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2012 Statute

Section Number

10-101 - "Municipality" defined.
10-102 - "Municipal bonds" defined.
10-103 - Terms and denominations of municipal bonds.
10-104 - Limitations on improvement bonds; partial issuance, when.
10-105 - Signing and execution of bonds by municipal officers and boards of trustees of community colleges; interest coupons.
10-106 - Sale of bonds; public sale, requirements; when; notice; bids.
10-107 - Registration of bonds.
10-108 - Transcript of proceedings and bonds to state treasurer; fee for registration or certification; bond services fee fund; transmission to attorney general to determine sufficiency; return of bonds to municipality.
10-108a - Nonlitigation certificate; incorporation in transcript; form.
10-108b - Same; notice of pending or threatened lawsuit, effect.
10-108c - Same; municipality prevailing in lawsuit authorized to issue bonds unless stay granted.
10-108d - Nonlitigation certificate, exception; payment of bonds if city not legally organized.
10-109 - Filing statement of issuance with state treasurer.
10-110 - Updating bond register by state treasurer; reports of outstanding debt; records of cancellations; unlawful acts; penalty.
10-111 - Cancellation of bond or coupon; return or destruction; payments from fiscal agency fund; record requirements; bond register entry.
10-112 - Bonds required to be printed; recitals.
10-113 - Levies for sinking fund; penalty for failure to make.
10-114 - Special assessments for city improvements; apportionment; ordinance.
10-114a - Unanticipated additional interest on temporary notes for city improvements; assessments against city at large.
10-115 - Payment of special assessments.
10-116a - Refunding of revenue bonds and interest thereon; limitations; investment of certain bond proceeds.
10-117 - Unlawful issue, diversion or misuse of bond proceeds or tax funds; penalties.
10-117a - Transfer of unexpended balance in bond and interest fund.
10-118 - Sinking fund levy to pay bonds maturing at same time.
10-118a - Diversion of interest and sinking funds for refunding bonds; penalties.
10-118b - Diversion not basis of tax protest.
10-119 - Changing territory or disorganization of municipality; liability; tax levies.
10-120 - Bond election; publication of notice.
10-120a - Bond election; notice requirements.
10-121 - Elections for acquisition of land.
10-122 - Investment of sinking fund.
10-123 - Temporary notes for improvements; issuance; renewal, when.
10-124 - Interest coupons receivable for taxes.
10-125 - Bonds covered by 10-101 to 10-125.
10-126 - Printing of coupons; size and form.
10-127 - Same; refusal by state treasurer to register.
10-128 - "Municipality" defined.
10-129 - Call of bonds or temporary notes before maturity; notice to state treasurer; paying agent and others; costs.
10-130 - Redemption of bonds and payment of interest thereon; duties of treasurers; requests for money to county treasurers; failure to pay bond moneys; penalty.
10-130a - Failure of state treasurer to pay certain funds or moneys as provided by law; penalty.
10-131 - Investment of proceeds of bonds or temporary notes and certain funds authorized; disposition of interest received therefrom.
10-132 - Used surplus proceeds of certain bond issues to purchase bonds.