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2019 Statute

Section Number

73-201 - Preference in governmental employment and promotion; notice when veteran not hired; notice of job openings, information regarding preference; remedy when preference not provided.
73-201a - Same; preference not applicable to certain positions.
73-201b - Same; operation in conjunction with federal law or limitations on federal grants.
73-201c - Same; audit of veterans preference laws.
73-202 - Same; penalties for violations.
73-203 - Ex-servicemen or their widows and orphans to be retained in making reduction in employees.
73-204 - Same; penalty for violations.
73-205 - Statutes applicable to world war veterans.
73-206 - Same; act supplemental.
73-206b - Waiver of pension or annuity payments.
73-209 - Adjutant general; certificate of military service; transfer to state historical society.
73-210 - Charges for copies.
73-210a - Free recording by register of deeds; copies.
73-213 - Definitions.
73-214 - Vacancies which do not create forfeiture or vacancy; references in laws construed.
73-215 - Temporary appointments.
73-216 - Powers and duties; compensation.
73-217 - Qualifications.
73-218 - Absentee officer not entitled to compensation; status upon return.
73-219 - Invalidity of part.
73-220 - Application of certain act [*].
73-230 - Preference in awarding certain contracts by secretary of administration; disabled veteran businesses in Kansas; report.
73-231 - Permissive preference in private employment.