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Dec. 7, 2023
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2021 Statute

Section Number

41-301 - Retailer's license, premises within city.
41-302 - Same; election; licensees' rights.
41-303 - Retailer's license, premises outside city.
41-304 - Classes of licenses.
41-305 - Manufacturer's license; rights of licensee; samples; other.
41-306 - Spirits distributor's license; rights of licensee.
41-306a - Wine distributor's license; rights of licensee.
41-307 - Beer distributor's license; rights of licensee.
41-308 - Retailer's license; rights of licensee.
41-308a - Farm winery license; winery outlet license; rights of licensee; percentage of Kansas products.
41-308b - Microbrewery license; microbrewery packaging and warehousing facility license; rights of licensee; contract brewing agreements; permit to conduct tasting programs; percentage of Kansas products.
41-308d - Retailer's license; wine, beer and spirits tastings; rules and regulations.
41-309 - Nonbeverage user's license; rights of licensee.
41-310 - License fees; term; city or township taxes.
41-311 - Persons and entities ineligible for licensure.
41-311b - Licensure of nonresidents.
41-311c - Licensure qualifications for limited liability company.
41-313 - Licensing of corporations; conditions; appointment of agent to receive service of process; consent to jurisdiction and forum of Kansas courts.
41-315 - Retail license; applies only to premises described; removal; procedure.
41-316 - Issuance of licenses.
41-317 - License applications; forms; fees; bonds.
41-318 - Procedure upon application for original retailer's license; notice and hearing; recommendations of city or township.
41-319 - Time limit on grant or denial of license.
41-320 - Application of Kansas administrative procedure act to proceedings; hearings; director as presiding officer.
41-320a - Suspension, involuntary cancellation or revocation of license; grounds.
41-321 - Refusal, suspension, involuntary cancellation or revocation of license; appeal to secretary.
41-322 - Same; powers of secretary; subpoenas.
41-323 - Same; judicial review of secretary's decision.
41-324 - Same; duty of county or district attorney.
41-325 - Display of licenses.
41-326 - Licenses; term; assignability; refund of fees, when.
41-327 - Renewal of license.
41-328 - Violations of act; civil penalties.
41-328b - Administrative orders; civil fines; time limit on orders.
41-329 - Sale in federal area by manufacturer or supplier; revocation of authorization to do business in state.
41-330 - Denial or revocation of license for alcohol-related convictions; notice and hearing.
41-331 - Suppliers; annual permit; brand registration.
41-332 - Same; temporary permit to import certain liquor.
41-342 - Nonalcoholic malt beverages; title of act.
41-343 - Same; definitions.
41-344 - Same; sales by certain licensees.
41-345 - Same; distribution; sales and taxation.
41-346 - Administrative action for offenses involving minors; defense.
41-350 - Direct shipment to consumers by winery; special order shipping license; collection of gallonage taxes; rules and regulations.
41-351 - Farm winery; bona fide farmers' market sales permit; rules and regulations.
41-352 - Packaging and warehousing facility permit; rights of permit holder.
41-353 - Fulfillment house license; rights of licensee; fee; records requirements, penalty for violations.
41-354 - Microdistillery license; rights of licensee, microdistillery packaging and warehousing facility license; employment restrictions; rules and regulations.
41-355 - Producer's license; rights of licensee; maintenance of records.
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