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2012 Statute

Section Number

28-101 - Prescription of fees and compensation.
28-103 - County clerks; fees for services.
28-104 - Fees to be charged by all county treasurers.
28-107b - Vehicles for sheriff and deputies; purchase, lease or payment of compensation for use; limitation.
28-109 - All sheriffs to make oaths as to care and maintenance of prisoners; desperate characters.
28-110 - Sheriff fees for service, execution and return of process; procedure; payment; exemptions.
28-115 - Fees of register of deeds; monthly billing to internal revenue service; standards for documents to be filed; disposition of fees.
28-115a - Register of deeds technology fund.
28-118 - Engineer of two or more counties; pro rata payment of salary and expenses.
28-119 - County engineer; salary, funds payable from; expenses; joint district.
28-123 - Accounting of fees; fee books; delivery.
28-124 - Fees of predecessor in office.
28-125 - Witness fees and mileage; oath.
28-126 - Certain officials not to receive witness fees.
28-128 - Folio defined.
28-129 - Number of inhabitants.
28-137 - Fees for publication of legal notices and legal advertisements in newspapers; proof of publication; taxation and collection in actions or proceedings in court.
28-137b - Legal notices and advertisements; definitions.
28-137c - Legal notices and advertisements; affidavit of publisher; proof of publication.
28-138 - District court clerk's record of attendance of jurors and witnesses.
28-139 - Same; statement of attendance of jurors and witnesses in criminal cases for which county is liable.
28-141 - Proof and collection of fees paid in civil action.
28-142 - Bill for fees or costs.
28-143 - Receipt for fees paid.
28-145 - Duty of officer collecting costs on execution.
28-147 - No fees for constructive service or mileage.
28-148 - Fees to be uniform in state.
28-150 - Payment of fees by county in criminal cases; jury fees in civil and criminal cases.
28-152 - Process fees, return required.
28-153 - Fees not due until services performed.
28-167 - Allowance for assistance, deputies, clerical and stenographic hire in certain counties.
28-168 - Same; monthly payment of salaries.
28-169 - Same; allowance of traveling expenses and mileage.
28-170 - Court fees, civil actions; authorized only by legislative enactment; prosecuting attorneys' training fund; indigents' defense services fund.
28-170a - Prosecuting attorneys' training fund; fees.
28-172a - Docket fee in criminal proceedings; fees and charges in other actions involving violations of state laws; authorized only by legislative enactment.
28-172b - Indigents' defense services fund.
28-175 - Disposition of fees and compensation not authorized to be retained by officers and employees.
28-176 - Laboratory analysis fee charged as separate court costs in certain cases; use of proceeds.
28-177 - Court procedures; fees; authorized only by legislative enactment; judicial branch surcharge fund.
28-178 - Same; discretionary charge by supreme court.
28-179 - Post-decree motion docket fee; authorized only by legislative enactment.