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2012 Statute

Section Number

39-701 - Purposes of act.
39-702 - Definitions.
39-708a - Payment of claims to medical vendors not filed within fiscal year; limitation.
39-708c - Powers and duties of secretary of social and rehabilitation services; community work experience programs; disbursal of property including food stamps; division of services for the blind; children and youth service program; medical care for needy persons; payment schedules for health care providers; centralized payment of welfare expenditures.
39-708d - Same; lease of office or business space.
39-709 - Eligibility requirements of applicants for and recipients of assistance, available resources; failure to comply with reporting and other requirements, penalties; automatic assignment of support rights; "medical assistance estate" defined; lien procedures and enforcement.
39-709b - Information concerning applicants for and recipients of assistance; confidentiality, exceptions; public list of certain recipients, public record, where available; unlawful acts, penalties.
39-709c - Report to legislature; medical assistance expenditures and amounts recovered; recommendations for legislation therefor.
39-709e - Exercise of state's option from federal law making certain drug abusers ineligible for public assistance.
39-710 - Social welfare fund; deposits; disbursements; unpaid cancelled warrants, crediting; appropriations.
39-711a - Meal services for the aging; use of school lunch facilities under agreement with local board of education.
39-713c - Homes for children.
39-713d - Funeral and cemetery expenses; limitations.
39-714 - County home; admission; treatment; ownership by two counties; tax levy, use of proceeds; issuance of bonds in certain counties.
39-717 - Illegal disposition; purchase, acquisition or possession of assistance; criminal penalties; exemption of assistance from legal process.
39-718b - Liability of parent or guardian for assistance provided child, exceptions.
39-719a - Recovery of medical assistance paid; obligation of third party; payment by secretary secondary costs paid proportionately by parties as determined by court.
39-719b - Duty of recipient to report changes which affect eligibility; actions by secretary; recovery of assistance obtained by ineligible recipient.
39-719c - Proof deemed prima facie evidence assistance unlawfully received.
39-719e - Medical benefit plan providers to provide information identifying covered medical assistance recipients; procedures; enforcement.
39-720 - Penalty relating to fraudulent acts; civil actions, evidence.
39-721 - Severability clause.
39-739 - Sight handicapped persons; reports to state board of health; forms.
39-740 - Same; records available to secretary of social and rehabilitation services.
39-744 - Transfer of powers, duties and functions.
39-745 - Transition; preservation of civil rights of action and proceedings; criminal actions not to abate.
39-746 - Positions of certain officers and employees abolished; transfer of employees; rights preserved.
39-751 - Program for home maintenance; duties of secretary of social and rehabilitation services.
39-752 - Same; appointment of supervisors.
39-753 - Title IV-D child support enforcement services; duties of secretary; rules and regulations.
39-754 - Support rights assigned to secretary; secretary's rights; court record of support collected by secretary.
39-755 - Actions by secretary to establish parentage and to enforce support rights; necessary parties to proceedings; counsel; orders; application of section.
39-756 - Support enforcement services available to certain persons; assignment of support rights; limited power of attorney; continuation of services after discontinuance of public assistance; fees for services; distribution of collections; attorneys representing department of social and rehabilitation services, attorney-client relationship.
39-756a - Time assignment of support rights under 39-709 remains in effect; assignment of rights to payment for medical care unaffected.
39-757 - Secretary to deposit moneys received under 39-709 and 39-756 with state treasurer; dispositions; expenditure from funds.
39-758 - Location of absent parents or their assets; cooperation of governmental units with secretary; availability of information.
39-759 - Unlawful acts relating to information concerning absent parents; penalty.
39-760 - Establishment of system for reporting suspected abuse or fraud in welfare or medical assistance programs; notice of existence of system.
39-782 - Hearing required prior to certifying adult care home for participation in state medical assistance program as intermediate care facility for mental health; notice.
39-783 - Notice to affected health care provider groups of reduction in scope or reimbursement of services under medical assistance program; contents; effect of failure to give notice.
39-784 - Fees for providing home health services for recipients served under medicaid home and community based services program; disposition; SRS temporary deposit fund.
39-785 - Definitions.
39-786 - Division of aggregate resources authorized for purpose of determining medical assistance eligibility; conditions and limitations; written interspousal agreement; written statement of secretary of social and rehabilitation services; lien authorized, limitations; rules and regulations; increase in dollar amounts based on consumer price index.
39-787 - Division of aggregate income authorized for purpose of determining medical assistance eligibility; conditions and limitations; written interspousal agreement; written statement of secretary of social and rehabilitation services; rules and regulations.
39-788 - Act not in conflict with federal statute or regulation until final determination by federal secretary of health and human services that conflict exists; judicial review of such determination; notification of appropriate committees of legislature.
39-789 - Persons unable to give consent for transfers eligible for assistance under act; court order of maintenance, conservatorship or property and income division required.
39-790 - Court-ordered child support obligation or family maintenance allowance not available income.
39-791 - Application of 39-785 through 39-790 suspended; expiration of section.
39-7,100 - Home and community based services program; definitions; program requirements; demonstration projects.
39-7,100a - Home and community based services; expansion to include services provided under senior care act; funding.
39-7,100b - Individuals with disabilities; reinstatement of eligibility; home and community based services; definitions; rules and regulations.
39-7,101 - Citation of act.
39-7,102 - Definitions.
39-7,103 - Employment and related services for public assistance recipients; responsibility of secretary of social and rehabilitation services; cooperation by state and local agencies; KanWork program; rules and regulations; contracts; monitoring and evaluating program; waivers from program requirements.
39-7,104 - Participation of public assistance recipients in KanWork program; evaluation and screening; performance standards to measure program; period of participation; participant appeal procedure.
39-7,105 - Job preparation, training and education components of KanWork; period of participation; civil service examinations; community service providers, contracts.
39-7,106 - Support service component of KanWork.
39-7,107 - Transitional service component of KanWork.
39-7,108 - KanWork interagency coordinating committee created; appointment of members; terms; meetings; quorum; duties; assistance to committee; compensation and expenses.
39-7,109 - State child care centers; establishment; licensing; children eligible for services; rules and regulations; fees.
39-7,110 - Resident for general assistance motor vehicle must be registered in state.
39-7,112 - Implementation of managed care system to provide medicaid services; contracts; areas of state selected for implementation; waivers; managed care implementation committee; reports; managed care project at university of Kansas medical center terminated.
39-7,116 - Definitions.
39-7,118 - Drug utilization review program.
39-7,119 - Same; medicaid drug utilization review board created; members; terms; chairperson; closed or executive meetings.
39-7,120 - Limitations on restrictions of patient access to prescription-only drugs through prior authorization or restrictive formulary; rules and regulations; factors to consider.
39-7,121 - Electronic pharmacy claims management system; limitations on utilization of system.
39-7,121a - State medicaid preferred drug formulary; advisory committee; evaluation of drugs and drug classes; rebates; discounts and services; review of formulary.
39-7,121b - Limitations on restrictions on medications used to treat mental illness; medications available without restrictions.
39-7,121c - Certain medications not subject to prior authorization.
39-7,121d - Program of differential dispensing fees for certain pharmacies; provisions for differential ingredient cost reimbursement; prescriber's unique identification number.
39-7,121e - Limitation of reimbursement to multisource generic equivalent drugs, when; pharmacists not required to dispense certain drugs.
39-7,122 - Transitional medical care services; period of assistance; copayment requirement.
39-7,123 - State individual assistance support trust fund; agreements with trusts; interest transfers; expenditures and administration; rules and regulations.
39-7,124 - Aid to families with dependent children; no grant payments for unmarried minor who has a child unless residing with parent; exceptions.
39-7,125 - Same; reduction in incremental aid for certain additional children, exception; adjustment to earned income disregard.
39-7,127 - Same; work-and-earn incentive program; waivers from federal program requirements before implementation.
39-7,128 - Same; eligibility determination; exclusion of income earned and saved by minor for educational purposes; rules and regulations.
39-7,129 - Same; compliance with child immunization and vaccination requirements for continuing eligibility for aid.
39-7,130 - Same; requiring waiver applications for certain federal eligibility requirements for two-parent families, women in first month of pregnancy, and children in foster care.
39-7,131 - Same; application for waivers of federal requirements prior to implementation of act.
39-7,132 - Aid to families with dependent children; financial support for persons otherwise eligible for such aid; Kansas income tax credit for corporations; agreement with secretary, use of moneys.
39-7,133 - Severability of act.
39-7,134 - Establishment of system.
39-7,135 - Title IV-D agency designated; maintenance of Kansas payment center for collection and disbursement of support payments; contracts for administration and operation; disposition of certain payments under unclaimed property act.
39-7,136 - Access to information relating to a IV-D case.
39-7,137 - Construction.
39-7,138 - Definitions.
39-7,139 - Powers and remedies of the secretary concerning IV-D services.
39-7,140 - Jurisdiction; service; notice.
39-7,141 - Waiver of rights.
39-7,142 - Administrative orders.
39-7,143 - Same; enforceability.
39-7,144 - Subpoena; service; enforceability.
39-7,145 - Genetic tests.
39-7,146 - Arrearages.
39-7,147 - Income withholding order.
39-7,148 - Same; modification or termination.
39-7,149 - Same; hearing.
39-7,150 - Administrative levy on cash assets.
39-7,151 - Redirecting support payments; assignment; change of payee.
39-7,152 - Execution; arrearages.
39-7,155 - Past due child support or failure to comply with subpoena, restricted driving privileges; certification by secretary; notice; hearing.
39-7,156 - Same; prevention of certification.
39-7,157 - Same; termination of proceedings; issuance of driver's license.
39-7,158 - Agreement between secretary of revenue and secretary of SRS; rules and regulations.
39-7,159 - Comprehensive and coordinated system of long-term care services; cooperation by department on aging, SRS and department of health and environment.
39-7,160 - Joint committee on home and community based services oversight; members; meetings; compensation and expenses.
39-7,161 - Home and community based services savings fund administered by secretary of SRS; certification, transfer and expenditure.
39-7,162 - Home and community based services savings fund administered by secretary of aging; certification, transfer and expenditures.