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2012 Statute


74-7031.Architecture; exemptions from requirements for licensure or certification; definitions. The provisions of K.S.A. 74-7001 et seq., and amendments thereto, requiring licensure or the issuance of a certificate of authorization under K.S.A. 74-7036, and amendments thereto, to engage in the practice of architecture shall not be construed to prevent or to affect:

(a) The practice of any person engaging in the publication of books or pamphlets illustrating architectural designs.

(b) Persons preparing plans, drawings or specifications for one and two family dwellings or for agricultural buildings.

(c) Persons furnishing, individually or with subcontractors, labor and materials, with or without plans, drawings, specifications, instruments of service, or other data concerning the labor and materials to be used for any of the following as long as the utilization of the uniform building code or life safety code, as currently adopted by the division of architectural services of the state of Kansas, is not required:

(1) Store fronts or facades, interior alterations or additions, fixtures, cabinet work, furniture, appliances or other equipment;

(2) work necessary to provide for installation of any item designated in subsection (c)(1);

(3) alterations or additions to a building necessary to or attendant upon installation of any item designated in subsection (c)(1), if the alteration or addition does not change or affect the structural system of the building, which structural system includes, but is not limited to, foundations, walls, floors, roofs, footings, bearing partitions, beams, columns or joists.

(d) Work involving matters of rates, rating and loss prevention by employees of insurance rating organizations and insurance service organizations and insurance companies and agencies.

(e) The performance of services by a licensed landscape architect or business entity issued a certificate of authorization to provide services in landscape architecture under K.S.A. 74-7036, and amendments thereto, in connection with landscape and site planning for the sites, approaches or environment for buildings, structures or facilities.

(f) For the purposes of this section:

(1) "Building" means any structure consisting of foundation, floors, walls, columns, girders, beams and roof, or a combination of any number of these parts, with or without other parts and appurtenances thereto, including the structural, mechanical and electrical systems utility services, and other facilities as may be required for the structure.

(2) "Agricultural building" means any structure designed and constructed to house hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other horticultural products and for farm storage of farming implements. Such structure shall not be a place for human habitation or a place of employment where agricultural products are processed, treated or packaged; nor shall it be a building or structure for use by the public.

History: L. 1978, ch. 326, § 23; L. 1980, ch. 244, § 10; L. 1992, ch. 240, § 20; L. 2009, ch. 94, § 11; July 1.