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2017 Statute

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12-1225.Powers and duties of board. Library boards shall have the following powers and duties: (a) To make and adopt rules and regulations for the administration of the library;

(b) with the approval of the governing body of the municipality, to purchase or lease a site or sites and to lease or erect a building or buildings for the use of the library;

(c) to acquire by purchase, gift or exchange, books, magazines, papers, printed materials, slides, pictures, films, projection equipment, phonograph records and other material and equipment deemed necessary by the board for the maintenance and extension of modern library service;

(d) to employ a librarian and such other employees as the board deems necessary and to remove them and to fix their compensation, except as provided in K.S.A. 12-1225b;

(e) to establish and maintain a library or libraries and traveling library service within the municipality or within any other municipality with which service contract arrangements have been made;

(f) to contract with other libraries established under the provisions of this act or with the governing body of a municipality not maintaining a public library for the furnishing of library service to the inhabitants of such municipality to the extent and upon such terms as may be agreed upon, and to contract with any school board to furnish library service to any school library or to use the library facilities of the public school to supplement the facilities of the public library;

(g) to receive, accept and administer any money appropriated or granted to it by the state or the federal government or any agency thereof for the purpose of aiding or providing library service;

(h) to receive and accept any gift or donation to the library and administer the same in accordance with any provisions thereof. If no provisions are specified, the board shall have the power to hold, invest or reinvest the gift and any dividends, interest, rent or income derived from the gift in the manner the board deems will best serve the interests of the library;

(i) to make annual reports to the state librarian and the governing body of the municipality on or before January 31 of each year for the preceding calendar year, showing receipts and disbursements from all funds under its control, and showing such statistical information relating to library materials acquired and on hand, number of library users, library services available, and other information of general interest as the governing body requires;

(j) as to money received from sources other than a tax levy for library purposes, in its discretion, to place such money in a separate fund or funds, or to place the money in the fund to which the tax levy money is credited unless the grantor or donor directs how and for what purpose the money shall be handled and spent.

History: L. 1951, ch. 485, § 8; L. 1953, ch. 65, § 1; L. 1965, ch. 103, § 1; L. 1965, ch. 104, § 1; L. 1984, ch. 69, § 7; L. 1984, ch. 69,§ 2; Jan. 1, 1985.

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