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May 29, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

40-3201 - Title.
40-3202 - Definitions.
40-3203 - Certificate of authority required; application; contents; rules and regulations governing modifications and amendments; approval of commissioner.
40-3204 - Notice that application incomplete, insufficient or unsatisfactory; issuance of certificate, when.
40-3207 - Denial, suspension or revocation of certificate; administrative penalty; notice; hearing.
40-3208 - Powers.
40-3209 - Certificates of coverage, contracts and other marketing documents, contents, form, filing; continuation and conversion requirements; enrollee not liable to provider for amount owed; application of K.S.A. 40-2209 and 40-2215.
40-3210 - Prepaid per capita or aggregate fixed sum contracts authorized.
40-3211 - Examination of organizations and providers.
40-3212 - Filings and reports as public documents.
40-3213 - Fees; disposition of moneys; reporting requirements; payment of estimated fees owed; reconciliation of actual fees owed.
40-3214 - Construction and relationship to other laws.
40-3215 - Rules and regulations.
40-3216 - Penalty.
40-3217 - Operational health maintenance organizations; issuance of certificate.
40-3218 - Contractual designation of persons to make recommended findings to commissioner.
40-3219 - Effect of act on federal assistance.
40-3220 - Annual report.
40-3221 - Liability of officers.
40-3222 - Use of certain words and initials prohibited.
40-3223 - Open enrollment.
40-3224 - Investments.
40-3225 - Fiduciary responsibilities; fidelity bond or insurance.
40-3226 - Confidentiality of medical information.
40-3227 - Deposit requirements; waiver of deposit; plan for continuation of benefits following insolvency.
40-3228 - Grievance procedures; minimum requirements.
40-3229 - Prior authorization requirements for emergency medical treatment; duties and responsibilities of organization, enrollees and participating providers; resolution of disputes.
40-3230 - Continuity of treatment upon termination of provider from plan.
40-3231 - Uncovered expenditure deposit; amount; withdrawal, when; commissioner's duties; rules and regulations.
40-3232 - Insolvent health maintenance organization; allocation of insureds to other health maintenance organizations, when; eligibility for Kansas uninsurable health insurance plan act, when.
40-3233 - Rehabilitation, liquidation or conservation of health maintenance organization; commissioner's powers; priority of enrollee; distribution of assets.
40-3234 - Health maintenance organization; financial condition; hearing; commissioner's powers.
40-3235 - Health maintenance organization act; provisions supplemental to.
40-3236 - Medical assistance fee fund; use and disposition of moneys credited to fund; reporting requirements.
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