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2012 Statute

Section Number

75-701 - Oath, filing.
75-702 - Duties and responsibilities; authority to prosecute.
75-703 - Prosecution on official bonds or contracts; civil and criminal actions.
75-704 - Aid to county attorneys; opinions.
75-704a - Opinions; filing requirements; headings; synopsis.
75-705 - Drafts for contracts, forms and writings; reports to legislature.
75-705a - State board of education defined.
75-706 - Payments of moneys into treasury.
75-707 - Register of actions.
75-708 - Performance of other duties required by law.
75-709 - Accounting for fees and moneys.
75-710 - Assistants and employees; powers and duties.
75-711 - Kansas bureau of investigation; establishment; director and other personnel.
75-712 - Same; powers and duties; criminal information records; availability of information collected; background investigations, contents, reports.
75-712b - Same; missing and unidentified person system.
75-712c - Same; reports of missing persons; duties of law enforcement agencies.
75-712d - Same; missing and unidentified person information clearinghouse.
75-712e - Purchase of insurance for aircraft owned by Kansas bureau of investigation authorized.
75-712f - Report of missing person required, when; notice of person's return.
75-712g - Report of unidentified person or human remains; duties of law enforcement agency and coroner; disposal of remains.
75-712h - Director authorized to adopt rules and regulations for preliminary screening devices for testing of saliva for law enforcement purposes.
75-714 - Public officer; appointment or qualifications contrary to law; ouster proceedings; duty of attorney general.
75-715 - Disposition of recoveries in civil actions for antitrust law violations; attorney general's antitrust special revenue fund created.
75-716 - Authorized uses of moneys in attorney general's antitrust special revenue fund.
75-717 - Transfer of assets and liabilities to attorney general's antitrust special revenue fund; antecedent fund abolished.
75-718 - Appointment of special assistant attorney general to investigate matters relating to certain capital improvement projects at the university of Kansas medical center; powers and duties thereof.
75-719 - Collection of debts owed to courts or restitution; duties of attorney general; contracts for collection.
75-720 - Child exchange and visitation centers; duties of the attorney general; child exchange and visitation centers fund.
75-721 - Statewide drug abuse resistance education (D.A.R.E.) coordinator; duties.
75-722 - Kansas bureau of investigation; consultation concerning drug trends; report to legislature.
75-723 - Abuse, neglect and exploitation unit; confidentiality of investigations; reports forwarded to unit; report to legislature; rules and regulations; prohibition on use of funds; contracting.
75-724 - DNA database fee; DNA database fee fund; expenditures.
75-725 - Medicaid fraud and abuse division in the office of the attorney general.
75-726 - Access to records by the attorney general.
75-750 - Fees for review and examination of transcripts for municipal bond issues; bond transcript review fee fund.
75-751 - Prosecution challenging the constitutionality of provisions of the personal responsibility and work opportunity act.
75-752 - Authorizing transfers between certain funds of the attorney general.
75-753 - Complaints regarding Kansas open records act and Kansas open meetings act; duties.
75-754 - Kansas silver alert plan; purpose and procedure.
75-755 - Rules and regulations to carry out special sentencing provisions for domestic violence offenders.