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2014 Statute

Section Number

41-2601 - Definitions.
41-2604 - Allowing consumption of liquor in violation of act; penalties.
41-2605 - Licenses; to whom issued.
41-2606 - Same; application; fees.
41-2607 - Club licenses; term; refund of fees, when.
41-2608 - Same; premises licensed; zoning compliance.
41-2609 - Same; suspension or revocation; procedure.
41-2610 - Unlawful acts of licensee; employment restrictions.
41-2611 - Revocation or suspension of license; grounds for.
41-2612 - Display of license.
41-2613 - Immediate entry to and inspection of premises condition of license or permit; revocation for refusal.
41-2614 - Hours of operation.
41-2615 - Possession or consumption by minor prohibited.
41-2619 - Search warrant for premises where liquor sold by the drink without license or permit.
41-2620 - Sale of liquor by the drink without license or permit prohibited.
41-2621 - Club or drinking establishment license limited to premises specified.
41-2622 - License fees; city or county taxes; other state fees fund.
41-2623 - Persons and entities ineligible for licensure.
41-2625 - Same; corporations and partnerships.
41-2626 - Violations of act or rules and regulations; revocation or suspension of license.
41-2627 - Club or drinking establishment license; change in premises.
41-2628 - Time limit for grant or denial of license.
41-2629 - Class B club, drinking establishment, public venue or caterer's license; term; assignability; refund of fees, when.
41-2630 - Injunction for violation of act by licensee.
41-2631 - City ordinance conflicting with act void; ordinance limitations.
41-2632 - Influencing purchases by licensees prohibited.
41-2633 - Violations of act or rules and regulations; criminal penalty.
41-2633a - Violations of act by licensee or permit holder; civil fine.
41-2633b - Administrative orders; civil fines; time limit on orders.
41-2634 - Rules and regulations; criteria for class A clubs.
41-2635 - Severability.
41-2636 - Sale of class A club license prohibited.
41-2637 - Class A club license; rights of licensee; storing customer wine; samples.
41-2639 - Sale of club memberships; restrictions.
41-2640 - Certain sales practices prohibited; penalties.
41-2641 - Class B club license; rights of licensee; storing customer wine; samples.
41-2642 - Drinking establishment license; rights of licensee; hotel minibars; storing customer wine; samples.
41-2643 - Caterer's license; rights of licensee.
41-2644 - Drinking establishment/caterer license; rights of licensee.
41-2645 - Temporary permit; authorization of certain sales.
41-2646 - Sale of liquor by the drink in public places; election to prohibit or permit.
41-2647 - Possession of liquor or cereal malt beverage on licensed premises.
41-2648 - Effective date of license; conversion of club license to drinking establishment license.
41-2649 - Title of act.
41-2650 - Severability.
41-2651 - Application for licensure, renewal, suspension or revocation; notice to governing body of city or county; power of such governing body to request suspension or revocation hearing; hearings.
41-2652 - Use of minors to determine compliance with law, limitations.
41-2653 - Removal of unconsumed alcoholic liquor from premises of club or drinking establishment.
41-2654 - Drinking establishment license; municipal corporation; qualifications.
41-2655 - Public venue license; rights of licensee; rules and regulations.
41-2656 - Samples; regulation thereof.
41-2657 - Licensee; samples; drink tax.