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2017 Statute

Section Number

72-6463 - Classroom learning assuring student success act; citation; purpose.
72-6464 - Definitions.
72-6465 - Determination of general state aid; disbursement.
72-6466 - General state aid distribution; time of payments.
72-6467 - Overpayments; underpayments.
72-6468 - Certification of enrollment and budget.
72-6469 - State school district finance fund; sources; uses.
72-6470 - Ad valorem tax levy required; purposes; rate; disposition of proceeds.
72-6471 - Local option budget; adoption; limitations.
72-6472 - Same; ad valorem tax levy authorized; disposition of proceeds.
72-6473 - Authorization of ad valorem tax levy for declining enrollment; limitations; disposition of proceeds.
72-6474 - Authorization of ad valorem tax levy for ancillary school facilities; limitations; disposition of proceeds.
72-6475 - Authorization of ad valorem tax levy for cost-of-living expenses; limitations; disposition of proceeds.
72-6477 - Continuation of school district funds.
72-6478 - Transfers to and from general fund and other funds authorized; limitations.
72-6479 - School performance accreditation system; curriculum standards; student assessments; school site councils.
72-6480 - Rules and regulations.
72-6481 - Severability.
72-6486 - Definitions.
72-6487 - Transportation of students; authorization to provide or furnish; required, when; suspension or revocation of privilege or entitlement; fees, authorization to prescribe and collect, limitations, disposition.
72-6488 - Transportation routes; regular school route.
72-6489 - Contracts for transportation of certain students; mileage rates.
72-6490 - Transportation for activities; rules and regulations for school bus operation.
72-6491 - Transportation of nonpublic school pupils.
72-6492 - Interschool district contracts for transportation.
72-6493 - Compliance with uniform act regulating traffic on highways; additional regulation.
72-6494 - Transportation of nonresident students; when authorized; conditions; limitations.
72-6495 - Severability.
72-6496 - Used school buses; purchaser's duty to modify; exceptions.
72-6497 - Same; penalty for violations.
72-6498 - School bus use for purposes other than student transportation; policy for provision authorized.
72-6499 - School bus transportation for adult students; policy for provision authorized.
72-64,100 - Transportation of pupils; use of school bus required; when.
72-64,101 - Transportation of certain pupils from U.S.D. 207 to U.S.D. 453.
72-64,102 - Design and operation of school buses; powers, duties and functions of state board; custody of records; rules and regulations.
72-64,103 - School bus safety fund.