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May 22, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

40-201 - Insurance company defined.
40-201a - Service contract; definitions; exemption from regulation.
40-202 - Code inapplicable to certain lodges, societies, persons and associations.
40-203 - Name of company or society; submission of name to commissioner.
40-204 - Unlawful to offer stock for sale without permit from commissioner; void shares, when.
40-205 - Application for permit to offer stock for sale; contents; duties of commissioner; findings; issuance or denial of permit; terms of permit; report by insurer; amendment or suspension of permit; notice and hearing; revocation, when; rules and regulations.
40-205a - Application for license to sell stock of insurance company or health maintenance organization, fee.
40-205b - Denial of application to sell stock as agent; hearing.
40-205c - Revocation of agent's license; hearing.
40-205d - Appeal of commission's decision.
40-205e - Penalty.
40-207 - Secretary and certain officers to give bond.
40-208 - Examination by commissioner before issuance of certificate.
40-209 - Foreign companies; requirements to transact business, waiver thereof; certificate of authority; application of corporation code and other laws.
40-209b - Same; act supplemental.
40-210 - Foreign companies outside United States; permission to transact business; assets; condition.
40-211 - Amount of deposit of foreign company outside United States.
40-212 - Credit for reinsured risks.
40-213 - Unlawful transfer of premium notes.
40-214 - Conditions under which insurance may be written; certificate of authority; revocation, when; unlawful acts.
40-215 - Duration of licenses and certificates.
40-216 - Business prohibited until certain filings made; contracts effective on filing; filing of contracts on behalf of insurer by rating organization or another insurer; contracts written in foreign language; suspension or modification of filing requirements by commissioner; hearing, order.
40-217 - Contents of policies of foreign company.
40-218 - Actions and garnishment proceedings against insurance companies; process; venue; procedure; fee; record of commissioner.
40-219 - Failure of company to pay judgment.
40-220 - Action against insurance company to be brought in this state; injunction.
40-221a - Reinsurance of risks of and by Kansas companies; procedure; requirements.
40-221b - Reinsurance of risks of and by Kansas companies; procedure; requirements; definitions.
40-222 - Examination of condition of company, when; report, disclosure; suspension or revocation of certificate; notice and hearing.
40-222a - Examination of corporations organizing domestic insurance companies.
40-222b - Insurance company in hazardous financial condition; order of commissioner, notice and hearing; requirements which may be imposed; transfer of special deposit to guaranty fund, when.
40-222c - Same; insurance company defined.
40-222d - Same; company deemed to be in hazardous financial condition, when.
40-222e - Same; suspension, revocation or refusal to renew certificate.
40-222f - Examination of condition of company; definitions.
40-223 - Fees for examinations; compensation and expenses for examiners.
40-223a - Insurance company annual statement examination fund established; purpose.
40-223b - Same; compensation and expenses of examiners.
40-223c - Same; duties of commissioner; warrants of director of accounts and reports.
40-223d - Same; insufficiency of fund; transfer from general fund, limitation; files.
40-223e - Training insurance company examiners; establishment of revolving fund for financing training.
40-223f - Same; compensation and expenses of persons receiving training.
40-223g - Same; payments from revolving fund.
40-223h - Property and casualty actuarial opinion letter law; citation of act.
40-223i - Same; actuarial opinion, contents; procedure.
40-223j - Same; authority of commissioner; rules and regulations.
40-224 - When disbursements to be made only on voucher or affidavit.
40-225 - Company participation in insurance regulatory information system; annual statements of condition to be filed with commissioner; authority of commission to require annual audit and financial report; forms; inquiries of commissioner.
40-229 - Valuation of securities.
40-229a - Security deposits; deposit with financial institution; custodian and arrangements acceptable to commissioner; release and exchange of assets; income; forms prescribed and provided by commissioner; facsimile, electronic or digital signatures not recognized; inspection of securities on deposit; no liability of state or officers or employees for default of institution; audit of deposits with commissioner; title to assets; redeposit with clearing corporation; security and safety of deposits, rules and regulations.
40-230a - Deposit of securities purchased from sale of stock during organization period.
40-231 - Dealing in goods, wares and merchandise prohibited; exceptions.
40-232 - Sale of stock with insurance.
40-233 - Dividends, interest or bonus; payment from earned surplus.
40-234 - Unearned premium reserves of insurance companies; domestic title insurance companies; noncancelable policies, additional reserves.
40-234a - Reserves required for accident and health policies; unearned premium reserves.
40-234b - Unearned premium reserves required for domestic title insurance companies.
40-234c - Unearned premium reserves required of foreign title insurance company.
40-235 - Misrepresentations regarding policy terms; title insurance policies, search and examination requirements.
40-236 - Statements made with intent to injure company.
40-237 - Contracts and promissory notes by minors.
40-238 - Resident general agents of foreign companies.
40-239 - Definition; insurance agent.
40-240g - Rules and regulations.
40-241 - Examination of individual applicants for agents' licenses; fee; classes of insurance; issuance of license, when; record of licenses issued and companies' agents certified to represent; auto rental agency insurance license.
40-241h - Waiver of examination in certain cases.
40-241j - Annual report of agents contracted with and payment of certification fees; audit.
40-241k - Rules and regulations; establishing fees for agents.
40-244 - Representations without complying with code.
40-246a - Penalties for violating K.S.A. 40-246; hearings.
40-246b - Excess coverage license to effect insurance or reinsurance in nonadmitted companies; application; fee; affidavit; records; revocation or suspension of license; agent authorized to place business with excess coverage licensees; required information.
40-246c - Excess coverage license; accounting of gross premiums and tax thereon; penalty.
40-246d - Same; revocation or suspension of license, when.
40-246e - List of nonadmitted insurers authorized to write excess coverage on Kansas risks; requirements; removal from list.
40-246g - Surplus lines producer; exempt commercial purchaser.
40-246h - Commissioner; rules and regulations.
40-246i - Definitions.
40-247 - Insurance agent or broker failure to pay premium to company; criminal penalties.
40-248 - Discontinuance of business.
40-249 - Policies to be issued within two years.
40-250 - Companies subject to act.
40-251 - Insurance commissioner; legal representation; judicial review of actions.
40-252 - Schedules of fees and taxes for insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies; credits; deductions; returns; time for payment.
40-252a - Insurance company tax and fee refund revolving fund; use; duties of commissioner and director of accounts and reports; procedure.
40-252b - Fees, charges and taxes under K.S.A. 40-252; in lieu of all other license fees and taxes; exceptions.
40-252c - Same; credits; definitions.
40-252d - Credit against premium tax for salaries paid to Kansas employees.
40-252e - Small insurance company credit against premium tax.
40-252f - Credit for insurance companies for certain business investment expenses in qualified business facilities; eligibility; definitions.
40-252g - Same; expiration of act.
40-253 - Payment of fees and taxes in other states by Kansas companies; retaliatory measures, when.
40-253a - Same; effect of certain tax credits.
40-256 - Attorney fees in actions on insurance policies; exception.
40-257 - Invalidity of code of 1927.
40-258 - Actions to recover death benefits based on certain policies; distribution.
40-259 - Continuity of management of domestic companies in national emergency; declaration of purpose.
40-260 - Same; adoption of emergency bylaws; effect.
40-261 - Same; effective provisions of law if emergency bylaws not adopted at time emergency occurs.
40-262 - Same; succession national emergency lists; basis; conditions.
40-263 - Same; home or principal office; alternate locations.
40-264 - Statement of ownership of equity shares in domestic stock companies filed with commissioner, when; changes.
40-265 - Profits from sale or purchase of equity securities to inure to benefit of company, when; actions for recovery; exemption.
40-266 - Unlawful acts in connection with sale of equity securities.
40-267 - Provisions of K.S.A. 40-265, 40-266 inapplicable to certain sales; rules and regulations.
40-268 - Provisions of K.S.A. 40-264 through 40-266 inapplicable to arbitrage transactions; exception.
40-269 - Equity security defined.
40-270 - Provisions of K.S.A. 40-264 through 40-266 inapplicable to equity securities of domestic companies, when.
40-271 - Rules and regulations by commissioner.
40-272 - Same; proxies, consents or authorization concerning securities of domestic companies.
40-273 - Joint underwriting and joint reinsurance; filing requirements; changes; prohibitions.
40-274 - Same; solicitation; countersignature requirements.
40-275 - Advance or partial payment not admissible as admission against interest or admission of liability; credit; no recovery; limitation of actions.
40-276 - Cancellation of automobile liability insurance; definitions.
40-276a - Automobile liability insurance policies; denial of renewal; notice; conditions; exceptions.
40-277 - Same; limitations on policy conditions for cancellation.
40-278 - Cancellation or nonrenewal of automobile liability policy; notice of availability of Kansas automobile insurance plan.
40-281 - Fact-finding hearings by commissioner on any matter relating to insurance; procedure; subpoena; hearing on orders issued by commissioner, Kansas administrative procedure act.
40-282 - Extension of credit to policyholder by insurance agent; conditions; request for cancellation of insurance for nonpayment of policyholder's account; exceptions.
40-283 - Same; interest not subject to certain provisions.
40-283a - Premium financing or extension of credit for term exceeding one year prohibited; renewal of agreement at expiration of term.
40-284 - Uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage; rejection; antistacking provision; exclusions or limitations of coverage; subrogation rights of underinsured motorist coverage insurer.
40-285 - Same; uninsured motor vehicle includes vehicle whose insurer is insolvent.
40-286 - Same; extent of insurer's insolvency protection.
40-287 - Same; subrogation rights.
40-288 - Same; provisions of article 22 of chapter 40 not required.
40-293a - Kansas riot reinsurance reimbursement fund abolished; transfer of moneys therein to general fund.
40-295 - Automobile insurance policies; discrimination on basis of age of insured prohibited in issuance, extension or renewal.
40-296 - Same; offer of insurance by one of group of affiliated insurors, effect.
40-297 - Same; group of affiliated insurors defined.
40-298 - Sale of insurance in connection with sale and financing of automobile; definitions.
40-299 - Sale of physical damage insurance in connection with sale and financing of automobile; acknowledgment by purchaser, form; suspension, or revocation of license.
40-2,100 - Insurance coverage to include reimbursement or indemnity for services performed by optometrist, dentist or podiatrist.
40-2,101 - No policies, contracts or agreements for medical service shall deny reimbursement or indemnification for any service within scope of practice licensed under Kansas healing arts act.
40-2,102 - Coverage for newly born and adopted children; coverage for immunizations; notification of birth or adoption; mandatory option to cover delivery expenses of birth mother of adopted child.
40-2,103 - Application of designated statutes.
40-2,104 - Insurance coverage to include reimbursement for services performed by licensed psychologist.
40-2,105 - Insurance coverage under individual or small employer group policies for services rendered in treatment of mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse or substance use disorders; limitations; exceptions.
40-2,105a - Kansas mental health parity act; insurance coverage for services rendered in the treatment of mental illnesses, alcoholism, drug abuse or substance use disorders; limitations.
40-2,105b - Same; insurance coverage for psychotherapeutic drugs used for treatment of mental illness.
40-2,105c - Same; exemption.
40-2,105d - Citation of act.
40-2,106 - Definitions.
40-2,107 - Minimum notice requirements for cancellation of insurance agency contract by insurance company.
40-2,108 - Same; rules and regulations by commissioner.
40-2,109 - Mental or physical handicaps; rate discrimination prohibited; enforcement.
40-2,110 - Reporting fire losses; rules and regulations; report forms.
40-2,111 - Definitions.
40-2,112 - Adverse underwriting decisions; reasons required to be furnished; refunds of premiums; time for making decision.
40-2,113 - Nonliability for information relating to adverse underwriting decision.
40-2,114 - Insurance coverage to include reimbursement for services performed by licensed specialist social worker.
40-2,115 - Liability insurance coverage for punitive damages assessed against certain persons.
40-2,116 - Definitions.
40-2,117 - Provision of health services by professional provider; allowable charges.
40-2,118 - Fraudulent insurance act defined; amount involved defined; penalty; notification of commissioner, when; antifraud plan.
40-2,119 - Same; immunity from civil liability for certain persons.
40-2,120 - Business or professional property or casualty insurance; cancellation, when.
40-2,121 - Same; nonrenewal; notice required.
40-2,122 - Cancellation or nonrenewal of policy; written explanation required.
40-2,123 - Insurers authorized to discontinue certain business in state, when; enforcement.
40-2,124 - Certain property and casualty rate filings not affected by certain rate regulation statutes.
40-2,125 - Violation of insurance laws; failure to file reports; penalties; emergency temporary cease and desist orders; definitions.
40-2,126 - Interest due on insurance settlements, when.
40-2,127 - Same; application to multiple payments.
40-2,128 - Same; rules and regulations.
40-2,129 - Managing general agents; title of act.
40-2,130 - Same; definitions.
40-2,131 - Same; licensure requirements; bond.
40-2,132 - Same; written contract to be in force prior to placement of business with insurer, minimum provisions governing relationship.
40-2,133 - Same; utilization by insurer; acts required to be performed by and prohibitions on insurer.
40-2,134 - Same; acts deemed to be acts of insurer; examination.
40-2,135 - Same; sanctions for violations; rights of policyholders, claimants and auditors not restricted.
40-2,136 - Same; rules and regulations.
40-2,137 - Assessment of costs of certain administrative hearings, guidelines, procedure.
40-2,138 - Investments by insurance companies governed by state law notwithstanding federal preemption.
40-2,153 - Insurance coverage to allow choice of pharmacy providers.
40-2,154 - Medicaid eligibility and coverage; prohibitions.
40-2,155 - Motor vehicle glass replacement; prohibitions; rights of the insured.
40-2,156 - Acquisitions and dispositions of assets or nonrenewals, cancellations or revisions of reinsurance agreements; report; confidential.
40-2,156a - Reporting requirements for material nonrenewal, cancellation of revision of ceded reinsurance agreements.
40-2,157 - Material acquisitions or dispositions of assets, defined; assets subject to act; information required to be disclosed.
40-2,159 - Reports on a nonconsolidated basis; exception.
40-2,160 - Coverage for minimum inpatient care following birth of child.
40-2,161 - Coverage for children in the custody of the commissioner of juvenile justice.
40-2,162 - Change of domicile of insurer or mutual holding company, requirements; continuation of certificate of authority, agent appointments, licenses, rates and other items; rules and regulations.
40-2,163 - Coverage for certain expenses relating to care and treatment of diabetes; educational expenses; exceptions.
40-2,164 - Coverage of prostate cancer screening.
40-2,165 - Coverage of general anesthesia in conjunction with dental care for certain individuals.
40-2,166 - Coverage of reconstructive breast surgery.
40-2,166a - Coverage for osteoporosis.
40-2,167 - Off-label use of prescription drugs; definitions.
40-2,168 - Same; coverage for cancer treatment; exclusion from coverage prohibited.
40-2,169 - Same; commissioner of insurance, powers.
40-2,170 - Same; coverage not affected, when.
40-2,184 - Coverage for orally administered anticancer medication.
40-2,185 - Dental health insurance; fee setting provision, limitation on.
40-2,186 - Same; definitions.
40-2,190 - Health insurance abortion coverage; separate coverage; when required.
40-2,191 - Same; severability clause.
40-2,192 - Mandate lite health benefit plan act.
40-2,193 - Specially designed policies; short-term policies.
40-2,194 - Health insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorder; requirements.
40-2,195 - Exclusive provider organization policy; requirements; exceptions; definitions.
40-2,196 - Coverage for amino acid-based elemental formula; report required; recommendation to legislature.
40-2,201 - Property and casualty insurance; group affiliated insurers; renewal of policy.
40-2,202 - Same; limited lines; self-service storage units.
40-2,203 - Corporate governance annual disclosure report required; contents; filing; rules and regulations.
40-2,204 - Claims handling operations; prohibition on imposition of restrictions or enforcement of local licensing or registration ordinances during a catastrophic event.
40-2,210 - Kansas telemedicine act; citation.
40-2,211 - Same; definitions.
40-2,212 - Same; confidentiality.
40-2,213 - Same; application of; coverage parity established.
40-2,214 - Same; prescribing of drugs via telemedicine.
40-2,215 - Same; abortions delivered via telemedicine not authorized.
40-2,216 - Same; nonseverability clause.
40-2,225 - Payment and reimbursement of dental services by dental benefits plans; definitions.
40-2,226 - Contract requirements; third-party access to provider network contracts.
40-2,227 - Requirements for methods of payment; limitations on certain transaction fees.
40-2,228 - Enforcement by commissioner of insurance.
40-2,231 - Kansas travel insurance act; citation.
40-2,232 - Purpose of act.
40-2,233 - Definitions.
40-2,234 - Limited lines travel insurance producer, licensure; requirements and limitations.
40-2,235 - Premium tax imposed.
40-2,236 - Travel protection plans; requirements.
40-2,237 - Travel insurance policies; requirements and limitations.
40-2,238 - Travel administrators; requirements; duties of insurer.
40-2,239 - Travel insurance; classification; eligibility and underwriting standards.
40-2,240 - Rules and regulations.
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