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2012 Statute

Section Number

22-2502 - Search warrants; issuance; proceedings authorized; availability of affidavits and testimony in support of probable cause requirement; use of electronic communications.
22-2503 - Territorial limitations on execution of certain search warrants.
22-2504 - Issuance of search warrant.
22-2505 - Persons authorized to execute search warrants.
22-2506 - Execution of search warrants.
22-2507 - Command of search warrant.
22-2508 - Use of force in execution of search warrant.
22-2509 - Detention and search of persons on premises.
22-2510 - When search warrant may be executed.
22-2511 - No warrant quashed for technicality.
22-2512 - Custody and disposition of property seized.
22-2514 - Authorized interception of wire, oral or electronic communications; definitions.
22-2515 - Same; order; application; crimes for which order may be issued; disclosure and use of contents of wire, oral or electronic communications; effect on privileged communications.
22-2516 - Same; application for order, form and contents; issuance of order; contents; duration; extension; recordation of intercepted communications; custody of application and order, disclosure; inventory, notice to certain persons; evidentiary status of intercepted communications; motion to suppress, appeal.
22-2517 - Unlawful interception of wire or oral communication; evidentiary status of contents.
22-2518 - Same; civil action for damages; defense available in civil and criminal actions.
22-2519 - Reports by judges and prosecutors to administrative office of federal courts.
22-2520 - Strip and body cavity searches; definitions.
22-2521 - Same; strip searches; limitations; report.
22-2522 - Same; body cavity searches; warrant; limitations.
22-2523 - Same; liability for unlawful search.
22-2524 - Same; prison and jail inmates, exceptions.
22-2525 - Authorized installation or use of pen register or a trap and trace device; order required, exception.
22-2526 - Same; order, contents.
22-2527 - Same; order; issuance; specifications required; duration; extensions; disclosure.
22-2528 - Same; responsibilities of and assistance to authorities by provider, landlord, custodian or other person; compensation; immunity.
22-2529 - Same; definitions.
22-2530 - Copy of search warrant to property owner.