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2017 Statute

Section Number

79-1105c - Taxation of the business of banking; prohibiting certain taxes; right to protest payment of taxes.
79-1106 - Taxation of national banking associations, banks, trust companies and savings and loan associations; purpose of act.
79-1107 - National banking associations and state banks; tax imposed; rate.
79-1108 - Trust companies and savings and loan associations; tax imposed; rate.
79-1109 - "Net income" defined; deductions.
79-1109a - Application of 79-1107 and 79-1109.
79-1110 - Taxation of national banking associations, banks, trust companies and savings and loan associations; procedure for returns; tax payment; laws applicable.
79-1110a - Application of 79-1110.
79-1111 - Same; administration of act; rules and regulations.
79-1112 - Disposition of tax moneys; privilege tax refund fund established; refunds.
79-1113 - National banking associations and banks and corporations holding stock therein; exemption from intangibles tax.
79-1115 - Application of 79-1107 and 79-1108.
79-1116 - Application of 79-1107, 79-1108 and 79-1109.
79-1117 - Credit against tax for making certain property used in trade or business or held for production of income accessible to persons with a disability; amount; carryover to subsequent taxable years.
79-1119 - Reports, statements, lists and returns; preservation; confidentiality, exceptions; performance of certain activities by administrative personnel unlawful; penalties for violations.
79-1120 - Recapture tax; definitions.
79-1121 - Same; imposition; computation of amount.
79-1122 - Same; time for assessment and payment; penalties.
79-1123 - Administration of act; rules and regulations.
79-1124 - Same; disposition of moneys; refunds.
79-1126 - Credit against tax for interest rate reduction for agricultural production loan.
79-1126a - Credit against tax for interest rate reductions on certain agricultural production loans.
79-1127 - Estimated tax; manner of payment; penalties.
79-1128 - Allocation and apportionment of income of financial institutions engaged in multi-state business activities; definitions.
79-1129 - Same; procedures and methodology in determining allocable and apportionable income.
79-1130 - Same; receipts factor defined and described.
79-1131 - Same; property factor defined and described.
79-1132 - Same; payroll factor defined and described.
79-1133 - Tax upon cessation of business as financial institution; computation.
79-1134 - Supplemental to 79-1106 et seq.
79-1135 - Consolidated returns or combined reports required, when.
79-1136 - Application of act.