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2012 Statute

Section Number

76-12a01 - Definitions.
76-12a02 - Superintendents; appointment; salary; acting superintendents.
76-12a03 - Physicians; appointment; salary; assignments.
76-12a04 - Staff personnel of mental health and developmental disabilities.
76-12a05 - Employees of institutions; appointment; class of service.
76-12a06 - Authority over and supervision of institutions.
76-12a07 - Rules and regulations; operation of institutions; admissions.
76-12a08 - Special projects; acceptance of grants; receipt and expenditure of moneys; personnel appointments; salaries.
76-12a09 - Frequency of remittances.
76-12a10 - Medical reports of patients or former patients of institutions; form of release; fees, approval; rules and regulations; disposition of fee moneys.
76-12a11 - Definitions.
76-12a12 - Operation of vehicles upon roads, streets, driveways and parking facilities; permits for parking.
76-12a13 - Regulation of traffic and parking; fines; judicial review.
76-12a14 - Application of city ordinances to streets and grounds; agreement with city; violations.
76-12a15 - Parking fees; disposition of fees and fines; parking fee and fine fund.
76-12a16 - Security police officers; employment; powers of peace, police and law enforcement; classified civil service; rules and regulations concerning badges.
76-12a17 - Security police officers; training; certification.
76-12a22 - Definitions.
76-12a23 - Substance abuse programs at state institutions; establishment, administration, supervision, maintenance and operation thereof; rules and regulations.
76-12a24 - Use of buildings and land for placement of persons in custody of secretary of corrections; supervision and security; agreements.
76-12a25 - Key deposit funds; procedures; disposition of interest; post audit; rules and regulations.
76-12a30 - Care and treatment of drug and alcohol abusers; definitions.
76-12a31 - Same; admission to certain state institutions prohibited, exceptions; public and other licensed treatment facilities to provide care and treatment.
76-12a32 - Same; secretary to develop programs to enlist by agreement, treatment facilities to provide care and treatment.
76-12a33 - Same; rules and regulations governing transition from service in state institutions to facilities entering into agreements.
76-12a34 - Same; transfer of individuals from state institutions to licensed facility, application to court; hearing and order.