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2012 Statute

Section Number

40-2201 - Accident and sickness policy; definition.
40-2202 - Same; form of policy; policies issued to nonresidents.
40-2203 - Uniform policy provisions; rules and regulations for filing or submission of policies.
40-2204 - Conforming to statute; construction of policies in conflict.
40-2205 - Statements made in application for policy; effect.
40-2206 - Notice acknowledged by insurer not waiver of rights.
40-2207 - Age; limit; misstatement by insured.
40-2208 - Nonapplication to certain policies.
40-2209 - Group sickness and accident insurance; eligibility for coverage; open enrollment; late enrollment; special enrollment; preexisting conditions; exclusions; renewal or continuation of benefits, exceptions; factors for eligibility; participation requirements designed for groups through negotiations; provisions required in policies; disability income policies with benefits integrated with social security; continued coverage and converted policies, conditions required; excluding or restricting coverage because medicaid benefits available, prohibited; penalties.
40-2209a - Applicability of 1978 amendments to K.S.A. 40-1805, 40-1905 and 40-2209.
40-2209b - Small employer health care plans; purpose of act.
40-2209c - Same; application of act; construction of 40-2209.
40-2209d - Same; definitions.
40-2209e - Same; plans subject to act; certain laws inapplicable to plans; individual policies not subject to act.
40-2209f - Same; prexisting conditions exclusion, waiver; late enrollee exclusion; underwriting and rating; waiting periods; uniform employer coverage eligibility requirements; minimum participation and contribution requirements.
40-2209g - Same; establishment of business classes by carrier; limitation.
40-2209h - Same; rating; transfer of small employer from one business class to another, limitations; suspension of business class and rate limitations.
40-2209i - Same; carrier sales solicitations, disclosures required.
40-2209j - Same; actuarial certification of underwriting and rating compliance.
40-2209m - Same; marketing of coverage; prohibited activities; agents and brokers; written denial of coverage; third-party administrators; treatment of affiliated carriers.
40-2209n - Same; rules and regulations.
40-2209o - Same; violations, penalties.
40-2209p - Same; required coverage for all applying small employers; medical service enrollment, limitations; denial of coverage, when; definitions.
40-2210 - Blanket sickness and accident insurance; payments, when blanket disability income policy is integrated with social security benefits.
40-2211 - Workmen's compensation; insolvency of insured.
40-2212 - Same; notice of injury or death; jurisdiction; lien of employee; payment to employee, agent or dependents.
40-2213 - Prior policy, rider or endorsement.
40-2215 - Forms and premium rates, filing, duties of commissioner; procedure; rules and regulations, violations, penalties.
40-2216 - Purpose of act.
40-2217 - Definitions.
40-2218 - Establishment of benefit standards for accident and sickness policies or subscriber contracts; delivery or issuance of policy or contract not meeting standards prohibited, exceptions; identification of policies and contracts.
40-2219 - Outline of coverage to accompany policy at issuance or to be delivered at time of application; format and contents of outline.
40-2220 - Coverage of loss from pre-existing conditions required, when.
40-2221 - Medicare supplement policies; rules and regulations to establish standards; denial of coverage prohibited, when.
40-2221a - Same; notice required prior to termination; reinstatement.
40-2221b - Same; when provisions of 40-2221a not applicable.
40-2222 - Health coverage; jurisdiction of commissioner; exceptions.
40-2222a - Same; associations not subject to jurisdiction of commissioner to provide applicants with written notice of nature of coverage.
40-2222b - Same; premium tax, rate, computation, return and payment.
40-2223 - Same; examination; subject to insurance laws.
40-2224 - Same; disclosure to purchaser required.
40-2225 - Long-term care insurance; name and citation of act.
40-2226 - Same; application and construction of act.
40-2227 - Same; definitions.
40-2228 - Same; rules and regulations; prohibitions; preexisting condition provisions; delivery of outline of coverage upon application required.
40-2228a - Long-term care policies and certificates; reinstatement of lapsed policies or certificates due to cognitive impairment or loss of functional capacity.
40-2228b - Same; notice of lapse or termination; designation of person in addition to applicant to receive notice, waiver; change of designation.
40-2228c - Same; payment of premiums through payroll or pension deduction plan; requirements under 40-2228b; application or enrollment form.
40-2228d - Same; lapse or termination of policy or certificate; requirements; notice.
40-2228e - Same; reinstatement, conditions.
40-2228f - Long-term care insurance prompt payment act; effective date.
40-2228g - Same; definitions.
40-2228h - Same; claims; procedures; rules and regulations.
40-2229 - Mammogram and pap smear coverage; policies to which mandated coverage applicable.
40-2230 - Same; when reimbursement or indemnification required; deductibles, coinsurance and other limitations permissible.
40-2231 - Continuing care contracts; definitions.
40-2232 - Same; provider's annual disclosure statement; contents; requirement to furnish.
40-2233 - Same; annual disclosure statement, contract and annual audit; filing with commissioner.
40-2234 - Same; providing form to commissioner; contents and attachments.
40-2235 - Same; certificate of registration, application, fee, renewal.
40-2237 - Same; change of ownership or management of provider or home.
40-2238 - Same; rules and regulations.
40-2239 - Small employer health benefit plans; definitions.
40-2240 - Same; establishment; assistance by commissioner.
40-2241 - Same; contracts with carriers; coverage options; application of 40-2209 and 40-2215.
40-2242 - Same; qualification for employer participation.
40-2243 - Same; employee and employer contributions; employee's enrollment in multiple options; enrollment not required, when; payroll deductions.
40-2246 - Same; employer income tax credit for corporations, computation of amount, reduction of deductions, election to claim, refunds; no inclusion of employer expenses in employee income; application date.
40-2247 - Same; exemption from insurance premium tax.
40-2248 - Mandated health benefits; impact report to be submitted prior to legislative consideration.
40-2249 - Same; contents.
40-2249a - Same; state employee group pilot project for new mandated health benefits.
40-2250 - Insurance coverage to include reimbursement for services performed by advanced practice registered nurses.
40-2251 - Statistical plan for recording and reporting premiums and loss and expense experience by accident and health insurers; compilation and dissemination; department of health and environment to serve as statistical agent; assessments; penalties for failure to report.
40-2252 - Same; rules and regulations.
40-2253 - Universal accident and sickness insurance claim forms, design and use; acceptance of claims by insurer; uniform electronic data interchange formats and standards.
40-2254 - Group accident and sickness insurance; extension of payment of benefits.
40-2255 - Accident and sickness insurance; closing block of business, when.
40-2256 - Health benefit plan.
40-2257 - Individual policies; renewal or continuation of coverage; exceptions; discontinuance of policy; definitions.
40-2258 - Group policies; mental illness, alcoholism, drug abuse or substance use disorder; limitations; exceptions; definitions.
40-2259 - Genetic screening or testing; prohibiting the use of; exceptions; restrictions.
40-2260 - Group health benefit plan option to establish premium only cafeteria plan.
40-2261 - Employer providing certain health insurance coverage may offer cafeteria plan; employer not restricted in providing such benefits or coverage; definitions.