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2014 Statute

Section Number

75-4301a - Governmental ethics applicable to local governmental subdivisions; definitions.
75-4302a - Same; statement of substantial interests; individuals required to file; filing; rules and regulations; sample forms; disclosure if individual or spouse is officer of nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income taxes.
75-4303a - Same; advisory opinions on interpretation or application of act; presumption of compliance with act; filing of opinions; administration of act, rules and regulations.
75-4304 - Same; making or participating in certain contracts prohibited; exceptions; abstaining from action.
75-4305 - Same; filing of report of interest if statement of substantial interest not filed; abstaining from action.
75-4306 - Penalties for violations; severability.
75-4308 - Oath required for public officers and employees.
75-4309 - Same; falsifying oaths or affirmations.
75-4310 - Oath required for public officers and employees; administering; filing.
75-4311 - Same; funds withheld until oath subscribed to and filed.
75-4312 - Same; persons required to take oath; time for filing; penalty.
75-4313 - Same; unauthorized disbursement of funds; penalty.
75-4314 - Same; officer or employee receiving funds without subscribing and filing oath; penalty.
75-4315 - Political subdivisions of state authorized to pay compensation semimonthly; section applicable to state agencies until biweekly payroll periods established.
75-4315a - Appointment of acting state officers to certain positions; authority; compensation; classified civil service status prior to appointment, effect.
75-4315b - Appointment of public officers subject to confirmation by senate; procedures; withdrawal of appointment; conditions; failure of confirmation; vacancy of unexpired term; appointment subject to senate confirmation.
75-4315c - Appointments to boards and commissions; congressional district residency requirements; change in district boundaries.
75-4315d - Nongubernatorial appointments subject to confirmation by senate; procedure; information required to be submitted.
75-4316 - Discharge of public employee declaring or subjected to bankruptcy, wage earners' plan or similar proceeding unlawful; "public employee" defined; violation of act declared misdemeanor.
75-4317 - Open meetings declared policy of state; citation of act.
75-4317a - Meeting defined.
75-4318 - Meetings of state and subdivisions open to public; exceptions; secret ballots; notice; agenda, cameras, photographic lights, recording devices.
75-4319 - Closed or executive meetings; conditions; authorized subjects for discussion; binding action prohibited; certain documents identified in meetings not subject to disclosure.
75-4320 - Penalties.
75-4320a - Enforcement of act by district courts; burden of proof; court costs; precedence of cases.
75-4320b - Investigation of alleged violations; powers.
75-4320c - Sunflower Foundation: Health Care for Kansas; subject to open meetings law.
75-4321 - Declaration of policy and objectives; election by public employer to be bound by act; termination.
75-4322 - Definitions.
75-4323 - Public employee relations board; membership; qualifications; terms; compensation and expenses; powers and duties; mediation, arbitration and fact-finding; appointment of personnel or contracts for; rules and regulations.
75-4324 - Employees' right to form, join and participate in employee organizations.
75-4325 - Supervisory employee not prohibited from membership in employee organization.
75-4326 - Existing rights of public employer not affected.
75-4327 - Public employee organizations; recognition and certification; membership; meet and confer; determination and certification of appropriate unit; rules and regulations; assessment of election costs.
75-4328 - Recognition of right of employee organization to represent employees.
75-4329 - Disputes concerning recognition of employee organization; procedure for resolving.
75-4330 - Memorandum agreements, limitations; grievance procedures; arbitration; judicial review.
75-4331 - Memorandum of understanding; financial report; consideration and action; rejection.
75-4332 - Memoranda of agreement; procedure in case of impasse; fact-finding board; hearing; costs; confidentiality.
75-4333 - Prohibited practices; evidence of bad faith.
75-4334 - Same; proceedings for determination in accordance with Kansas administrative procedure act; judicial review; action in district court in proceeding involving alleged strike or lockout.
75-4335 - Act inapplicable to public employers, other than state or its agencies, adopting provisions and procedures determined by board to be reasonably equivalent.
75-4336 - Registration of business agents for employee organizations; application; certificate; fee; exemption.
75-4337 - Annual report of employee organizations; contents; fee; alternative filing of federal reports; exemption.
75-4338 - Employee organizations; use of organization dues for partisan or political purposes prohibited.
75-4339 - Invalidity of act.
75-4351 - Interpreters appointed for deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired and persons whose primary language is other than English; proceeding in which appointment authorized.
75-4352 - Same; compensation for services.
75-4353 - Same; qualifications of interpreter; determination; persons disqualified.
75-4354 - Same; duty of interpreter; oath; disclosure.
75-4355 - Same; inherent power of court not limited.
75-4355a - Interpreters for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired; court proceedings.
75-4355b - Same; certification; fees; other modes of communication.
75-4355c - Same; disclosure.
75-4355d - Enforcement; construction.
75-4360 - Payment of expenses for defense of governor, adjutant general, superintendent, officer or trooper of highway patrol, agent of the Kansas bureau of investigation and certain persons employed in state correctional institutions in certain civil actions; selection of defense attorney; duties of attorney general.
75-4362 - Drug screening program; establishment and implementation; duties of director of personnel; state government positions subject to program; effect of positive test result on employment; results confidential; rules and regulations; safety sensitive positions defined.
75-4364 - Educational benefits for spouses and dependents of deceased public safety officers and certain deceased military personnel and prisoners of war; enrollment at Kansas educational institutions without charge of tuition or fees.
75-4370 - Officers and employees of certain closed state institutions; procedures and benefits; preference, qualifications; time limit; notice; rules and regulations.
75-4371 - Same; compensation for accumulated sick leave; rules and regulations.
75-4372 - Same; qualified to participate in state health care benefits program, periods; closure health insurance fund.
75-4373 - Same; extended death benefit plan; term life insurance benefit; administration; closure term life insurance fund.
75-4374 - Same; in-state moving expense reimbursement if employed by or transferred to another state agency; limitations; purchase of adaptive equipment for laid off or transferred employees who are blind.
75-4375 - Same; compensation for certain direct care employees after layoff; determination of amount.
75-4376 - Same; definitions.
75-4377 - Same; implementing personnel rules and regulations affecting memoranda of agreement authorized; procedures; comments of employee organizations; effect.
75-4378 - Health care benefits and assistance to blind persons employed at Kansas industries for the blind at certain closed facilities; secretary for children and families, duties.