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May 29, 2024
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2023 Statute

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74-3201a - Kansas higher education coordination act; citation and purpose.
74-3201b - Definitions.
74-3202a - State board of regents; establishment; composition; appointment; terms; qualifications; meetings; compensation and expenses.
74-3202b - Same; meetings; quorum.
74-3202c - Same; powers, duties and functions; preservation of certain powers, duties and functions of community college boards of trustees.
74-3202d - Same; performance indicators, review; core indicators of quality performance; selection of determinants for state moneys; institutional improvement plans; performance agreements; new state funds, requirements for receipt.
74-3203a - Chief executive officer of state board; appointment; salary; duties.
74-3204a - Treasurer of state board.
74-3205d - Commission for higher education coordination; meetings; powers and duties; expiration date, certain provisions; powers and duties transferred to state board; other advisory bodies authorized.
74-3206 - Acceptance of money and land for 4-H club camps and similar camps.
74-3209 - Traffic and parking at state educational institutions; control, maintenance, supervision; definitions.
74-3210 - Same; issuance of permits and allocation of space; fees; removal and impounding of vehicles, when; lien.
74-3211 - Same; rules and policies, adoption and enforcement.
74-3212 - Same; application of city ordinances, when; prosecutions in municipal court.
74-3213 - Same; fees; disposition.
74-3215 - Same; unlawful acts; penalty.
74-3216 - Same; prosecutions.
74-3219 - Reciprocal agreements with colleges and universities of other states for mutual utilization of educational facilities.
74-3220 - Same; approval; filing.
74-3221 - Reciprocal agreements by board of regents with governing boards of colleges and universities in other states or countries for pursuing courses of collegiate, graduate or professional study; terms; cancellation; approval of governor; filing.
74-3229 - Students' advisory committee; establishment; composition; terms; powers and duties; expenses.
74-3230 - Transfer of functions of state education commission to state board of regents.
74-3231 - References to state education commission applied to board of regents.
74-3232 - Official state agency; federal programs.
74-3233 - Administration of tuition grant program.
74-3234 - Administration of state scholarship program.
74-3235 - Administration of higher education student loan guarantee act.
74-3236 - Board or commission; appointment in compliance with federal requirements; functions; compensation and expenses.
74-3237 - Transfer of appropriations and funds.
74-3238 - Transfer of powers, duties, functions, records and property.
74-3239 - Successor to powers, duties and functions of state education commission; acts to retain force and effect.
74-3240 - Rules and regulations, state plans, orders and directives continued in effect until revised, amended, revoked or nullified.
74-3241 - Rights of persons and institutions retained; applications for participation in certain programs continued in effect.
74-3242 - Certain employees serving on July 1, 1975, transferred to employ of board of regents; retention of retirement and civil service benefits.
74-3243 - Conflicts as to disposition of powers, functions, duties or funds of commission resolved by governor.
74-3244 - Rights in judicial and administrative proceedings saved.
74-3245 - Purchase of liability insurance for certain persons authorized.
74-3254 - Authority to sell property devised to board of regents or state educational institution; investment of proceeds.
74-3255 - Reserve officers' training corps programs; definitions.
74-3256 - Same; administration; rules and regulations; service scholarships, award, amount, limitations on number, alternate award.
74-3257 - Same; qualification, determination of eligibility; semester limitation.
74-3258 - Same; selection of eligible students; duties of committee.
74-3259 - Same; application; agreement requirements upon selection for scholarship.
74-3260 - Same; failure to maintain eligibility; repayment, interest rate; alternative service.
74-3260a - Same; service scholarship program fund, service scholarship repayment fund; creation, sources, expenditures.
74-3261a - Same; obligations postponed, when; satisfaction of obligations.
74-3262 - Defunct educational institutions; student records; definitions.
74-3263 - Same; administration by board of regents; powers and duties.
74-3264 - Authority to grant easements; conditions.
74-3265 - Osteopathic medical service scholarships; duration; amount; practice commitment; limitation on number of awards.
74-3266 - Osteopathic medical service scholarships; agreements; practice obligation; service or employment, part-time; definitions of state medical facility or institution, approved postgraduate residency training program, and medically underserved area.
74-3267 - Same; failure to satisfy obligation; repayment; interest rate.
74-3267a - Same; repayment fund, creation, expenditures.
74-3268 - Same; obligation postponed or satisfied, when.
74-3268a - Same; failure to satisfy obligation due to practice in state other than Kansas; waiver of repayment requirement, when.
74-3270 - Guaranteed admission of Kansas residents at schools of optometry.
74-3271 - Optometry schools or colleges, guaranteed admission of Kansas residents; agreements; practice obligation.
74-3272 - Same; failure to satisfy obligation; repayment, interest rate; waiver, when.
74-3272a - Optometry education repayment fund; administration.
74-3273 - Same; repayment obligation postponed or satisfied, when.
74-3274 - Kansas work-study program; establishment; career and YES components; purposes.
74-3275 - Same; definitions.
74-3276 - Same; administration of act; rules and regulations; guidelines and procedures.
74-3277 - Same; operation and management of program; reports; use of moneys appropriated for program.
74-3277a - Same; agreements with school districts for youth education services; payments.
74-3278 - Kansas distinguished scholarship program; definitions.
74-3279 - Same; award of scholarships, qualifications, duration.
74-3280 - Same; amount of scholarships.
74-3281 - Same; payment of scholarships; certification of enrollment; discontinued attendance of scholar.
74-3282 - Same; administration; duties of state board of regents.
74-3283 - Same; duties and responsibilities of scholarship applicants.
74-3284 - Kansas ethnic minority scholarship program; definitions.
74-3285 - Same; designation of scholars; award of scholarships; apportionment procedure; subsequent applications; duration of effectiveness.
74-3286 - Same; amount of scholarship; semester limitation; eligibility for other financial aid.
74-3287 - Same; administration; duties of state board of regents.
74-3288 - Same; duties and responsibilities of applicants.
74-3289 - Same; payment of scholarships; certification of enrollment; discontinued attendance of scholar.
74-3291 - Citation of act.
74-3292 - Definitions.
74-3293 - Establishment of program; categories and limitation on number of scholarships; determination of recipients; duration and amount of awards.
74-3294 - Scholarship applications; agreements; service obligations, failure to satisfy; sponsorships.
74-3295 - Service obligation; repayment upon failure to satisfy, interest rate.
74-3296 - Same; postponement, reasons for; when satisfied.
74-3297 - Sponsorship agreements; terms, conditions, obligations; rules and regulations; annual report.
74-3298 - Nursing service scholarship program fund, creation, expenditures; repayment fund, creation, expenditures.
74-3299 - Nursing service scholarship review committee; composition and appointment; terms; organization; powers and duties; meetings; expenses and allowances.
74-32,100 - Title and citation of act.
74-32,101 - Definitions.
74-32,102 - Establishment; award of scholarships; determination of student qualifications; amount and duration of awards.
74-32,103 - Scholarship applicants; required information; precedent condition; agreement; obligations.
74-32,104 - Failure to satisfy obligations; repayment; interest; disposition of repaid amounts.
74-32,105 - Obligations postponed, when; satisfaction of obligations.
74-32,106 - Administration; rules and regulations; establishment of agreement terms, conditions and obligations.
74-32,107 - Teacher service scholarship program fund; teacher service scholarship repayment fund; creation, sources, expenditures.
74-32,107b - Teacher education competitive grant program; administration; match requirements.
74-32,107c - Same; expenditure of moneys.
74-32,107d - Same; reports to the legislature.
74-32,112 - Citation of act; legislative findings and declaration of intention.
74-32,113 - Definitions.
74-32,114 - Award and renewal of fellowships; determination of qualification for award; amount; duration.
74-32,115 - Obligations of applicants; agreements.
74-32,116 - Failure to satisfy obligations; repayment, interest, disposition of amounts.
74-32,117 - Obligation postponed, when; satisfaction of obligation.
74-32,118 - Administration of program; rules and regulations; agreement terms, conditions, and obligations; annual review and recommendations to legislature.
74-32,119 - Ethnic minority fellowship program fund; creation; administration.
74-32,120 - Kansas comprehensive grant program; definitions.
74-32,121 - Same; award of grants; limitations; determination of semester equivalence.
74-32,122 - Same; amount of grants.
74-32,123 - Same; payment of grants; certification of student enrollment and eligibility; disposition of amounts.
74-32,124 - Same; administration of program; duties of state board of regents.
74-32,125 - Same; responsibilities of grant applicants.
74-32,131 - Citation of act.
74-32,132 - Definitions.
74-32,133 - Advanced practice registered nurse service scholarships; limitations; determination of individuals qualified; awarding; amounts.
74-32,134 - Same; applications; recipient obligations; agreements.
74-32,135 - Same; failure to satisfy obligations; repayment; interest.
74-32,136 - Same; obligation postponed, when; satisfaction of obligation.
74-32,137 - Same; agreement terms, conditions and obligations; criteria for financial assistance evaluation; rules and regulations.
74-32,138 - Same; advanced practice registered nurse service scholarship program fund; administration.
74-32,139 - Abolition of former state board of regents and office of executive officer.
74-32,139a - Same; conclusion of operations.
74-32,139b - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; application of statutory and documentary references; rules and regulations, policies, orders and directives saved; succession to property rights.
74-32,139c - Same; transfer of officers and employees; retention of rights and benefits; effective at start of payroll period.
74-32,139d - Same; resolution of conflicts by governor.
74-32,139e - Same; custody of records and documents; rights in civil and criminal actions preserved.
74-32,139f - Same; transfer of appropriations; liability for compensation and salaries of officers and employees.
74-32,140 - Community colleges; supervision and coordination; powers, duties and functions of boards of trustees preserved.
74-32,141 - Technical colleges, area vocational schools, area vocational-technical schools; supervision and coordination; powers, duties and functions of governing boards preserved.
74-32,142 - Proprietary schools; regulation of operations; powers, duties and functions of owners, officers, directors, agents and representatives preserved.
74-32,143 - Adult education programs; supervision and administration; state plan preserved; powers, duties and functions of governing boards preserved.
74-32,144 - Transition period.
74-32,145 - Kansas national guard educational assistance act; citation and purpose.
74-32,146 - Same; definitions.
74-32,147 - Same; administration; rules and regulations; duties of board of regents and adjutant general.
74-32,148 - Same; entitlement to assistance; amount; duration; limitations.
74-32,149 - Qualification for participation; service agreements; failure to satisfy agreements.
74-32,150 - Same; repayment fund.
74-32,151 - Workforce development loan program act; board of regents; contributions and appropriations; qualifications.
74-32,152 - Workforce development loan conditions and requirements; agreement of parties; repayment, completion of degree, certificate or diploma.
74-32,153 - Completion of program of study; forgiveness of workforce development loan; interest rates.
74-32,154 - Failure to satisfy obligation; repayment obligation terms and interest; delinquent payments.
74-32,155 - Workforce development loan fund; deposits and expenditures.
74-32,156 - State treasurer's duties; rules and regulations.
74-32,157 - Postponement of payments due; circumstances causing; documentation, satisfaction of loan terms.
74-32,158 - Effect of subsequent compliance to terms of the agreement terms; effect of noncompliance after period of compliance.
74-32,159 - Rules and regulations.
74-32,160 - Funding of workforce development loan program; secretary for children and families duties.
74-32,161 - Definitions; enrollment; eligibility; foster children; reimbursement to Kansas education institution; report to legislative committees; tuition waiver gifts, grants and reimbursements fund; expenditures; rules and regulations.
74-32,162 - Title and citation of act.
74-32,163 - Definitions.
74-32,164 - Institutions and courses exempt from act.
74-32,164a - Institutions exempt from act; voluntary application for certificate of approval, when; state board jurisdiction.
74-32,165 - Rules and regulations; institutions qualified to award academic degrees, standards and progress; information from state agencies.
74-32,167 - Certificate of approval required prior to awarding a degree, certificate or diploma; contracts unenforceable, when.
74-32,168 - Certificate of approval, application; branch institutions; provisional certificate, requirements; rules and regulations.
74-32,169 - Certificate of approval; compliance with minimum standards required.
74-32,170 - Certificate of approval; application, contents; term; renewal; notice of intent to nonrenew; closure requirements.
74-32,170a - Certificate of approval; change in ownership of an institution; rules and regulations.
74-32,170b - Certificate of approval; court-appointed receiver for an institution; notice and copies of records; compliance with act.
74-32,171 - Refusal to issue certificate; appeal.
74-32,172 - Revocation of certificate; imposition of conditions; notice; hearing.
74-32,173 - Judicial review; violations of act, injunction.
74-32,174 - Institution's representative, registration with state board; renewal, denial, or revocation of registration.
74-32,175 - Surety bond; requirements.
74-32,177 - Prohibited acts; criminal penalty; revocation or condition of certificate.
74-32,178 - Violations of act; Kansas consumer protection act; injunctions; civil fine.
74-32,178a - Civil penalties for violations of act.
74-32,179 - Failure to comply with act; refund of money, interest; contracts, void.
74-32,180 - Promissory instruments as payment of tuition.
74-32,181 - Fees.
74-32,182 - Private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution fee fund.
74-32,183 - Severability.
74-32,184 - Statewide data collection system.
74-32,194 - State authorization reciprocity agreement; authority, powers and duties of the state board of regents; state authorization reciprocity fund; rules and regulations.
74-32,195 - Tuition assistance for persons who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned; enrollment; eligibility; reimbursement for additional fees; rules and regulations.
74-32,209 - Computer science educator program; establishment; award of scholarships.
74-32,219 - Nurse educator service scholarship program act.
74-32,220 - Same; definitions.
74-32,221 - Same; establishment of program; amount and duration of awards; match requirements.
74-32,222 - Same; conditions; agreement; obligations.
74-32,223 - Same; failure to satisfy obligations; repayment.
74-32,224 - Same; obligation postponed, when; satisfaction of obligation.
74-32,225 - Same; rules and regulations.
74-32,226 - Same; program fund, creation, sources of revenue, expenditures.
74-32,227 - Military service scholarship program act.
74-32,228 - Same; definitions.
74-32,229 - Same; establishment of program; amount and duration of awards.
74-32,230 - Same; application; conditions.
74-32,231 - Same; rules and regulations.
74-32,232 - Same; program fund.
74-32,233 - Definitions.
74-32,234 - Awarding state scholarships; limitation; determination of equivalent of semesters.
74-32,235 - Amount of state scholarship equal to financial need; limitation.
74-32,236 - Payment of state scholarships; certification; approval; disposition upon discontinued attendance of student.
74-32,237 - Administration of act by state board of regents; rules and regulations; apportionment; reports.
74-32,238 - Applications for scholarships; financial needs analysis statements.
74-32,239 - Financial resources to include Kansas comprehensive grants.
74-32,240 - Purpose and intention of act.
74-32,241 - Definitions.
74-32,242 - Award of honors scholarships; limitation; amount.
74-32,243 - Administration of act; rules and regulations; duties of state board of regents.
74-32,244 - Payment of honors scholarships; certification of enrollment; discontinued attendance of student.
74-32,245 - Applicants for scholarships, duties and responsibilities.
74-32,246 - Name of act.
74-32,247 - Administration by state board of regents.
74-32,248 - Agreements authorized; special deposits of student loan reserve fund.
74-32,249 - Powers of state board of regents.
74-32,250 - Employees.
74-32,251 - Written obligations for repayment of loans binding upon minors.
74-32,252 - Higher education loan program for students and parents of students; administration by nonprofit corporation; revenue bonds and interest exempt from taxation.
74-32,253 - Definitions.
74-32,254 - Acceptance of benefits of federal law; administration and supervision by state board; state plan; agreements with federal agencies authorized.
74-32,255 - State and federal funds; allocation and distribution; where deposited; payments; rules and regulations.
74-32,256 - Basic education programs; establishment and operation by local boards; standards and criteria; cooperative agreements.
74-32,257 - Establishment and operation agreements with state board; approval of applications and programs.
74-32,258 - Determination of entitlements; learning needs survey.
74-32,259 - Tax levy authorized; limitations; disposition of proceeds; adult education fund; protest petition.
74-32,260 - Rules and regulations; records; reports.
74-32,261 - Supplementary education programs; establishment, maintenance; tuition, fees; fund, establishment and sources; expenses.
74-32,262 - Teacher qualifications; certificate of accomplishment; regulations; participation by nonresidents; authority of teachers and administrators.
74-32,263 - General educational development credentials; verification of credentials; fees, amount and disposition; fees fund, establishment, expenditures.
74-32,264 - Text of compact.
74-32,265 - Kansas members of the midwestern higher education commission; terms; vacancies.
74-32,266 - Expiration of act upon failure of compact effectuation.
74-32,267 - AO-K to work program; establishment; definitions; requirements; rules and regulations.
74-32,271 - Kansas promise scholarship act; citation of act; definitions.
74-32,272 - Promise scholarship program; rules and regulations; state board of regents' powers and duties; report; removal of promise eligible programs.
74-32,273 - Additional promise eligible fields of study.
74-32,274 - Promise scholarship amounts and limitations; appropriations, limitation; disbursement of funds based on reimbursement requests.
74-32,275 - Promise scholarship eligibility and requirements.
74-32,276 - Promise scholarship agreement; requirements; failure to satisfy; duties of eligible postsecondary educational institution.
74-32,277 - Kansas promise scholarship program fund.
74-32,278 - Expiration of act.
74-32,281 - Citation of act; definitions.
74-32,282 - Establishment and administration of program; rules and regulations; duties of state board of regents; reports.
74-32,283 - Designation of additional adult learner grant eligible program; requirements; maintenance of program.
74-32,284 - Amount of grant; duration of eligibility; family household income requirements for eligibility; use of grant moneys; annual maximum amount to be awarded.
74-32,285 - Grant eligibility requirements; grant renewal requirements.
74-32,286 - Grant agreement; requirements; failure to satisfy; duties of eligible postsecondary educational institution; postponement; satisfaction of requirements by recipient.
74-32,287 - Kansas workforce retention incentive income tax credit; amount; requirements to claim credit; carryforward amounts; rules and regulations.
74-32,288 - Kansas adult learner grant program fund; expenditures.
74-32,289 - Expiration of act.
74-32,301 - Disability history and awareness.
74-32,302 - College level examination program credit hours; policy.
74-32,303 - Degree prospectus; requirements; publication; definitions.
74-32,304 - Federal funds for higher education; powers and duties of state board of regents.
74-32,401 - Postsecondary technical education authority; membership qualifications; vacancies; meetings; compensation.
74-32,402 - Postsecondary technical education authority; powers and duties; credit hour funding distribution formula; vice-president of workforce development and executive director of authority.
74-32,403 - Same; duties of state board of regents.
74-32,405 - Acceptance of federal act; state board to prepare state plan and supervise administration.
74-32,406 - Purpose of act.
74-32,407 - Definitions.
74-32,408 - State plan for career and technical education.
74-32,409 - Contracts for research in career technical education.
74-32,410 - Allocation and distribution of state and federal funds.
74-32,411 - Johnson county area vocational-technical school; presentation of plan for establishment authorized; required information; conditions.
74-32,412 - Workforce investment act, participation.
74-32,413 - Definitions.
74-32,414 - Career technical education capital outlay fund; use of money.
74-32,415 - Career technical education capital outlay aid; determination of amounts; payments and disposition; overpayments and underpayments.
74-32,416 - Transfers from operating fund authorized; operating budget, certain prohibitions.
74-32,417 - Kansas training information program; definitions.
74-32,418 - Kansas training information program, establishment and administration; rules and regulations; reports; advisory committee; forms.
74-32,419 - Transmittal of certain information required, when; availability of certain information to enrollees.
74-32,420 - Agreements for transferability of courses and programs; approval; criteria.
74-32,421 - Policy requiring articulation agreements; adoption by state board of regents.
74-32,422 - Statewide articulation agreement, development.
74-32,423 - Definitions.
74-32,424 - Awarding of career technical workforce grants; eligibility and qualifications.
74-32,425 - Amount of grant; payment upon certification of full-time enrollment; limitations.
74-32,426 - Administration of act; rules and regulations.
74-32,427 - Payment of grants; times and method; disposition upon discontinued attendance of an eligible student; career technical workforce grant discontinued attendance fund.
74-32,428 - Responsibilities of applicants.
74-32,429 - Definitions.
74-32,430 - Kansas technology innovation and internship program, establishment; administration; purposes; grants, award and conditions; rules and regulations.
74-32,431 - Technical colleges, grants; certification of enrolled credit hours, when.
74-32,432 - Same; proration of insufficient appropriation for non-tiered grant aid, when; overpayments; underpayments.
74-32,433 - Career technical education programs located outside service area.
74-32,434 - Performance-based incentive payments for certain postsecondary educational institutions; eligibility; amount of payment.
74-32,435 - Dues payments to certain associations and organizations authorized; area vocational-technical schools.
74-32,451 - Supervision by state board; rules and regulations.
74-32,452 - Governing body; powers and duties.
74-32,453 - Contracts; indemnification or hold harmless provisions, void.
74-32,454 - Contracts; governed by Kansas law.
74-32,455 - Contracts; mandatory provisions.
74-32,456 - Applicability of statutes; provision of career technical vocational education courses and programs; supremacy of act.
74-32,457 - Change in designation or name of technical college.
74-32,458 - Wichita state university campus of applied sciences and technology; official designation.
74-32,459 - Wichita state university campus of applied sciences and technology; affiliation and approval thereof; designation; governing body; programs; admissions.
74-32,460 - Flint Hills technical college; official designation.
74-32,461 - Fort Hays state university – north central Kansas technical college; official designation.
74-32,462 - Manhattan area technical college; official designation.
74-32,463 - Northeast Kansas technical college; official designation.
74-32,464 - Fort Hays state university – northwest Kansas technical college; official designation.
74-32,465 - Salina area technical college; official designation.
74-32,466 - Faculty members and employees; protection of salary and benefits.
74-32,467 - Technical schools; plans for accreditation or merger with postsecondary educational institution.
74-32,468 - Technical colleges; quality performance grants, eligibility and amount.
74-32,469 - Fort Hays state university – northwest Kansas technical college and Fort Hays state university – north central Kansas technical college; affiliation and approval thereof; industry or regional advisory boards; governing body; programs; admissions.
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