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2014 Statute

Section Number

66-1201 - Erection of overhead crossing or viaduct.
66-1202 - Action to enjoin erection of unlawful structure.
66-1203 - Demurrage rates.
66-1204 - Same; penalty.
66-1205 - Same; prosecution.
66-1209 - Railroad taxes; cancellation upon certain conditions.
66-1213a - Affiliated interests; loan or pledge of credit.
66-1214 - Payment of dividends prohibited, when; hearing.
66-1215 - Judicial review.
66-1216 - "Affiliated interest" defined.
66-1217 - Recordation of real and personal property mortgages or security interests in fixtures made by railroad and utility companies; filing with secretary of state, when; liens.
66-1218 - Same; filing mortgages or security agreements heretofore filed with register of deeds; effect.
66-1219 - Same; file maintained by secretary of state; fee.
66-1220a - Disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, when.
66-1222 - Citizens' utility ratepayer board; establishment; composition; terms; organization; meetings; compensation and expenses; powers and duties.
66-1223 - Consumer counsel, powers.
66-1224 - Limit on jurisdiction of board and counsel.
66-1225 - Budgeting, purchasing and management functions; expenditures; financing.
66-1225a - Citizens' utility ratepayer board; negotiation for contracts for professional services; negotiating committee.
66-1227 - Energy efficiency of buildings; standards.
66-1228 - Same; disclosures required on sale of new residence.
66-1229 - Utility bills, visually impaired or blind customers.
66-1234 - Kansas energy security act.
66-1235 - Same; findings.
66-1236 - Same; proceedings for recovery of security expenditures, requirements; confidential documents, not subject to disclosure.
66-1237 - Electric utility recovery of certain transmission costs.
66-1238 - Electric utility interconnection agreements, standard provisions.
66-1239 - Electric generating or transmission facility; determination of rate-making principles and treatment; procedure.
66-1240 - Construction of transmission and generation facilities; definitions.
66-1241 - Same; bonds to finance transmission facilities.
66-1242 - Same; recovery of capital expenditures for transmission facilities.
66-1243 - Same; interconnection facilities; grant or lease, when.
66-1244 - Same; sale or contract for operation of transmission facilities; approval by KCC; rate-making treatment.
66-1245 - Same; determination of utility's revenue requirements.
66-1246 - Research and development expenditures, investments; inclusion in rates, when.
66-1247 - Electric transmission lines, construction or upgrade; recovery of costs from all benefitting utilities, when.
66-1248 - Agreements to finance and install energy conservation measures; cost recovery; liability and limitations thereof.
66-1249 - Broadband deployment reporting program; definitions.
66-1250 - Same; reporting requirements for broadband service providers.
66-1251 - Same; contents of report to legislature; confidentiality; rules and regulations; failure to comply with reporting requirements.
66-1252 - Same; broadband reporting program preempted if federal program implemented.
66-1253 - Same; regulating provision of broadband service in any manner not authorized pursuant to federal law precluded.
66-1254 - Same; expiration of provisions.
66-1255 - Requirements for notice to customers of water utilities under the jurisdiction of the state corporation commission proposing rate increases.
66-1256 - Renewable energy standards act.
66-1257 - Same; definitions.
66-1258 - Same; renewable energy portfolio standards; rules and regulations.
66-1259 - Same; renewable energy resource requirements; recovery of costs by affected utilities.
66-1260 - Same; renewable energy resource investment by affected utilities; calculation by commission; submission of information; rules and regulations; annual report.
66-1261 - Same; rules and regulations; violations; penalties; exceptions.
66-1262 - Same; certification of renewable energy resources; rules and regulations.
66-1263 - Net metering and easy connection act.
66-1264 - Same; definitions.
66-1265 - Same; utility requirements; tariff, contracts, meters, disclosure to customers.
66-1266 - Same; excess energy generated by customer-generator; calculation; requirements; expiration of credit.
66-1267 - Same; utility duty to customer-generators; customer-generator's load size.
66-1268 - Same; net metered facilities; standards; limitation of liability for utility.
66-1269 - Same; rules and regulations; application process.
66-1270 - Same; recovery of reasonable costs by utility.
66-1271 - Same; compliance with renewable energy standards act.
66-1272 - Compressed air energy storage act.
66-1273 - Same; definitions.
66-1274 - Same; injection of compressed air into storage wells; permits; requirements; rules and regulations.
66-1275 - Same; rules and regulations for monitoring air emissions from compressed air energy storage wells and facilities.
66-1276 - Same; memorandum of understanding between state corporation commission and department of health and environment concerning administration of act.
66-1277 - Same; violations; penalties; hearing; judicial review.
66-1278 - Same; agents of commission; right of ingress and egress; restoration of premises.
66-1279 - Same; compressed air energy storage fund.
66-1280 - New coal-fired electricity generating facility; purchase of Kansas coal required; exceptions.
66-1281 - Anemometer towers; definitions; requirements; penalties.
66-1282 - Electric supply and demand reports.
66-1283 - Utilities; demand-side program; energy efficiency.