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2012 Statute

Section Number

75-3701 - Definitions.
75-3702a - Secretary of administration; appointment and confirmation; creation and administration of the department of administration; application of K-GOAL.
75-3702b - Same; transfer of existing powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders, directives and rules and regulations.
75-3702c - Employees; appointment by secretary; classified civil service; exception.
75-3702d - Transition; preservation of civil rights of action and proceedings; criminal actions not to abate.
75-3702e - Same; transfer of employees; rights preserved.
75-3702f - Same; transfer of property and records.
75-3702g - Same; governor to resolve conflicts.
75-3702i - Severability of 1972 department of administration act.
75-3702j - Organization of department; delegation of powers and duties.
75-3702k - Transfer of powers and duties of Kansas, Inc., its board, president and chief executive officer to the secretary of commerce.
75-3702l - Transfer of real property of Kansas, Inc.
75-3702m - Transfer of records of Kansas, Inc.
75-3702n - Transfer of funds of Kansas, Inc.
75-3702o - Resolution of conflicts in transfers from Kansas, Inc.
75-3702p - Preservation of civil rights of actions and proceedings involving Kansas, Inc.; criminal actions involving Kansas, Inc. not to abate.
75-3703 - Secretary to have custody of records; seal; copies of records.
75-3705a - Attorneys for department; appointment; unclassified; chief attorney.
75-3706 - Rules and regulations; procedure for adoption and approval.
75-3707 - Functions of department in general.
75-3707e - Security conditions of employment, persons with access to data, telecommunications or other security-sensitive areas.
75-3707f - Surplus property programs; transfer of powers; duties of secretary of administration; rules and regulations; succession to property, property rights and records; no effect on pending suit, action or proceeding; fund balances, liability for accrued compensation or salaries transferred; conflicts resolved by governor.
75-3708 - Membership of state finance council; chairperson; secretary.
75-3709 - Vacancies in office.
75-3710 - Meetings; compensation and expenses; notice and agenda of meetings to certain state officers and members of legislature; copies of minutes.
75-3711 - Division of powers between governor and state finance council; voting on matters of legislative delegation; absentee voting procedure, when; application of guidelines.
75-3711a - Receipt and expenditure of grants and moneys from federal or state agencies or other sources not otherwise authorized by law; approval of finance council; guidelines; limitation on commitments.
75-3711b - Same; approval unnecessary for certain contracts between state educational institutions and state agencies or if otherwise authorized by law; copies of such contracts filed with legislative research department.
75-3711c - Division of powers between governor and state finance council; guidelines for exercise of certain powers; matters declared to be legislative delegations or executive functions.
75-3712 - State emergency fund; use; transfers from general fund and special revenue funds for balance insufficiencies.
75-3713 - Same; authorization of expenditures; purposes.
75-3713a - Same; loans or grants to political subdivisions for certain purposes; expenditure authorization.
75-3713b - State emergency fund; certain national guard entitlements and mutual assistance compact expenses; legislative delegation, guidelines.
75-3713c - State emergency fund; expenditures relating to defects in design or construction of state buildings authorized; legislative delegation, guidelines.
75-3713d - Same; moneys dedicated as self-insurance fund for state fair grandstand; expenditures authorized, limitations; transfers to state fair capital improvements fund.
75-3713e - County business restoration program; assistance payments for May 4, 2007, tornado-damaged businesses; purposes; implementation and administration by secretary of revenue.
75-3714 - Same; minutes; public inspection.
75-3714a - Director of the budget; creation and administration of the division of the budget.
75-3714b - Same; transfer of existing powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders and directives.
75-3715 - Powers and duties of the director of the budget.
75-3715a - Fiscal notes for certain legislative bills.
75-3715b - Fiscal notes for certain legislative bills regarding benefits under the Kansas public employees retirement system, requirements.
75-3716 - Budget preparation; forms; information.
75-3717 - Budget estimates of state agencies; biennial basis for certain agencies.
75-3717a - Provisions of 46-1210, 75-3717 and 75-3721 not limitation on prerogative of executive department or legislature.
75-3717b - Capital improvement budget estimates; contents; submission; five-year programs and plans; form and content; exception, certain projects.
75-3717c - College of veterinary medicine at Kansas state university separate state agency for purpose of preparation of governor's budget report and related legislative measures; title for such purpose.
75-3717d - Extension systems and agricultural research programs of Kansas state university separate state agency for purpose of governor's budget report and related legislative measures; title for such purpose.
75-3718 - Continuous budget planning; revision; notice and hearing; judicial branch budget estimate not subject to revision.
75-3718a - Chairperson or representative of senate ways and means and house appropriations committees entitled to attend hearings on tentative budget; compensation and expense allowances.
75-3719 - Incoming governor to receive assistance, information, staff and facilities relating to budget; attendance at budget hearings; compensation and expenses of incoming governor.
75-3720 - Governor's budget report; printing; availability to public.
75-3721 - Governor's budget report; contents; submission to legislature; children's budget document; Kansas homeland security budget document.
75-3722 - Application of allotment system; notice; appeal to finance council.
75-3723 - Same; annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly statements of funds available.
75-3724 - Same; allotment estimates.
75-3725 - Allotment plans and information to be available to director of accounts and reports.
75-3725a - Certificates of indebtedness; procedure and conditions for issuance; redemption.
75-3726a - Transfer of items of appropriation.
75-3726b - Transfer of certain items of appropriation; attorney general.
75-3727a - Director of accounts and reports; creation and administration of the division of accounts and reports.
75-3727b - Same; transfer of existing powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders and directives.
75-3728 - Accounting system; records and forms.
75-3728a - Write-off of accounts receivable and taxes receivable by state agencies; definitions.
75-3728b - Write-off of accounts and taxes receivable; procedure; authorization; write-offs assigned to director of accounts and reports, information, collection; disposition of proceeds; reinstatement of certain accounts receivable under employment security law.
75-3728c - Write-off of accounts and taxes receivable by state agencies; summary of write-offs to legislative post audit committee; rules and regulations.
75-3728d - Same; act governs write-offs after July 1, 1974; exception.
75-3728e - Canteens, work therapy projects and benefit funds at state institutions; definitions.
75-3728f - Same; funds; procedures for establishing and operating; moneys deposited in interest-bearing accounts; post audit.
75-3728g - Same; budget of institution; profits, disposition.
75-3728j - Receivables accounting system; records and forms.
75-3729 - Property of state; inventory records; periodic verification.
75-3730 - Obligations; how incurred and paid.
75-3731 - Examination and payment of bills, claims, refunds and other demands on state funds, authority of director of accounts and reports; payroll processing procedures; audit of receipt documents.
75-3731a - Official hospitality; limitations on expenditures by executive branch agencies.
75-3732 - Payment of claims, procedure.
75-3734 - Federal funds received by state agencies.
75-3735 - Fiscal reporting and statistics.
75-3736 - Reports by state and county agencies.
75-3737 - Photographic copies of or reproduction of records; destruction of originals; evidence in judicial or administrative proceedings.
75-3737a - Director of purchases; creation and administration of the division of purchases.
75-3737b - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders and directives.
75-3738 - Powers and duties of the director of purchases.
75-3739 - Competitive bids, exceptions; bidding procedures; reports of purchases without bids, waivers of bid solicitation publication and delegations of purchasing authority; highway contracts exemption; state agency contracts exemption; prior approval of real property leases.
75-3739a - Reverse auctioning electronic procurement process.
75-3740 - Competitive bids; price preferences; building contracts; bid records. [See Revisor's Note]
75-3740a - State and local government contracts; bidders domiciled in other states.
75-3740b - Purchase of recycled paper; requirements; price preference.
75-3740c - Procurement practices, recycled products.
75-3740d - Competitive bids; bid preferences; certified business employing individuals with disabilities; reports to legislature; rules and regulations; building contracts; bid records; definitions. [See Revisor's Note]
75-3741 - Buildings, major repairs or improvements; competitive bids on all or separate portions of projects, procedures, determinations; subcontractors; prime contractors; award of contracts; standard contracts; rules and regulations; project supervision; change orders; collusive or combined bids.
75-3741a - Same; change orders, negotiation or bidding.
75-3741b - Same; negotiation for projects of $10,000 or less; reports.
75-3741c - Same; exemption from local building codes, permits and fees and certain zoning fees; use of other political subdivision code review or inspection services.
75-3742 - Same; assistance in preparing written program statements.
75-3743 - Attorney general to approve certain contracts; filing of copies; requisition forms.
75-3744 - Execution and approval of contracts.
75-3744a - Requirements for purchase of motor-vehicle fuels by state agencies.
75-3745c - Director of personnel services; creation and administration of division of personnel services.
75-3745d - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders and directives.
75-3745e - Same; rights saved in legal actions and proceedings.
75-3745f - Same; certain officers and employees transferred to new division; civil service and retirement benefits preserved.
75-3745g - Same; resolution of conflicts concerning disposition of powers, duties, functions, appropriations, property, records; determination by governor.
75-3745h - Same; accrued compensation or salaries; liability.
75-3746 - Director of personnel services; powers and duties.
75-3747 - Powers and duties of secretary of administration; agreements with state agencies, adjutant general.
75-3749 - State department of civil service; transfer of powers and duties of.
75-3762 - Custody and care of certain state-owned buildings and grounds.
75-3763 - Maintenance, repair and upkeep of state buildings by secretary of administration; approval of legislative coordinating council in certain cases.
75-3764 - Cleaning, repair, alteration and beautification of buildings.
75-3765 - Assignment of certain space and facilities for state agencies; rental charges; building space utilization plans; database of state agency building and storage space; annual reports to joint committee on state building construction.
75-3765a - Assignment of space and facilities in the state capitol building; offices outside of capitol to be provided for certain occupants.
75-3765b - Office space for state agencies in nonstate-owned buildings and facilities; powers of secretary of administration; lease negotiation service fees.
75-3766 - State office building space rental.
75-3768 - Disposition of parking rental charges.
75-3773 - Utility services for state buildings under management of secretary of administration.
75-3776 - Certain powers, duties and functions of director of architectural services transferred to secretary of administration; preservation of orders, directives and rules and regulations.
75-3777 - Same; transfer of officers and employees; rights preserved.
75-3778 - Same; governor to resolve conflicts; transfer of property and records.
75-3779 - Same; preservation of civil rights of action and proceedings; criminal actions preserved.
75-3780 - State building advisory commission; attached to department of administration; membership, ex officio and appointed; qualifications; terms.
75-3781 - Same; compensation and expenses.
75-3782 - Same; meetings; quorum.
75-3783 - State capital improvement projects; powers and duties of secretary of administration, advice of state building advisory commission; construction data; design and construction standards; evaluation criteria; stop work orders; standards for inspection and acceptance of projects and for inspectors.
75-3784 - Same; ancillary technical services; contracts; exemption from certain statutes.
75-3785 - Construction defects recovery fund; authorized expenditures, approval.
75-3789 - Penalties for violations of act.
75-3790 - Sale of certain lands, salt deposits and interests therein.
75-3791 - Same; duties of executive director; appraisal; bids.
75-3792 - Same; abstract of title; deed.
75-3793 - Same; deeds and contracts, duties of director, secretary of state and attorney general.
75-3794 - Same; payment of expenses of sale.
75-3798 - State agency unemployment claims auditing; fund; powers and duties of secretary of administration; fees.
75-3799 - Financial services for state agencies; procedures for acquisition; negotiating committee.
75-37-100 - Contracts for collection of charge credit card tickets accepted by state agencies; procedures and limitations.
75-37-101 - Certificate of participation financing; purpose; authorization and approval.
75-37-102 - Procurement negotiating committees, services or technical products; composition; powers; notice and procedures; bidding and open meeting exemptions; reports to legislative coordinating council and committees.
75-37-103 - Debarment of state contractors.
75-37-104 - Prequalification of state contractors.
75-37-105 - Employee award and recognition program; rules and regulations; state employee suggestion program; monetary or non-monetary awards; multiple employee suggestions; monetary award limitations.
75-37-111 - Definitions.
75-37-112 - Financing agreements, contents; payments; prior consultation and approval of projects.
75-37-113 - Energy conservation improvement fund; administration; transfers to and expenditures from; budget adjustments.
75-37-114 - Approval of improvements under act; limitation.
75-37-115 - Kansas quality program; state employee incentives; procedures; guidelines; quality awards, basis and limitations; rules and regulations.
75-37-116 - Definitions.
75-37-117 - Purpose and administration of program.
75-37-118 - Loan fund.
75-37-119 - Loan agreements; terms; forms; considerations; collection procedures.
75-37-121 - Office of administrative hearings; presiding officers; director, duties of; rules and regulations; required utilization of presiding officers; personnel transfers. [See Revisor's Note]
75-37-121a - Office of administrative hearings; presiding officers; director, duties of; rules and regulations; required utilization of presiding officers; personnel transfers. [See Revisor's Note]
75-37-123 - Topeka state hospital property; defined; control and custody; operation, maintenance, lease and sale; conditions and restrictions; ad valorem tax exemption; advisory committee.
75-37-124 - Topeka state hospital cemetery memorial; establishment; gifts; fund.
75-37-125 - Energy conservation measure, financing; prior approval of plans and projects; definitions.
75-37-126 - Definitions.
75-37-127 - Rules and regulations relating to minimum energy efficiency standards for certain products purchased by state agencies.
75-37-128 - Rules and regulations concerning energy audits for state-owned real property and leased real property.
75-37-129 - Energy conservation measures; promotion of program by state corporation commission.
75-37-129a - Rules and regulations relating to energy efficiency performance standards for state-owned buildings.
75-37-130 - Professional services sunshine act; citation.
75-37-131 - Same; definitions.
75-37-132 - Same; contract negotiation requirements; exceptions.
75-37-133 - Same; expenditure of grant funds.
75-37-134 - Same; use of federal funds.
75-37-135 - Same; legal services; submission to legislative budget committee, when; contingency fees, factors to consider.
75-37-141 - Alternative project delivery building construction procurement act; citation.
75-37-142 - Same; definitions.
75-37-143 - Same; state building advisory commission authorized to institute alternative project delivery program; acquisition of information from potential contractors; determination of project appropriateness; notices and public hearing regarding program request; rules and regulations.
75-37-144 - Same; construction management at-risk project delivery procedures.
75-37-145 - Same; building design-build project delivery procedures.
75-37-146 - Same; recordation and publication of bidder information.
75-37-147 - Same; act not applicable to certain projects.