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2012 Statute

Section Number

56-1a01 - Title of act.
56-1a,101 - Definitions.
56-1a,102 - Name.
56-1a,103 - Reservation of name.
56-1a,104 - Registered office and resident agent.
56-1a,105 - Service of process on domestic limited partnerships.
56-1a,106 - Nature of business.
56-1a,107 - Business transactions of partner with the partnership.
56-1a,108 - Filing instruments by telefacsimile communications.
56-1a,151 - Certificate of limited partnership.
56-1a,152 - Amendment to certificate.
56-1a,153 - Cancellation of certificate.
56-1a,154 - Execution of certificate.
56-1a,155 - Failure or refusal to execute certificate; court to order execution.
56-1a,156 - Filing certificate.
56-1a,157 - Liability for false statement in certificate.
56-1a,158 - Notice of limited partnership.
56-1a,159 - Delivery of certificate to limited partners.
56-1a,160 - Restated or amended and restated certificate of limited partnership.
56-1a,201 - Admission of additional limited partners.
56-1a,202 - Rights, powers and duties of classes or groups of limited partners provided in partnership agreement; voting rights of limited partners.
56-1a,203 - Liability of limited partners to third parties.
56-1a,204 - Person erroneously believing self to be limited partner.
56-1a,205 - Limited partner's right to information.
56-1a,251 - Admission of additional general partners.
56-1a,252 - Cessation of person as general partner, when.
56-1a,253 - General partners' powers and liabilities.
56-1a,254 - Contributions by general partners.
56-1a,255 - Rights, powers and duties of classes or groups of general partners provided in partnership agreement; voting rights of general partners.
56-1a,301 - Form of contribution.
56-1a,302 - Liability for contributions.
56-1a,303 - Allocation of profits and losses.
56-1a,304 - Allocation of distributions of cash or other assets.
56-1a,351 - Interim distributions.
56-1a,352 - Withdrawal of general partner.
56-1a,353 - Withdrawal of limited partner.
56-1a,354 - Distribution upon withdrawal.
56-1a,355 - Distribution in kind.
56-1a,356 - Right to distribution.
56-1a,357 - Limitations on distributions.
56-1a,358 - Liability upon return of contribution.
56-1a,401 - Nature of partnership interest.
56-1a,402 - Assignment of partnership interest.
56-1a,403 - Rights of creditors.
56-1a,404 - Right of assignee to become limited partner.
56-1a,405 - Power of estate of deceased or incompetent partner.
56-1a,451 - Dissolution.
56-1a,452 - Judicial dissolution.
56-1a,453 - Winding up.
56-1a,454 - Distribution of assets.
56-1a,501 - Law governing.
56-1a,502 - Registration.
56-1a,503 - Issuance of registration.
56-1a,504 - Name; registered office and resident agent.
56-1a,505 - Changes and amendments.
56-1a,506 - Cancellation of registration.
56-1a,507 - Doing business without registration.
56-1a,508 - Same; injunction.
56-1a,509 - Execution and liability.
56-1a,510 - Service of process.
56-1a,511 - Activities which do not constitute doing business for foreign limited partnership.
56-1a,551 - Right of action.
56-1a,552 - Proper plaintiff.
56-1a,553 - Pleading.
56-1a,554 - Expenses.
56-1a,601 - Construction and application.
56-1a,602 - Severability.
56-1a,603 - Effective date.
56-1a,604 - Rules for cases not provided for in this act.
56-1a,605 - Fees.
56-1a,606 - Limited partnerships, domestic; annual report; annual report fee.
56-1a,607 - Foreign limited partnerships; annual report; annual report fee.
56-1a,608 - Limited partnerships; first annual report and annual report fee.
56-1a,610 - Applications for extension of time for filing income tax return; confidentiality, exceptions.