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2012 Statute

Section Number

75-7c01 - Personal and family protection act; citation of act.
75-7c02 - Definitions.
75-7c03 - License to carry concealed handgun; issuance; form; display on demand of law enforcement officer; reciprocity.
75-7c04 - Same; disqualifications; handgun safety and training course.
75-7c05 - Same; application; fees; fingerprints; sheriff's report; criminal history records report; issuance or denial of license; requirements for retired law enforcement officers.
75-7c06 - Same; records related to licenses, disclosure; address change or loss or destruction of license, requirements.
75-7c07 - Same; denial, revocation or suspension; change of residency.
75-7c08 - Same; renewal; fees; permanent expiration, when.
75-7c09 - False statements, warning on application.
75-7c10 - Same; restrictions on carrying concealed handgun on certain property; exceptions; penalties for violations.
75-7c12 - Carrying concealed handgun while under influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited; evidence; testing; revocation of license, when.
75-7c13 - Concealed handgun licensure fund; uses of moneys.
75-7c14 - County law enforcement equipment fund; uses of moneys.
75-7c15 - Liability insurance, persons conducting handgun safety and training courses.
75-7c16 - Rules and regulations; annual report.
75-7c17 - Legislative findings regarding uniform standards for licensing and regulation; certain local ordinances and resolutions inapplicable to licensees; limitations on authority of attorney general; liberal construction of act.
75-7c18 - Severability.
75-7c19 - United States, district and county attorneys, attorney general and assistants; licensure and training requirements.
75-7c25 - Orders of involuntary commitment for treatment of mental illness or alcohol or substance abuse; entry in certain databases; possession of firearms prohibited, when.
75-7c26 - Discharge of person involuntarily committed for treatment for mental illness or alcohol or substance abuse; restoration of ability to legally possess firearm, when.
75-7c27 - Petition for relief of firearm prohibitions; procedure.