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2012 Statute

Section Number

13-1008d - Sidewalks in cities of 60,000 or more; special assessments.
13-1008e - Same; petition; resolution.
13-1008f - Same; how cost assessed.
13-1008g - Same; payment in full by property owner; notice; bond issue.
13-1008h - Same; how assessment levied; temporary notes.
13-1010 - Connecting street with paved road; assessments.
13-1011 - Street and alley improvements; resolution; assessments; petition, when; bonds; notice of assessment; cancellation of proceedings, when.
13-1011f - Improvement of streets abutting school grounds; bonds.
13-1013 - System of sewerage and drainage; districts; cost; assessments.
13-1014 - Right-of-way for sewerage.
13-1015 - Condemnation of right-of-way.
13-1016 - Consent to acquisition of way; cost of condemnation.
13-1017 - Estimate of cost of improvements; contracts; bids; bond issue, when.
13-1018f - Cities of 95,000; system of sewage-disposal works; cost; bonds.
13-1018g - Same; duties and authority of governing body.
13-1018h - Same; right to acquire land.
13-1018i - Cities of 95,000 or more; sewage-disposal works; cost; bonds.
13-1018j - Same; tax levy; election; when; when charges to be made for use of system.
13-1018k - Same; invalidity of part.
13-1018l - Cities over 120,000; sewers on publicly owned ground; bonds; limitations.
13-1023 - For what purposes private property may be purchased or condemned.
13-1024a - General improvements and land therefor; borrowing money and bond issues; when election required.
13-1024b - Same; construction of bridge or viaduct within or without city; agreements with other bodies; acquisition of land; bonds; election, when; tax levies; payment of county's share.
13-1024c - Cities over 200,000; issuance of bonds for public improvements; limitation.
13-1026 - Bridges or viaducts in cities over 60,000; bonds.
13-1029 - Sewer districts for pumping stations and sewers; assessments and bonds.
13-1030 - Same; condemnation, bonds and assessments for sewer right of way.
13-1038 - Street improvements; resolution; bonds.
13-1039 - Same; making of such improvements.
13-1040 - Same; costs; assessments; bonds (cities between 15,000 and 110,000).
13-1042 - Reimprovement of streets in cities of over 95,000.
13-1055a - Sanitary interceptor or main storm sewers or drains in first-class cities; expenses and plans for construction; bids.
13-1055b - Same; bonds; limitations; retirement.
13-1056 - Cities of 25,000; floodgates in sewers; intercepting sewers; pumping plants.
13-1057 - Same; bonds; limitation.
13-1057b - Cities less than 11,500 and cities between 17,500 and 25,000; storm sewers or drains.
13-1057c - Same; expense paid by city.
13-1057d - Same; bonds.
13-1057e - Same; powers of governing body.
13-1074 - Authority to lease levee property in cities over 100,000.
13-1075 - Same; purpose; term.
13-1076 - Same; reservations.
13-1077 - Same; improvements to be approved by governing body.
13-10,107 - Sewers and sewage disposal outside certain cities; contracts; benefit district, conditions.
13-10,108 - Same; eminent domain; bonds.
13-10,109 - Same; special assessments; regulation by city.
13-10,115 - Major traffic streets in certain cities in counties over 120,000; resolution; protests; election; temporary notes and bonds; special assessments and payments by city.
13-10,116 - Same; state and federal cooperation.
13-10,117 - Same; what improvements include.
13-10,118 - Same; act is supplemental.
13-10,119 - Cities of 60,000 or more; repair of paved streets; cost estimate.
13-10,120 - Same; contracts; equipment.
13-10,121 - Same; bonds.
13-10,122 - Same; limitations.
13-10,123 - Cities between 120,000 and 200,000; repair of paved streets; cost estimate.
13-10,124 - Same; contracts; equipment.
13-10,125 - Same; bonds.
13-10,126 - Same; limitation.
13-10,128 - Storm drainage districts in cities between 100,000 and 150,000 and in cities in urban area counties.
13-10,129 - Ordinance creating district, required provisions; filing of copies.
13-10,130 - Same; establishment of program; costs, how paid.
13-10,131 - Same; fund, uses.
13-10,132 - Same; tax levies.
13-10,133 - Same; bonds; protest petition; election provisions.
13-10,140 - Establishment of special improvement fund by certain cities; amount; expenditures, purposes, conditions and limitations; certain moneys may be credited to fund.
13-10,141 - Property damaged in certain cities by flood; reconstruction or repair; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required.
13-10,142 - Same; disposition of moneys; use.