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2019 Statute

Section Number

46-1201 - Legislative coordinating council; membership; officers; meetings; notice of meetings to members of legislature and certain legislative officials; copies of minutes.
46-1202 - Legislative coordinating council; general powers and functions; rules; majority vote of five members required, exceptions.
46-1204 - Authority to contract for personal property or services; delegation; limitations; employment of attorneys.
46-1205 - Legislative study committees; special, select and standing committees; advisory committees; minority party representation on committees.
46-1206 - Legislative studies; initiation by resolution or by council; statutory committee authorization retained; inherent powers recognized.
46-1207 - Reports of legislative studies; call of committee meetings; publication of annual report on studies.
46-1207a - Sale and disposition of legislative publications, documents, information or records; fees, charges and other proceeds, disposition; deposit of legislative documents with secretary of state; legislative stationery and printed material supplies.
46-1208 - Legislative budget committee.
46-1209 - Expenses and compensation of members of committees and council; place of meetings; travel authorizations; expenses and allowances of officers and employees of legislature.
46-1210 - Legislative research department; director of legislative research; assistants and employees; duties and functions of department.
46-1211 - Office of revisor of statutes; revisor of statutes; assistants and employees; duties and functions of office.
46-1211a - Authority to authorize travel by officers and employees; delegation.
46-1212 - Library services for legislative branch of government; state librarian to acquire and maintain books and materials determined essential by legislative coordinating council at approved location; loan of materials by state law librarian; exchange of materials with other states and territories; state librarian to confer with legislative coordinating council.
46-1212a - Division of legislative administrative services established; director and assistants; compensation and expenses; duties.
46-1212b - Transfers relating to the joint committee on legislative services and facilities.
46-1212c - State agency publications; duties of director of legislative administrative services.
46-1213 - Employment of certain legislative employees.
46-1214 - Annual budget requests; estimate of general legislative expense; appropriations.
46-1216 - Approval of vouchers and payrolls of office of revisor of statutes and legislative research department; other vouchers and payrolls of council.
46-1217 - Transition; transfer of officers and employees.
46-1218 - Same; transfer and continuation of revisor of statutes; transfer not to affect rules and regulations.
46-1219 - Same; abolition and transfers relating to Kansas legislative council.
46-1220 - Same; transfer of records and property of Kansas legislative council.
46-1221 - Nonapplication of act in certain cases.
46-1222a - Legislative counsel; duties.
46-1226 - Studies commissioned by legislature; not binding; may be rejected.