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2019 Statute

Section Number

55-201 - Duty of lessee to have forfeited lease released; publication notice; affidavit to be recorded; notice to landowner; remedies.
55-202 - Same; action to obtain release; damages, costs and attorney's fees; attachment.
55-205 - Record of lease as notice for definite term; extension upon contingency, affidavit.
55-206 - Demand for release before bringing action; evidence.
55-207 - Lien of contractor on gas and oil leasehold or pipeline for labor and material; filing of statement.
55-208 - Lien of subcontractor or materialman on gas and oil leasehold or pipeline.
55-209 - Lien statement for labor or materials; filing and record in district court.
55-210 - Same; enforcement of liens.
55-211 - Lease of school grounds for drilling for oil and gas.
55-211a - Lease of lands by municipal corporations, board of park commissioners, improvement districts or other public agency or quasi-municipal corporation; disposition of moneys.
55-211b - Same; validation of prior leases.
55-212 - Lien of transporter of oil-field equipment, labor and materials; definitions.
55-213 - Same; extent of lien.
55-214 - Lien of transporter of oil-field equipment; filing of statement; service of notice; removal of equipment to another county.
55-215 - Same; time for actions.
55-216 - Certain leases unrecorded prior to January 1, 1952, void.
55-217 - Same; certain assignments executed prior to January 1, 1925, not to be recorded.
55-218 - Same; expunging certain purported assignments from records.
55-219 - Receiver for minority mineral interest in action where location of defendant-owner unknown.
55-220 - Same; contents of petition; hearing; notice; dismissal as to certain defendants; appointment of receiver.
55-221 - Same; duties of receiver; duties of court.
55-222 - Severability.
55-223 - Implied covenant to explore and develop minerals established; burden upon lessee.
55-224 - Same; presumption of breach of covenant, when.
55-225 - Same; presumption overcome by proof of compliance.
55-226 - Same; remedies for breach; authority of court.
55-227 - Same; action for breach not permissible, when.
55-228 - Same; waiver of presumption prohibited.
55-229 - Same; substantive rights and remedies saved; presumption cumulative.