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April 14, 2024
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2023 Statute


40-1203.Kinds of insurance authorized. Any company organized under the provisions of this article is empowered and authorized to make contracts of insurance or to cede or accept reinsurance on any portion of any risk for such of the following kinds of insurance as are specified in its articles of incorporation, namely:

(a) Against loss or damage to property and loss of use and occupancy by fire, lightning, windstorm, tornado, cyclone, hail, tempest, flood, earthquake, frost or snow, bombardment, invasion, insurrection, riot, civil war or commotion, military or usurped power, explosion — fire ensuing, and explosion — no fire ensuing, except explosion by steam boilers or flywheels, against loss or damage by water caused by the breakage or leakage of sprinklers, pumps, or other apparatus, water pipes, plumbing, or their fixtures, erected for extinguishing fires, against accidental injury to such sprinklers, pumps, other apparatus, water pipes, plumbing or fixtures, against loss or damage to any goods on the premises of the assured, and loss or damage to the property of another for which the assured is liable, caused by the leakage of roofs, leaders and spouting, or by rain and snow driven through broken and open windows and skylights, or caused by the contents of any tank, or impact of any falling tank, tank platform or supports erected in or upon any building; against the risks of inland transportation and navigation; upon automobiles, aircraft or other vehicles, whether or not operated under their own power, against loss or damage by any of the causes or risks specified in this subsection, including also explosion, transportation, collision, liability for damage to property resulting from owning, maintaining or using automobiles, aircraft or other vehicles, and including burglary and theft, but not including loss or damage by reason of bodily injury to the person.

(b) Against loss, expense or liability by reason of bodily injury or death by accident, disability, sickness or disease suffered by others for which the insured may be liable or have assumed liability, including workmen's compensation.

(c) Against bodily injury or death by accident and disability by sickness.

(d) Against any or all loss, expense and liability resulting from the ownership, maintenance or use of any automobile, aircraft or other vehicle.

(e) Against loss or liability to persons or property resulting from explosion or accidents to boilers, containers, pipes, engines, flywheels, elevators and machinery in connection therewith, and against loss of use and occupancy caused thereby, and to make inspections and issue certificates of inspection thereon.

(f) To guarantee the fidelity of persons in positions of trust, private or public, and to act as surety on official bonds and for the performance of other obligations.

(g) To insurance* against the breakage of glass, local or in transit.

(h) To insure against property loss or damage by burglary, robbery and larceny, any breaking and entry, or entry without breaking, of any house, building, ship, vessel or railroad car, and loss or damage by forgery.

(i) Against loss from interruption of trade or business which may be the result of any accident or casualty.

(j) Against loss or damage by any hazard upon any risk not provided in this section, which is not prohibited by statute or at common law from being the subject of insurance, excepting life insurance.

History: L. 1927, ch. 231, 40-1203; June 1.

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