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2012 Statute

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58-2531.Leasing of farm lands; provisions in certain contracts enumerated.

Whereas, Much farming land in this state is owned by persons or corporations for money rent as the sole business of the owners, the rentals of said lands being evidenced and secured by written lease contracts obligating the tenants to pay as rent therefor large sums of money fully equal to the fair and reasonable rental value of the land without any other or further rental obligation on the tenants' part; and

Whereas, Said lease contracts contain requirements obligating the tenants in addition to the payment of said agreed rental to pay to the landlord all taxes or assessments of every kind or nature levied or assessed upon said leased land, and if not paid promptly when due the amount thereof to be added to the agreed rent proper, such unpaid taxes and assessments thenceforth to bear large interest rates until paid, the whole of said rent, taxes, assessments, and interest to be carried forward and added to the like amounts payable during the succeeding years of the tenancy, and extensions thereof; and

Whereas, Said lease contracts contain the further requirements that all rent inclusive of said taxes, assessments, and interest shall constitute a lien on all crops growing or made on the leased land during the tenancy or extension thereof, and likewise on all teams, farming implements, and machinery owned by the tenant and used by the tenant on the land during the lease period, that said lease may be filed as a chattel mortgage, and further that before July first, on the landlord's demand, the tenant shall execute a chattel mortgage proper, as additional security for the payment of the rent for the current year; and

Whereas, At the original leasing of said lands they were without buildings, fences, or other improvements necessary to farm tillage, the tenant and all succeeding tenants obligating themselves in said lease contracts to erect or make all buildings, fences, and other like improvements necessary to the efficient cultivation of the land, the landlord thereof making no improvements nor obligating himself or herself to do so, but reserving to himself or herself a lien on all improvements made by the tenant and only allowing the removal of any such on the termination of the tenancy and full payment of all rent, taxes, assessments, and interest as aforesaid, and the performance of all other obligations of the lease; and

Whereas, Many other burdensome and laborious requirements on the tenants' part are contained in said lease contracts, such as pulling up, cleaning out and destroying all burrs, thistles and other weeds on the land and the public roads bounding the same; mowing or plowing all lands sown to small grain the preceding season, cultivating, protecting and maintaining hedge rows, fences, fruit and other trees growing on the land, by the first of August; and by the first of October cleaning, plowing, scraping and digging out all ditches and drains; and by the first of January trimming all hedges and burning the brush thereof; and in default of the performances named by the time stated pay to the landlord seventy-five cents per rod for the ditches and drains, twenty-five cents per rod for the hedges, two dollars per acre for land left in burrs or weeds, and one dollar per acre for stubble land not mowed or plowed; such sums of stipulated damage to be added to the rent of the land as though a part thereof; and

Whereas, Many restrictions and requirements on the tenants' right to cultivate the kinds of crops to be grown on the lands are dictated to the tenant in said lease contracts which embarrass him or her in earning the stipulated money rental, for failure to comply with which a further money payment per acre is charged as rent. It is expressly provided in said lease contracts that the tenant shall not allow grain stalks grown on the land to be eaten by the tenants' animals, the landlord reserving such grain stalks to himself or herself; and as a further burden on the tenant and as a further security to the landlord the tenants are made to waive the benefit of the exemption, valuation and appraisement laws of the state.

History: L. 1933, ch. 233, § 1; June 5.

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