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2012 Statute


75-5501.Formulation, installation and operation of system of payroll accounting; system elements and principles; modification for biweekly payroll periods; plan for deductions for certain employee organization and association dues. (a) The director of accounts and reports shall formulate a system of payroll accounting, including timekeeping, payroll calculation and pay distribution (delivery) and labor cost distribution and analysis, and shall install and operate such system of payroll accounting for all state agencies. The system shall include provision for centralized records, which shall include payroll data for all individuals which with the common law employer-employee relationship is created by agencies of the state of Kansas and which shall be coordinated with records maintained by the division of personnel services and other state agencies. If biweekly payroll periods are established under K.S.A. 75-5501a, the system of payroll accounting shall be modified to implement such biweekly payroll periods. State agencies shall utilize the system of payroll accounting to the extent prescribed by the director of accounts and reports, and shall submit such reports and statements as may be required by the director in order to carry out the provisions of this act. The director of accounts and reports shall design, revise and direct the use of records and procedures and prescribe classifications of coding payroll data, methods of funding labor cost through the central payroll account and a system of prepayment and postpayment debit and credit transactions and entries on the records created from payroll data and the necessary forms to be used by all state agencies in connection with such system of payroll accounting. The payroll system so designed shall include generally accepted accounting principles of internal check, and may include timekeeping for attendance and performance, as prescribed in this act.

(b) The director of accounts and reports shall provide, as a part of the system of payroll accounting, a plan for the deduction from the salary or wages of an amount equal to regular membership dues for state officers and employees who are members of the Kansas troopers association or who are in any employee organization which has filed an annual report pursuant to K.S.A. 75-4337 or which has a business agent registered pursuant to K.S.A. 75-4336. Such plan, in addition to such provisions as are negotiated by the director of accounts and reports and the employee organization, shall provide for:

(1) A written authorization-assignment by a state officer or employee prior to any dues deduction from the salary or wages of such officer or employee, which authorization-assignment shall remain effective for not less than 180 days and shall be terminated at any time thereafter upon 30 days' prior notice by the state officer or employee of termination of the authorization-assignment;

(2) change in the amount of regular membership dues to be deducted, but not more often than twice in any fiscal year;

(3) renewal of an authorization-assignment by an officer or employee after termination of a prior authorization-assignment upon 90 days' prior notice by the officer or employee who has terminated a membership dues deduction; and

(4) payment of all moneys deducted each payroll period pursuant to this section to the employee organization less the amount of actual direct expenses incurred by this state for the membership dues deduction.

History: L. 1974, ch. 390, § 1; L. 1975, ch. 452, § 1; L. 1978, ch. 373, § 3; L. 1978, ch. 350, § 13; L. 1980, ch. 264, §1; L. 1981, ch. 354, § 1; July 1.