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2012 Statute

Section Number

82a-301 - Permit or consent of chief engineer required to construct dams or other water obstructions; exceptions; dam defined.
82a-301a - Exclusive regulation and supervision of dams and other water obstructions by chief engineer.
82a-302 - Applications for consent or permit, fees; contents; licensed professional engineers; permit fees.
82a-303 - Same; conditions to permits; unlawful acts.
82a-303a - Rules and regulations by chief engineer.
82a-303b - Inspection of dams by chief engineer; access to private property; costs of inspection; failure to comply, penalties.
82a-303c - Violations of conditions or restrictions of permit or of rules and regulations; orders of chief engineer; remedial measures; emergency situations.
82a-305a - Unlawful acts; penalties; injunction.
82a-307 - Cleaning and maintaining banks and channels by county; petition; claims for damages.
82a-307a - Same; preliminary survey; approval of plan by state engineer.
82a-308 - Same; expenses and damages; tax levy, use of proceeds.
82a-309 - Distribution of proceeds from sale of sand products taken from river beds owned by state.
82a-311 - Same; cost of surveys; how paid; division of balances of proceeds.
82a-312 - Dams built under federal agricultural program; approval by chief engineer.
82a-313 - Same; plans to accompany application.
82a-314 - Same; revision of plans.
82a-325 - Water projects environmental coordination act; purpose.
82a-326 - Water projects environmental coordination act; definitions. [See Revisor's Note]
82a-326a - Water projects environmental coordination act; definitions. [See Revisor's Note]
82a-327 - Same; review of proposed project; considerations.
82a-328 - Water structures fund.