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May 18, 2024
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2023 Statute

Section Number

44-601 - Prescription of functions.
44-601b - Same; children in industry; factory, workshop, mill and mine inspection.
44-603 - Utilities and employments subject to supervision.
44-606 - Continuity and efficiency in operation of industries.
44-607 - Investigations and temporary findings.
44-608 - Orders affecting hours, ways and conditions of employment; modification.
44-609 - Rights and contracts of parties.
44-610 - Notice of investigation or hearing; publication.
44-611 - Powers in investigations.
44-612 - Judicial review of secretary's actions.
44-614 - Labor unions; collective bargaining.
44-615 - Unlawful acts against witnesses and litigants.
44-616 - Business operations; limitation or cessation, hearings; changing conditions.
44-617 - Violations of act; quitting employment; picketing; intimidation.
44-618 - Penalties for violating K.S.A. 44-601 through 44-628.
44-619 - Inducing violation of act or orders; penalty.
44-620 - Emergency control and operation.
44-621 - Controversies between employer and employee; authority of secretary.
44-622 - Evidence taking; examiner, appointment, qualifications, authority.
44-623 - Orders as to minimum or standard wage; accounts pending investigations.
44-624 - Industrial conditions and relations; investigations, inquiries.
44-625 - Effect of act on other rights and remedies.
44-626 - Construction of K.S.A. 44-601 through 44-628.
44-628 - Partial invalidity of act.
44-631 - Factory, mill and mine inspection.
44-634 - Annual reports; duties as to labor and industrial pursuits; enforcement of laws.
44-635 - Interrogatories and testimony; penalty for failure to testify; information deemed confidential; penalty for disclosing.
44-636 - Places of business; inspection; safety and protection of employees; orders; notice and hearing; penalty.
44-637 - Definitions.
44-638 - Statistics and information by state and municipal officers.
44-639 - State policy as to wages, hours and insanitary conditions.
44-640 - Conditions of employment detrimental to health and welfare unlawful.
44-643 - Wages, hours and conditions for learners, apprentices and minors.
44-645 - Same; investigation; orders; notice and hearing; employer to display order; petition for rehearing.
44-646 - Same; inspectors and clerical personnel.
44-647 - Same; review of orders.
44-648 - Same; penalties.
44-650 - Same; act supplemental.
44-661 - Kansas apprenticeship council; establishment; composition; qualifications; terms; quorum; vacancies; organization; officers; meetings; expenses; clerical, secretarial and staff assistance.
44-662 - Powers, duties and functions.
44-663 - Employer COVID-19 vaccine requirements; exemptions required for certain employees; waiver requests; complaint and investigation process for violations to be administered by secretary of labor; enforcement actions by the attorney general; civil penalties to be imposed by the court; definitions.
44-664 - Certification by attorney general of final court order holding K.S.A. 44-663 unconstitutional; notice of such certification upon publication by secretary of state; repeal of K.S.A. 44-709b upon publication of such notice; severability of certain provisions.
44-665 - Severability clause for 2021 Special Session House Bill No. 2001, chapter 1 of the 2021 Special Session Laws of Kansas; certification by the attorney general to the secretary of state of final order holding certain provisions unconstitutional; repealing certain statutes upon publication of notice in the Kansas register.
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