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2014 Statute

Section Number

25-2301 - Proof of right of suffrage.
25-2302 - Duty of qualified voters to register; evidence of right to vote.
25-2302d - Late registration by recently discharged federal service people; certificate; filing with election board.
25-2303 - County election officer designated; deputy county election officers, appointment; voter registration agency; definition of terms.
25-2304 - Registration books; centralized voter registration database; requirements; rules and regulations.
25-2305 - Same; items to be included.
25-2306 - Registration by persons under eighteen; minimum age to vote.
25-2307 - Administration of oaths.
25-2309 - Application for registration; registration agencies; limitations on public inspection of registrations; registration citizenship requirements; election board citizenship hearings; unsatisfactory evidence of citizenship; sworn affidavits; rules and regulations.
25-2309a - Mailing of registration forms; envelope required.
25-2309b - Signature cards for voter registration records; request for current signature card.
25-2309c - Notices and official mailings; mailing address.
25-2310 - Publication of registration times and places and information for mail registration.
25-2311 - Opening and closing of registration; when required; certification of number of registered voters in precincts to secretary of state.
25-2312 - Same; additional times of registration permitted.
25-2313 - Additional places of registration permitted.
25-2314 - Appointment of deputy county election officers.
25-2315 - Expenses of registration, payment.
25-2316a - False swearing to an affidavit; penalty.
25-2316c - Registration of voters; change of name of registered voter; change of residence by registered voters; provisional ballots; advance voting ballot, application; removal of names of voters from registration lists; basis for removal of names.
25-2316e - Severability.
25-2318 - Registration books for voting places.
25-2319 - Record of vote in registration books.
25-2320 - Copies of registration records; limitations on public inspection.
25-2320a - Use of voter registration lists for commercial purposes; penalty.
25-2322 - Mandamus to compel registration.
25-2323 - Registration of voters on statewide basis by secretary of state.
25-2352 - Registration of voters as part of application for driver's license or nondriver identification card; motor vehicle record information transfers; rules and regulations.
25-2353 - Move of registrant; update of registration record and provisional ballot.
25-2354 - Check of the registration records of voters by chief state election officer or county election officer.
25-2355 - Adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to national voter registration act.
25-2356 - Registration of certain voters in all Kansas elections.
25-2357 - Advance notice of identification requirements.
25-2358 - Birth certificate applications for voter registration purposes, county assistance provided; transmittal of forms.
25-2359 - Severability.