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2012 Statute

Section Number

24-101a - Definition of terms; act inapplicable to certain drainage districts.
24-102 - Suits by state to recover lands wrongfully reclaimed from streams.
24-103 - Same; drainage district may use land recovered.
24-104 - Same; construction.
24-105 - Obstructing flow of surface water; application to build levee; contents; examination by engineer; permit.
24-106 - Same; landowners may construct outlets leading into general course of natural drainage.
24-107 - Same; construction.
24-108 - County drainage of surface waters along highways; tax levy; eminent domain; petition and agreement.
24-109 - Same; warrants and assessments.
24-110 - Same; construction.
24-111 - Contracts by municipalities of bordering state with drainage district or public corporation of this state.
24-112 - Same; parties.
24-113 - Same; consent of foreign municipality to service of process.
24-114 - Same; answer day; service and return of process; costs.
24-115 - Depositories for funds of county treasurer belonging to drainage district; no interest.
24-116 - County treasurer may be compensated for additional work performed under ch. 24, art. 4.
24-117 - Completion of drainage-district work in counties between 90,000 and 135,000; resolution.
24-118 - Same; payment of drainage-district funds to county treasurer; maintenance fund; outstanding bonds.
24-119 - Same; powers transferred to county; district not dissolved.
24-120 - Same; duties of county engineer and county attorney; superintendent, salary.
24-121 - Same; general maintenance fund; tax levies; redemption of bonds.
24-122 - Same; petition for return of powers to directors; election; transfer of funds.
24-124 - Powers under 24-117 to 24-122 extended; additional powers.
24-125 - Same; gifts; purchases; eminent domain.
24-126 - Unlawful to construct fills and levees without prior approval of chief engineer, penalty; plans for levee, contents; approval of levee plans, considerations; fees; injunctions; rules and regulations.
24-127 - Transfer of territory from one drainage district to another, when.
24-128 - Same; petition; contents.
24-129 - Same; notice and hearing.
24-130 - Same; findings by county commissioners; transfer of territory or rejection of petition.
24-131 - Same; existing indebtedness at time of transfer.
24-132 - Certain drainage districts traversed or touched by Kansas river authorized to provide for flood control works and improvements; regulation of excavations; bonds, limitations; election, when; tax levies.
24-133 - Same; no-fund warrants, limitations.
24-134 - Issuance of bonds.
24-135 - Officers and employees; salary and expenses.
24-136 - Special emergency fund; transfer of surplus money.
24-137 - Consolidation of districts; procedure; petition; election.
24-138 - Annexation of land; Finney county; procedure.
24-139 - Dissolution of districts; procedure; protest petition; election; jurisdiction of city and county; district's assets and bonded indebtedness.
24-139a - Finney county drainage district; directors, election, terms.
24-140 - Transfer of territory; definitions.
24-141 - Same; alternative procedure.
24-142 - Same; procedure; petition, hearing; duties of board of county commissioners; appeal of board's decision.
24-143 - Same; bonded indebtedness.