoenas to when a verified complaint has been filed and the commission has found probable cause exists.
HB2270 Requiring the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of precinct committeemen and precinct committeewomen to be provided to the county election officer and requiring the county election officer to report such information to the secretary of state.
HB2207 Expanding the election crime of corrupt political advertising to include messages sent using text messaging devices.
HB2206 Amending the campaign finance act's definition of expressly advocating for a candidate by adding a reasonable person standard to the definition.
HB2190 Expanding certain election crimes and creating new ones, eliminating the criminal prosecutorial authority of the secretary of state and defining special elections.
HB2165 Amending the campaign finance and governmental ethics statutes to extend the time frame for hearings before the governmental ethics commission and making technical amendments.
HB2164 Creating the crime of elector fraud to make it a crime to falsify presidential elector certificates.
HB2122 Requiring a witness to each signature on an advance voting ballot envelope and limiting the witness to not more than 10 advance voting ballot envelopes.
HB2120 Requiring the secretary of state to periodically review state voter registration rolls to investigate when multiple voters utilize the same residential area address and when there are persons with discrepancies in the spelling of names at that address.
HB2119 Requiring precinct committeemen and committeewomen to provide the county clerk with their address, phone number and email address.
HB2118 Requiring the secretary of state to enter into agreements with the Kansas department of aging and disability services, the Kansas department of children and families and the Kansas department of health and environment to cross-check various welfare recipient data to ensure the state's voter registration rolls are current.
HB2117 Requiring the secretary of state to revise the information collected from persons registering to vote to ensure that the state may utilize the systematic alien verification of entitlements program (SAVE) to delete non-citizens from voter registration rolls.
HB2116 Requiring the secretary of state to join the electronic registration information center (ERIC) to aid state and local officials in keeping voter registration rolls current.
HB2075 Providing for the publication of signed statements of fair campaign practices and a cause of action for violations of such statement.
HB2057 Regulating the use of remote ballot boxes for the return of advance voting ballots.
HB2055 Prohibiting third parties from mailing advance voting ballot applications to registered voters.
HB2054 Modifying the deadline for requesting a recount after an election.
HB2052 Requiring correction of voter registration lists when notice is provided by a court that a person is disqualified from jury service due to not being a citizen of the United States.
HB2038 Requiring postsecondary educational institutions to indicate when a student's identification issued by such institution cannot be used for voting purposes.
HB2037 Requiring verification of residential addresses of registered voters and creating the crime of falsifying a residential address for purposes of voter registration.
HB2035 Requiring the secretary of state to submit an annual report to the legislature on voter registration procedures.
HB2013 Requiring a runoff election between the top two candidates whenever a candidate for a statewide office fails to receive a majority of the votes cast at a general or special election.
SB301 Requiring annual filing of a statement of substantial interest by local governmental officers and employees, exempting elected or appointed officers of townships or school districts from such requirements absent a change in substantial interests of such officers.

Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications - 9 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2440 Requiring public utilities to report certain data.
HB2327 Discontinuing property tax exemption for new qualifying pipeline property that experiences a spill or leak and providing for recoupment of certain property taxes.
HB2310 Increasing the number of commissioners on the state corporation commission subject to gubernatorial appointment and senate confirmation and prohibiting the appointment and confirmation of any person who has a conflict of interest.
HB2309 Making the 911 coordinating council subject to the Kansas governmental operations accountability law and reducing the fees imposed on telecommunications services and prepaid wireless services under the Kansas 911 act.
HB2228 Increasing the capacity limitation of the total amount of net-metered generation systems that may operate within the service territory of an investor-owned electric utility and removing the load-size limitations on customers' net-metered systems.
HB2227 Authorizing certain power purchase agreements with renewable energy suppliers, exempting the sales of electricity pursuant to power purchase agreements from public utility regulation and requiring electric public utilities to enter into parallel generation contracts with certain customers of the utility.
HB2156 Authorizing public utilities subject to the jurisdiction of the state corporation commission to establish rates that benefit low-income residential customers.
HB2155 Requiring the state corporation commission to review the regional rate competitiveness of an electric utility's rates in electric utility rate proceedings.
HB2154 Providing for the statewide election of commissioners of the state corporation commission, establishing the utilities regulation division in the office of the attorney general, requiring such division to represent and protect the collective interests of utility customers in utility rate-related proceedings and exempting the state corporation commission from the open meetings act.

Federal and State Affairs - 28 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5006 Proposing a constitutional amendment to repeal section 16 of article 15 of the constitution of the state of Kansas that requires marriage to be between individuals of the opposite sex.
HB2469 Changing the order of succession for the office of governor to provide that the speaker of the house of representatives shall become governor if the office of both the governor and lieutenant governor are vacant rather than the president of the senate.
HB2456 Imposing requirements for reapportionment legislation.
HB2442 Creating the Kansas gun rights preservation act to prohibit the infringement of Kansas citizens' constitutional right to keep and bear arms by the federal government.
HB2441 Creating the anti-red flag gun seizure act to prohibit the enforcement of any law, regulation or order that prohibits the possession of a firearm in violation of amendment II to the constitution of the United States.
HB2431 Allowing vessels that operate upon the Perry reservoir to be licensed as clubs and drinking establishments.
HB2413 Requiring firearms and stun guns to be stored in locked containers, establishing crimes for failure to store such weapons where a person under 18 years of age has access to such weapons and creating more severe penalties for firearms with large-capacity magazines.
HB2405 Establishing the Kansas legal tender act and providing for an income tax subtraction modification for sales of specie.
HB2404 Enacting the Kansas protection of pensions and businesses against ideological interference act, relating to ideological boycotts involving environmental, social or governance standards, requiring KPERS to divest from and prohibiting state contracts or the deposit of state moneys with entities engaged in such boycotts as determined by the state treasurer and prohibiting discriminatory practices in the financial services industry based on such boycotts.
HB2403 Creating the crime of unlawful storage of any firearm including a rifle, shotgun or machine gun or stun guns and the crime of unlawful storage of a large magazine capacity rifle or shotgun or machine gun where a minor has access.
HB2402 Prohibiting new self-service storage facilities from being located within 1,000 feet of a child care facility or school.
HB2367 Creating the adult use cannabis regulation act to regulate the cultivation, manufacturing, possession and sale of cannabis in this state.
HB2358 Permitting mid-level practitioners to provide medical certification to attest to an individual's cause of death to file a death certificate.
HB2339 Requiring the Kansas bureau of investigation to establish a Kansas voluntary do-not-sell firearms list to prevent the purchase of firearms by any person who voluntarily registers to be placed on the list.
HB2311 Amending the Kansas amusement ride act relating to inspections of amusement rides and inflatable devices, training regarding the operation of amusement rides and inflatable devices and establishing an annual permit fee for inflatable devices.
HB2303 Enacting the community defense and human trafficking reduction act to regulate sexually oriented businesses and human trafficking and to impose criminal penalties.
HB2301 Requiring commercial entities that produce material harmful to minors on the internet to require age verification for access to such internet sites and establishing a civil cause of action against such commercial entities by persons harmed to recover actual and punitive damages, court costs and attorney fees.
HB2245 Creating the gun violence restraining order act to authorize the issuance of protective orders prohibiting the acquisition and possession of firearms by certain individuals.
HB2244 Providing a permanent exemption for postsecondary educational institutions from the public buildings requirements under the personal and family protection act.
HB2208 Authorizing the state historical society to convey certain real property to the Shawnee Tribe.
HB2188 Regulating the sale and distribution of kratom products, requiring the secretary of agriculture to adopt rules and regulations and requiring licensure of kratom product dealers.
HB2178 Amending the Kansas act against discrimination to include sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and status as a veteran.
HB2177 Removing statutory provisions that require marriage to be between two parties of the opposite sex.
HB2051 Establishing the advisory commission on Asian-American Pacific Islander affairs.
HB2046 Requiring all persons to be 18 years of age to be eligible to give consent for marriage and eliminating exceptions to such requirement.
HB2045 Increasing the statutory limit for charges assessed on loans made by pawnbrokers.
HB2044 Amending the definition of "race" in the Kansas act against discrimination to include traits historically associated with race, including hair texture and protective hairstyles.
HB2043 Requiring that discharged inmates be offered the opportunity to register to vote and requiring the secretary of state to develop a voter registration program that offers voter registration services through certain state agencies and at each accredited high school.

Financial Institutions and Pensions - 17 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5014 Directing the joint committee on fiduciary financial institutions oversight to study and draft legislation relating to environmental, social and governance standards.
HB2428 Providing membership in the Kansas police and firemen's retirement system for certain security officers of the department of corrections and for certain law enforcement officers and employees of the Kansas department of wildlife and parks.
HB2365 Terminating the KPERS 3 cash balance plan and transferring the members of such plan to the KPERS 2 plan.
HB2321 Enacting the Kansas work and save program act, allowing certain individuals to contribute to individual retirement accounts and providing administrative duties and powers of the state treasurer regarding such program.
HB2320 Enacting the commercial property assessed capital enhancement or C-PACE act, requiring the department of commerce to designate or establish a C-PACE board, providing for assessment contracts between C-PACE lenders and property owners and establishing rights, duties and responsibilities of mortgage lenders.
HB2252 Providing a postretirement cost-of-living adjustment for certain KPERS retirants.
HB2243 Enacting the protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation act.
HB2242 Providing restrictions, lender reporting and other requirements for alternative small installment loans made under the UCCC.
HB2241 Increasing the amount charged per annum on closed end credit consumer loans.
HB2193 Concerning the investment of state moneys; reestablishing the provisions of law authorizing the state treasurer to certify and transfer a portion of state moneys, equivalent to the aggregate net amount received for unclaimed property, available for investment to the KPERS board of trustees.
HB2103 Eliminating the statutory 15% alternative investment limit for the KPERS fund and requiring the KPERS board to establish an alternative investment percentage limit.
HB2101 Regulating contract for deed transactions, authorizing recording of contract for deeds or affidavits of equitable interest, listing deceptive practices constituting violations of the consumer protection act, requiring notice to the buyer of default and allowing buyers to cure such default.
HB2085 Including juvenile corrections officers in the definition of "security officer" for purposes of the KPERS correctional employees group.
HB2025 Authorizing a self-funded cost-of-living adjustment retirement benefit option for certain KPERS members.
HB2008 Providing membership in the KP&F retirement system for certain security officers of the department of corrections and allowing certain service credit purchases of previous KPERS security officer service for purposes of KP&F retirement benefits.
SB291 Enacting the Kansas public investments and contracts protection act concerning environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, prohibiting the state and political subdivisions from giving preferential treatment to or discriminating against companies based on such ESG criteria in procuring or letting contracts, requiring KPERS fiduciaries to act solely in the financial interest of the participants and beneficiaries of the system, restricting state agencies from adopting ESG criteria or requiring any person or business to operate in accordance with such criteria, directing registered investment advisers to provide ESG criteria notice to clients and providing for enforcement of such act by the attorney general.
SB37 Expanding the transferability of income, privilege and premium tax credits issued under the Kansas housing investor tax credit act.

Health and Human Services - 28 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5011 Proposing an amendment to the bill of rights of the constitution of the state of Kansas to provide no right to an abortion.
HB2467 Revising the definition of "abortion" to clarify procedures that are excluded from such definition.
HB2453 Enacting the dentist and dental hygienist compact to provide interstate practice privileges for dentists and dental hygienists.
HB2347 Providing price limits and other requirements for health benefits covering prescription insulin drugs and establishing the insulin affordability program for the uninsured.
HB2337 Defining in-state and interstate practitioners under the Kansas telemedicine act, establishing certain standards of care, requiring certain insurance coverage of in-state telemedicine services and establishing the Kansas telehealth advisory committee.
HB2276 Prohibiting pelvic, rectal, or prostate exams on unconscious patients without informed consent.
HB2265 Providing for the regulation of supplemental nursing services agencies by the secretary for aging and disability services.
HB2263 Authorizing pharmacy technicians to administer certain vaccines, creating a civil cause of action against a physician and requiring revocation of a physician's license who performs a childhood gender reassignment service.
HB2259 Providing that certain mental health medications be available without prior authorization to treat medicaid recipients and abolishing the mental health medication advisory committee.
HB2258 Prohibiting certain licensed individuals from using conversion therapy on minors.
HB2257 Providing for the licensure and regulation of music therapists by the state board of healing arts and establishing the music therapy advisory committee.
HB2181 Prohibiting abortion procedures and creating the crimes of unlawful performance of an abortion and unlawful destruction of a fertilized embryo.
HB2171 Providing that peer review privilege for healthcare providers does not apply to factual information.
HB2161 Enacting the patient right to visitation act to require patient care facilities to adopt visitation rules to allow certain relatives and other persons, including clergy, to visit terminally ill patients and other patients making major medical decisions.
HB2126 Authorizing the over-the-counter purchase of ivermectin tablets and hydroxychloroquine tablets.
HB2050 Updating income eligibility requirements for the state children's health insurance program.
HB2049 Changing the length of the nurse aide course required for unlicensed employees in adult care homes to 75 hours.
HB2007 Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination for care at a child care facility or attendance at a school.
SB315 Requiring child care facilities, elementary, secondary and postsecondary educational institutions and employers to grant exemptions from vaccine requirements without inquiring into the sincerity of the request and repealing the meningitis vaccine requirement to live in student housing.
SB314 Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from requiring COVID-19 vaccination for children attending a child care facility or school.
SB297 Revising the definition of "abortion" to clarify procedures that are excluded from such definition.
SB287 Expanding the Kansas silver alert plan to include persons 18 years of age or older who have dementia, a developmental disability or a cognitive impairment.
SB233 Creating a civil cause of action against a physician who performs childhood gender reassignment service and requiring revocation of a physician's license who performs childhood gender reassignment service.
SB219 Designating certain healthcare providers as being ineligible to purchase professional liability insurance from the healthcare stabilization fund.
SB112 Authorizing registered nurse anesthetists to engage in independent practice and prescribe drugs and prohibiting registered nurse anesthetists from performing or prescribing drugs to induce an abortion.
SB98 Authorizing medical student and residency loan assistance to encourage the practice of obstetrics and gynecology in medically underserved areas of the state.
SB6 Restricting the authority of the secretary of health and environment and local health officers to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious or contagious diseases; repealing the authority of the secretary to quarantine individuals and impose associated penalties.
SB5 Prohibiting the prescribing of drugs intended to cause an abortion using telemedicine and restricting the governor's power during a state of emergency to alter such prohibitions.

Insurance - 5 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2287 Imposing certain health insurance coverage requirements for screening and diagnostic examinations for breast cancer.
HB2283 Enacting the ensuring transparency in prior authorization act to impose requirements and limitations on the use of prior authorization in healthcare.
HB2266 Defining non-covered benefits under dental benefit plans.
HB2099 Discontinuing certain exemptions from the pharmacy benefits manager licensure act.
HB2095 Changing the required number of employees contained in the definitions of "large employer" and "small employer" for purposes of coverage of autism spectrum disorder.

Interstate Cooperation - 4 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2451 Specifying the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration amount for final hemp products and allowing certain hemp products to be manufactured, marketed, sold or distributed.
HB2426 Authorizing appeals from certain decisions related to a citizen-initiated grand jury.
HB2417 Creating the medical cannabis regulation act to regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of medical cannabis.
HB2067 Increasing the felony loss thresholds for certain property crimes to match the crime of theft.

Judiciary - 21 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2423 Enacting the act against abusive access litigation to create a civil action for determining whether litigation that alleges any access violation under the Americans with disabilities act or similar law constitutes abusive litigation and authorizing penalties for such abusive litigation.
HB2409 Enacting the Kansas uniform parentage act (2017).
HB2396 Requiring a criminal conviction for civil asset forfeiture and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that property is subject to forfeiture, remitting proceeds to the state general fund and requiring law enforcement agencies to make forfeiture reports more frequently.
HB2383 Allowing certain persons to take the examination to be certified by the supreme court as qualified to be a district magistrate judge.
HB2381 Requiring the court to appoint an attorney to represent a child who is the subject of child in need of care proceedings and allowing for the optional appointment of a guardian ad litem.
HB2379 Requiring protection from abuse and protection from stalking, sexual assault and human trafficking orders to restrain the plaintiff from contacting the defendant.
HB2357 Requiring that appointees to the supreme court be determined to be qualified by the senate.
HB2356 Creating a presumption that joint legal custody and maximized parenting time in temporary parenting plans are in the best interests of a child and defining related terms under the Kansas family law code.
HB2352 Requiring the plaintiff's attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that property is subject to forfeiture under the Kansas standard asset seizure and forfeiture act.
HB2345 Enacting the supported decision-making agreements act to provide a statutory framework for adults who want decision-making assistance.
HB2300 Requiring a duly ordained minister of religion to report certain abuse and neglect of children except when reporting would violate the penitential communication privilege.
HB2294 Increasing the required age to 21 to purchase or possess cigarettes and tobacco products including electronic cigarettes and establishing unlawful acts under the Kansas cigarette and tobacco products act and penalties for violations thereof.
HB2250 Enacting the supported decision-making agreements act to provide a statutory framework for adults who want decision-making assistance.
HB2222 Prohibiting the enforcement of federal rules or regulations and the promulgation of state rules and regulations to carry out such enforcement without legislative approval.
HB2185 Permitting short form notification service and alternative methods of service under the protection from abuse act and the protection from stalking, sexual assault or human trafficking act and clarifying precedence of child-related orders issued under the protection from abuse act.
HB2183 Removing the cap on damages that may be awarded in wrongful death actions.
HB2169 Permitting a prosecution for childhood sexual abuse to be commenced at any time, permitting victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring a civil action for recovery of damages caused by such abuse at any time and reviving claims against any party for such damages that occurred on or after July 1, 1984.
HB2129 Requiring defendants who petition the court for forensic DNA testing to notify the court when such testing is complete and request a hearing based on whether the evidence is favorable or unfavorable.
HB2074 Allowing courts to prohibit possession of a firearm in a temporary custody order pursuant to the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons.
HB2001 Defining grounds for impeachment of justices of the supreme court and certain judges of the district court.
SB265 Requiring a person convicted of an offense that resulted in the incapacitation or death of a victim who is the parent or guardian of a minor child to pay restitution in the form of child support and increasing the criminal penalties for repeat violations of a protective order.

K-12 Education Budget - 11 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5010 Amending section 6 of article 6 of the constitution of the state of Kansas to prohibit public funds from being used for private nonpublic schools.
HB2444 Establishing the school district mental health intervention team program in statute to provide coordinated mental health services for students among school districts and community mental health centers.
HB2432 Providing postsecondary tuition assistance to certain children of qualifying public school teachers.
HB2382 Establishing the school district board of education member free speech and transparency act.
HB2359 Establishing the sunflower teacher-student mentor program within certain school districts to encourage students to pursue a teaching career.
HB2271 Authorizing any nonresident student whose parent or guardian is employed by a school district to enroll in and attend such school district.
HB2261 Authorizing boards of education of school districts to compensate board members for the duties and obligations of board members.
HB2218 Establishing the Sunflower education equity act to provide education savings accounts for qualified students in Kansas.
HB2048 Providing additional student eligibility under the tax credit for low income students scholarship program and increasing the amount of the tax credit for contributions made pursuant to such program.
HB2040 Revising the Kansas school equity and enhancement act to provide per-student education funding based on student enrollment in the current school year.
HB2030 Authorizing nonpublic school students to participate in activities regulated by the Kansas state high school activities association and allowing nonpublic school students who enroll part time in a public school to participate in nonpublic school activities.

Legislative Modernization - 3 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5007 Proposing a constitutional amendment imposing term limits for state legislators.
HB2448 Creating the legislative compensation commission and prescribing powers and duties of the commission and the legislature.
SB59 Designating "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at the Capitol."

Local Government - 8 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2466 Excluding registered agritourism locations from building permit requirements or building codes.
HB2343 Authorizing legal publications to be made on internet websites selected by the governing body of a city, county or school district.
HB2341 Declaring Juneteenth National Independence Day to be a legal public holiday and closing state offices for certain legal public holidays.
HB2324 Removing the publication of notice requirement before a landlord can sell a tenant's property that has been abandoned.
HB2268 Prohibiting certain restrictions of residential solar energy devices.
HB2174 Authorizing the Kansas human rights commission or any city or county to remove an unlawful restrictive covenant by recording a redacted plat or declaration.
HB2150 Repealing the zoning and planning authority for cities in the three-mile area extending from the city boundaries.
HB2145 Extending voting franchise in city elections to qualified electors living in areas subject to extraterritorial zoning or subdivision regulations.

Social Services Budget - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2330 Increasing the amount of state moneys distributed to local health departments.

Taxation - 63 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HCR5009 Proposing to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas to decrease the assessed value for real property used for residential purposes to 9%.
HB2474 Making and concerning appropriations for FY 23 and FY 24 for the department of administration for an income tax rebate to certain Kansas resident taxpayers.
HB2470 Extending the period of time to file for property tax homestead claims.
HB2457 Providing an income tax rate of 4.95% for individuals and decreasing the normal tax for corporations, increasing the income limit for the income tax subtraction modification for social security income and providing that all social security income qualifies for the subtraction modification commencing in tax year 2026, increasing the Kansas standard deduction for individuals and further increasing the standard deduction by a cost-of-living adjustment, discontinuing the food sales tax credit, decreasing the privilege tax surtax, establishing a 0% state rate for sales and use taxes for food and food ingredients on July 1, 2023, and increasing the extent of property tax exemption for residential property from the statewide school levy.
HB2454 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases of construction materials by a contractor for a not-for-profit corporation operating a theater.
HB2445 Providing for additional income tax rate brackets.
HB2435 Decreasing the sales and use tax rate, establishing a 0% state rate for sales and use taxes for food and food ingredients, providing a sales tax exemption for children's diapers and feminine hygiene products, establishing the STAR bonds food sales tax revenue replacement fund and altering the calculation for STAR bond districts.
HB2434 Crediting tax revenue generated from wagers made on historical horse races to the horse breeding development fund and the horse fair racing benefit fund.
HB2433 Allowing a taxpayer to elect the taxable year in which a subtraction modification for contributions to a qualified tuition program would be applied.
HB2425 Establishing a refundable income tax credit for tuition payments made to postsecondary educational institutions.
HB2424 Establishing a refundable income, privilege and premium tax credit for direct payments made by employers to student loans on behalf of a qualified employee.
HB2420 Establishing tax withholding requirements when certain employees work in multiple states.
HB2419 Establishing an income tax credit for expenses incurred for the care of cats and dogs.
HB2411 Decreasing the penalties for employer failing to timely remit employee withholding income taxes.
HB2410 Increasing the taxable income amounts by a cost-of-living adjustment for determining Kansas income tax owed.
HB2384 Increasing the Kansas standard deduction by a cost-of-living adjustment for income tax purposes.
HB2366 Providing for transfers to the local ad valorem tax reduction fund.
HB2364 Increasing the extent of property tax exemption from the statewide school levy for residential property to $65,000 of such property's appraised valuation.
HB2319 Providing a property tax exemption for business property that operates in competition with property owned or operated by a governmental entity.
HB2318 Decreasing the state rate for sales and compensating use tax to 6.15%.
HB2316 Allowing income tax net operating loss carryback from the sale of certain historic hotels.
HB2307 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases made to establish and maintain Kansas war memorials and providing a property tax exemption for property with Kansas war memorials.
HB2306 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases made by Kansas suicide prevention HQ, inc.
HB2282 Exempting all social security benefits from Kansas income tax.
HB2281 Providing a sales tax exemption for certain purchases by disabled veterans.
HB2256 Decreasing the state rate for sales and use taxes for sales of food, food ingredients and prepared food and modifying the percent credited to the state highway fund from revenue collected.
HB2233 Eliminating the annual cap on tax credits for restoration and preservation of certain commercial structures under the historic Kansas act.
HB2231 Providing a property tax exemption for residential property where a day care facility is operated.
HB2221 Expanding the eligible uses for the 0% state rate for sales tax for certain utilities and the levying of sales tax on such sales by cities and counties and authorizing cities and counties to exempt such sales from such city or county taxes.
HB2220 Establishing a five-year property tax exemption for city, county and township property used for business incubator purposes.
HB2219 Allowing an itemized deduction for certain wagering losses for individual income tax purposes.
HB2209 Providing that national guard members receive benefits under the workers compensation act.
HB2205 Creating the Udall area public library district act, requiring an election for the creation of such district and authorizing unified school district No. 463 to levy a tax on behalf of the library district.
HB2204 Establishing a state tax credit for family caregivers of disabled veterans.
HB2203 Providing a sales tax exemption for purchases made by sleep in heavenly peace, inc.
HB2202 Providing a sales tax exemption for sales of over-the-counter drugs.
HB2200 Establishing a property tax exemption for retired and disabled veterans.
HB2199 Authorizing disabled veterans to receive a sales tax exemption for the purchase of up to two motor vehicles.
HB2192 Concerning state agencies; requiring the secretary of administration to include on the Kansas taxpayer transparency act website certain information concerning grants, grant awardees and grant applications.
HB2182 Enacting the Kansas film and digital media industry production development act, providing a tax credit, sales tax exemption and loans and grants to incentivize film, video and digital media production in Kansas and establishing a program to be administered by the secretary of commerce for the purpose of developing such production in Kansas.
HB2175 Providing for future decreased income tax rates contingent on retention of a 7.5% state general fund ending balance.
HB2162 Providing for sales tax exemption for hygiene products.
HB2137 Authorizing taxing subdivisions to send notices required to exceed the revenue neutral rate if the county clerk fails to send such notice and providing for reimbursement of printing and postage costs.
HB2136 Providing an income tax subtraction modification for sales of property subject to eminent domain.
HB2134 Providing a deduction from sales or compensating use tax when selling a wrecked or damaged salvaged vehicle and purchasing a subsequent motor vehicle.
HB2111 Establishing a 0% state rate for sales and use taxes for food and food ingredients, providing a sales tax exemption for children's diapers and feminine hygiene products, establishing the STAR bonds food sales tax revenue replacement fund, altering the calculation for STAR bond districts and discontinuing the food sales income tax credit.
HB2110 Allowing single sales factor apportionment of business income for certain taxpayers.
HB2108 Providing a back-to-school sales tax holiday for sales of certain school supplies, computers and clothing.
HB2107 Increasing the income limit to qualify for the income tax subtraction modification for social security income.
HB2062 Discontinuing the excise tax on rental and leased motor vehicles and imposing property tax on such vehicles.
HB2061 Providing an income tax rate of 5% for individuals and corporations, decreasing the surtax for entities subject to the privilege tax and providing that future income tax rate decreases be contingent on exceeding revenue estimates.
HB2011 Providing a Kansas income tax subtraction modification for certain amounts received as compensation for members of the armed forces.
HB2009 Providing for sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers.
SCR1611 Proposing to amend section 1 of article 11 of the constitution of the state of Kansas to limit property tax valuation increases for real property.
SB300 Decreasing the privilege tax rates on banks, trust companies and savings and loan associations by reducing the normal tax rates.
SB252 Providing for exemptions from property tax and sales tax for certain businesses competing against governmental entities.
SB248 Providing sales tax exemptions for certain food and food ingredients and for the construction or repair of buildings used for human habitation by the Kansas state school for the blind and the Kansas state school for the deaf and repealing the state rate reduction for sales of certain food and food ingredients.
SB147 Increasing the income tax credit amount for adoption expenses and making the credit refundable and increasing the income tax credit amount for household and dependent care expenses.
SB127 Providing countywide retailers' sales tax authority for Dickinson county.
SB55 Substitute for SB 55 by Committee on Assessment and Taxation - Expanding and clarifying the property tax exemption for Strother field airport property.
SB53 Excluding manufacturers' coupons from the sales or selling price for sales tax purposes.
SB40 Permitting the carryforward of certain net operating losses for individuals for Kansas income tax purposes and excluding social security payments from household income and increasing the appraised value and household income thresholds for eligibility of seniors and disabled veterans related to increased property tax homestead claims.
SB33 Exempting all social security benefits from Kansas income tax, providing income tax subtraction modifications for retirement plan amounts, federal work opportunity tax credit and employee retention credit disallowances and the carryforward of certain net operating losses, increasing the Kansas standard deduction by a cost-of-living adjustment and excluding social security payments from household income and increasing the appraised value threshold for eligibility of seniors and disabled veterans related to increased homestead property tax refund claims.

Transportation - 7 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2360 Eliminating the requirement to include a county designation on license plates.
HB2296 Providing for the knights of Columbus license plate.
HB2148 Increasing certain registration and title fees on vehicles for services provided by county treasurers and the division of vehicles, decreasing certain fees related to administrative costs and disposition of such fees and eliminating the division of vehicles modernization surcharge.
HB2004 Establishing the EV energy equity road repair tax act and providing for a road repair tax on electricity distributed from a public charging station for electric vehicles.
SB271 Limiting the length of trains to 8,500 feet on any main line or branch line and providing for minimum distance for storage of rolling stock.
SB143 Allowing for the use of ground effect lighting on motor vehicles.
SB130 Requiring certain license plates to have the motor vehicle county of registration identified on the plate.

Veterans and Military - 2 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2249 Creating the defend the guard act to establish when the Kansas national guard may be released into active duty combat.
HB2211 Establishing the office of homeland security within the adjutant general's office and prescribing powers and duties thereof.

Water - 1 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2459 Prohibiting the change of the point of diversion of a water right if such change causes the safe yield of the source of water supply to be exceeded.

Welfare Reform - 6 bills and 0 resolutions

Bill Number Shorttitle
HB2430 Providing for requirements for use of funds allocated to agencies for the purpose of supporting unhoused individuals and creating penalties for unauthorized camping on government-owned land.
HB2394 Creating an energy assistance program and a program for unhoused individuals to secure affordable housing and establishing eligibility for such programs.
HB2393 Directing the secretary for children and families to review and compare data for public assistance program eligibility.
HB2255 Requiring municipalities and housing authorities to implement work requirements for public housing assistance.
HB2239 Allowing for exemptions from continuing education requirements for work experience.
HB2032 Allowing persons with felony drug convictions to receive benefits under the food assistance program.
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