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2014 Statute

Section Number

72-8201 - Unified school districts; style, designation and powers; delegation of contractual power to superintendent, limitation.
72-8201a - Contracts; indemnification or hold harmless provisions, void.
72-8201b - Contracts; governed by Kansas law.
72-8201c - Contracts; mandatory provisions.
72-8202 - Name and style of unified districts.
72-8202a - Boards of education; president and vice-president; election; terms of office; duties.
72-8202b - Superintendent of schools; assistant superintendents; supervisors; principals; appointment and powers.
72-8202c - Clerk; appointment and duties.
72-8202d - Treasurer; appointment and duties; surety bond required.
72-8202e - School district officers and employees; appointment; board members to receive no compensation.
72-8203b - School district funds; temporary cash deficits; limited authority for issuance of temporary notes and tax levies.
72-8204 - Fiscal year of school districts.
72-8204a - Annual budget and tax levy; certification.
72-8204b - Transfer of funds when school district in more than one county.
72-8204c - Budget and summary of proposed budget; notice of availability; needs assessment of attendance centers.
72-8204d - Profile of school district; contents; notice of availability.
72-8205 - Boards of education; meeting times; quorum; abstention from voting; general powers; legal counsel for officers and employees.
72-8206 - Same; state board definition.
72-8207 - Expenses of board of education members.
72-8208 - Petty cash funds.
72-8208a - School activity funds.
72-8209 - Judgments against school districts; tax levy, use of proceeds.
72-8210 - Legal successor of rights and powers; bequests and donations.
72-8211 - Teacherages.
72-8212 - Kindergarten, grade and unit of instruction requirements; alternative provision; general powers of boards; attendance subdistricts; disposition of unneeded property; acquisition of property.
72-8212a - Acquisition of real property under eminent domain power; conditions; procedures.
72-8213b - School buildings, closing; procedure.
72-8216 - Sale of building with bonds outstanding; disposition of proceeds of sale of school property.
72-8217 - Same; prepayment of bonds.
72-8218 - Same; investment of bond retirement fund.
72-8219 - Same; transfers from bond retirement fund to capital outlay fund.
72-8220 - Same; annual notice to county clerk.
72-8221 - Same; transfer of final balance.
72-8222 - School security officers and campus police officers.
72-8223 - Payment of tuition by secretary for children and families for attendance of certain children at school; disposition of tuition payments.
72-8225 - Leases and lease-purchase agreements; terms and conditions; cash basis and budget laws not applicable.
72-8226 - Budget and certification of tax levies to pay certain bond issues; option of boards of education.
72-8230 - Interlocal cooperation agreements; requirements and conditions; duration; partial or complete termination; financing; definitions.
72-8231 - Academic achievement testing program; report.
72-8232 - Vocational education building programs; sale of property authorized.
72-8233 - Interdistrict agreements for provision of educational programs authorized; conditions.
72-8234 - Disaster relief programs; participation authorized; policy, development and adoption; definitions.
72-8235 - Certificated personnel; interdistrict agreements for shared services authorized.
72-8236 - Child care facilities; authority to establish, operate, and maintain; fees, collection and disposition.
72-8237 - Summer programs; establishment; fees, limitation; summer program fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund.
72-8238 - Extraordinary school programs; authority to establish, operate and maintain; fees, collection, limitations, disposition; fund.
72-8239 - School attendance review board; members, meetings; rules and regulations.
72-8240 - Subpoena power.
72-8241 - Inventory of community services; recommendations for further services.
72-8242 - Personnel represent entities on board; costs.
72-8243 - Referral of students; notice; resolving the problem.
72-8244 - Credit cards, policies on acquisition and use; public record; cash basis and budget laws not applicable.
72-8245 - Tuition, fees, charges; policy providing for payment by credit or debit cards; internet usage authorized.
72-8246 - Employment incentive or retention bonuses for teachers.
72-8248 - Special liability expense fund; uses of money.
72-8249 - Special reserve fund; uses of money.
72-8250 - Textbook and student materials revolving fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund.
72-8251 - Payments required to be paid by districts; insufficient revenues.
72-8252 - Policies to allow student to self-administer certain medications. [See Revisor's Note]
72-8253 - Compilation and report of expenditures; verification by department.
72-8254 - Kansas uniform financial accounting and reporting act.
72-8255 - Full-day kindergarten; fees.
72-8256 - Bullying, school district policies.
72-8257 - Moneys derived from gifts or donations; transfers to community foundations.
72-8258 - Epinephrine kits; requirements.
72-8259 - Notice of applicability of Kansas tort claims act to teachers; contents of notice.