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2012 Statute

Section Number

75-7403 - Secretary of health and environment; policies; rules and regulations; contracts; advisory committees.
75-7404 - Department of health and envoronment; coordinated health policy agenda; purpose of powers, duties and functions.
75-7405 - Statewide health policy agenda; reports to legislature; timeline for assumption of powers, duties and functions; plans and recommendations; submission to legislature.
75-7408 - Powers, duties and functions, exceptions.
75-7409 - State plan for medical assistance, designated agency; cooperation with federal government.
75-7410 - State plan for medical assistance and services without federal participation.
75-7411 - Contracts with state and local government agencies; delegation, exceptions.
75-7412 - Health program policies; rules and regulations; duties; reports; contracts; budget requests; grants; advisory and policy coordination bodies.
75-7413 - Transfer of powers, duties and functions to department of health and environment.
75-7423 - Medicaid and health care reform duties, outcomes.
75-7424 - Same; health care finance reform options; reports; policy analysis and development; federal funding; reinsurance.
75-7425 - Same; insurance department study and report; legislative interim study.
75-7426 - Same; third party liability under medicaid.
75-7427 - Same; office of inspector general; duties and powers; investigation of fraud, waste, abuse and illegal acts; reports and records.
75-7429 - Medical home delivery system; "medical home" defined; duties of department of health and environment and Kansas state employees health care commission.
75-7430 - Secretary of health and environment to implement and expand certain programs subject to appropriations.
75-7433 - Association assistance plan; association assistance plan fund.
75-7434 - Health care reform act of 2008.
75-7435 - Quality care assessments for skilled nursing care facilities; imposition and administration by department of health and environment; rules and regulations; collection and disposition; quality care fund; authorized uses; conditions and limitations; quality care improvement panel; expiration of statute.
75-7436 - Waiver provider assessments for developmental disability home and community based services waiver programs; imposition and administration by department of health and environment; rules and regulations; collection and dispositions; quality based community assessment fund; authorized uses; conditions and limitations; expiration of statute.