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2012 Statute

Section Number

12-2701 - Definitions.
12-2702 - Contracts for common supply of water.
12-2703 - Acquisition, development and distribution of common water supply.
12-2704 - Contracts for management and operation; reports.
12-2705 - Costs, how financed; extent of right to acquire or condemn property.
12-2706 - Sale of water; rates; use of reimbursements; assessments; tax levies.
12-2707 - Municipal water supply system; resolution; plans, specifications and estimate; approval by secretary of health and environment; cost limited.
12-2708 - Same; ordinance or resolution; election, when.
12-2709 - Common water supply; general obligation and revenue bonds, conditions and restrictions.
12-2710 - Water supply in certain cities and townships; eminent domain.
12-2711 - Grants of rights-of-way by certain state and local agencies.
12-2712 - Validation of certain contracts and bond issues; bonds exempted from debt limitations.
12-2713 - Jurisdiction of certain state agencies saved.
12-2714 - Municipalities and corporations not deemed common carriers and not subject to utility regulation.
12-2715 - Authority and powers conferred by act; act supplemental; invalidity of part.
12-2716 - Cities owning waterworks may contract for water supply.
12-2717 - Same; reimbursement agreement.
12-2718 - Cities under 200,000; agreements with federal or state agencies for municipal water supply and recreational areas.
12-2719 - Same; reimbursement by city, limitations; tax levies; bonds.
12-2720 - Same; adoption of ordinance; contents; publication; protest petition; election; effective, when.
12-2721 - Same; act additional to 12-2716, 12-2717.
12-2722 - Same; exemption of certain cities from reimbursement limitations of 12-2719.
12-2723 - Installation of separate water meter for individual dwelling units.