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2012 Statute

Section Number

24-601 - Formation of drainage district by owners of swamp or overflowed lands; articles of association.
24-601a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
24-602 - Summons to owners of real estate.
24-603 - Objections of landowners heard by district court; finding of fact; exclusion of land not benefited.
24-604 - Record of proceedings.
24-605 - Elections, supervisors and bonds and no-fund warrant issues; vacancies.
24-606a - Annual election of supervisors; notice.
24-607 - Oath of supervisors.
24-608 - Organization of board of supervisors; district treasurer; county treasurer's duties.
24-609 - Topographical survey; classification and basis for assessment of benefits; maps and profile; engineer.
24-610 - Drain commissioner; term; duties; bond; oath.
24-611 - Annexation of land to district; procedures; limitations.
24-611a - Agreements to allow drainage from land located outside district.
24-612 - Rights of way and removal of obstructions in streams; eminent domain proceedings.
24-613 - Hearing of objections to report of engineer; notice; filing of report.
24-614 - Who may file objections to report; adjournments of hearings.
24-615 - Powers and duties of board upon hearing objections to report; no appeal, when; board may modify decision.
24-616 - Hearings to objections to engineer report; costs; fees.
24-617 - Appeal from decision of board; bond; transcript; procedure.
24-618 - Tax levies; installments; correction of assessments; certification of levies.
24-619 - Supplemental assessments.
24-620 - Expenses apportioned to street, highway or railroad; collection.
24-621 - Issuance of bonds; levy to pay bonds; temporary loan.
24-622 - Resolution for bond issue.
24-623 - Lien of assessments; sinking fund.
24-624 - Sale of bonds; use of proceeds; deposit of money.
24-625 - Powers and duties of board; works affecting highway, railroad or state property.
24-626 - Letting of contracts for improvements; bond of contractor; work under direction of drain commissioner.
24-627 - Scope of act.
24-628 - Outlet or discharge of more than one district into stream; apportionment of cost.
24-629 - Outlet for lateral drains.
24-630 - Subdistrict where land separated from drainage; petition.
24-632 - Warrants.
24-633 - Compensation and expenses of officers and employees.
24-634 - Levy upon lands for repair of improvements; assessment of costs where repair made necessary by negligence of landowner.
24-635 - Overseers; appointment; powers and duties.
24-636 - Civil liability for obstructing or injuring property; penalty.
24-637 - Construction of act; defects in assessments; modification of assessments.
24-638 - Contest of assessments.
24-639 - District to be body politic and corporate; corporate name; general powers.
24-640 - Construction of act; petition required, when.
24-640a - Perpetual succession.
24-641 - Legalizing drainage districts created by district court or board of county commissioners.
24-641a - Same; special election of officers, when.
24-642 - Same; boundaries legalized.
24-643 - Same; bond issues legalized.
24-644 - Same; tax levies and assessments legalized.
24-645 - Same; acts done in conformity to law legalized.
24-646 - Same; application of act.
24-647 - Disorganization of drainage district; petition; nature of hearing; resolution; board of trustees.
24-648 - Same; duties of trustees.
24-649 - Same; how funds secured by trustees; tax levy.
24-650 - Same; notice of disorganization; filing of claims.
24-651 - Same; funds for payment of claims.
24-652 - Same; care and sale of property.
24-653 - Same; final report and discharge of trustees.
24-654 - Renewal, extension and restoration of articles of incorporation; petition to court; record.
24-655 - Same; validation of prior acts; vesting of property rights and credits; liabilities.
24-656 - Drainage districts organized with territory in two or more counties; definitions.
24-657 - Same; authorization.
24-658 - Same; petition by verified landowners; county clerk to furnish record of ownership, when.
24-658a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
24-659 - Same; contents of petition; form; map.
24-660 - Same; circulation of counterpart of petition; city territory included, when; copies of petitions filed with county clerk and secretary of state; findings and endorsement by secretary of state; notice to steering committee.
24-661 - Same; certification to chief engineer; investigation, report and approval or disapproval; approval required, when; transmittal of approval to secretary of state and to chairman of steering committee.
24-662 - Same; meeting of steering committee, notice; committee constitutes initial board of directors; election of officers; election on organization of district; certification of results to secretary of state; certificate of incorporation, issuance and recording; action attacking incorporation, limitation.
24-663 - Same; payment of costs and expenses when proposed district not approved; tax levies; disposition of funds.
24-664 - Same; district as body politic and corporate; powers; designation of home office.
24-665 - Same; no-fund warrants to pay initial organization and administrative expenses; limitation; tax levy to pay; annual ascertainment and certification of valuation in joint district.
24-665a - Same; annual meeting; notice; elections.
24-666 - Same; act supplemental to existing laws.
24-667 - Extension of territory of joint district; petition; approval of secretary of state and chief engineer.
24-668 - Dissolution of portion of joint district; petition, contents; hearing; findings; report; certificate of dissolution; powers and duties of chief engineer.