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2017 Statute

Section Number

79-1401 - Powers and duties of director of property valuation; meetings of county assessors, expenses.
79-1402 - General supervision of taxation by director of property valuation; legislative recommendations; records and publications.
79-1403 - Investigations; reports by local officers; testimony and production of books; witness fees; perjury.
79-1404 - General duties and powers of director of property valuation.
79-1404a - Review of valuation changes of appraiser by director of property valuation.
79-1404b - Presentation of ratio study results and valuation appeals data to county commissioners by director of property valuation; when.
79-1405 - Violation of laws and regulations by officers.
79-1407 - Tax exempt bonds.
79-1408 - Interrogatories and questions for taxpayers; penalties.
79-1409 - Board of equalization; powers; appeals; meetings; changes in valuation, effect; certifications of equalized values; apportionment of state taxes.
79-1410 - Abstracts of assessments, tabulations.
79-1411a - County as assessment administration unit.
79-1411b - County separate assessment district; appraiser to list and appraise property; appointment of employees; education requirements.
79-1412a - Powers and duties of county and district appraisers; limitations.
79-1412d - Application of 79-1412a.
79-1413a - Reappraisal of property within county, when; designation of appraisers; costs, how paid; accessibility of records; forms, approval, filing; written agreements, requirements; restrictions on use of valuations of appraisers; bond, conditions.
79-1420 - Fraudulent listing or evasion by taxpayer; penalty; prosecution.
79-1422 - Penalty for late filing of or failure to file statement listing property; abatement of penalty.
79-1424 - Bank records not to be produced or examined.
79-1426 - Failure of officer to list or properly value, assess or equalize property for taxation unlawful; penalties; variance in appraisal permitted.
79-1427a - Listing and appraisal of escaped personal property; duties of county appraisers; penalty; distribution of taxes paid under protest; grievances, procedure.
79-1427b - Waiver of penalties on certain escaped personal property.
79-1427c - Escaped personal property discovered between January 1, 1994, and March 14, 1995; duties of appraisers; penalty waived, when.
79-1434 - Merchandise of transient dealers; notification of county appraiser; valuation of property; payment of tax due; penalties.
79-1437c - Real estate sales validation questionnaires; required to accompany transfers of title; retention time; use of information.
79-1437d - Same; devised by director of property valuation; approval by legislature; information to be contained therein.
79-1437e - Same; inapplicability to certain transfers of title.
79-1437f - Same; disposition and use of contents thereof, to and by whom.
79-1437g - Same; penalty for violations.
79-1439 - Appraisal of real and tangible personal property at fair market value in money; exceptions; rate of assessment.
79-1439a - Classification of certain not-for-profit organization real property; assessment rate.
79-1439b - Recoupment of tax when property classified under 79-1439a changes use; procedures.
79-1439c - Classification of certain commercial and industrial machinery and equipment.
79-1439d - Classification for property tax purposes of wireless communication towers, broadcast towers and antenna and relay sites.
79-1439e - Classification for property tax purposes of a bed, body or box that is used in business and is attached to a motor vehicle by the motor vehicle manufacturer.
79-1444 - Same; technical advisory committee; membership; qualifications; compensation and allowances; duties; additional advisory committee, appointment.
79-1445 - County appraisal and assessment; annual determination of compliance; publication of list of counties; redetermination; rules and regulations; limitation on requirement to reappraise.
79-1448 - Appeals by taxpayers from classification or valuation of property; informal meeting, requirements; adjustments in classification or valuations by hearing officers or panels.
79-1450 - Construction of certain terms.
79-1455 - County as separate appraisal district; duty to appraise annually.
79-1456 - Duty of county appraiser to follow guidelines, procedures and methodologies of director of property valuation; deviation from appraisal guides, when; rules and regulations.
79-1457 - Availability of forms to general public; extensions of time for filing, when; use of approved forms.
79-1458 - Installation and maintenance of records and data; open to public inspection.
79-1459 - Preparation of appraisal maps, contents; preparation of appraisal records for improvements and land parcels, contents; classification of property.
79-1460 - Notification of taxpayer of change in classification or appraised valuation of property, contents; duties of appraiser regarding valuation increase of commercial real property; amendment of appraisal rolls by county appraiser; guide to the property tax appeals process.
79-1460a - Publication of results of market study analysis.
79-1461 - Investigation of property when no statement filed; listing by appraiser and notice to taxpayer; assistance of county attorney.
79-1462 - Same; refusal to give evidence; penalty.
79-1463 - Notice of violations to county attorney.
79-1465 - Duty to make changes in classification and value of property, when.
79-1466 - Transmission of completed real property appraisals to county clerk, when; contents.
79-1467 - Transmission of completed personal property appraisals to county clerk, when; contents.
79-1467b - Transmission of exempt property rolls to director of property valuation; annual report, submission to legislature.
79-1468 - Preparation and furnishing of taxing unit map by county clerk to county appraiser; contents.
79-1469 - Showing by taxing unit number on appraisal record of property location.
79-1470 - Request of county board of equalization for changes in classification or valuation of property, when.
79-1471 - Submission of budget; appointment of assistants; attendance at appraisal schools.
79-1472 - Attendance of county appraiser or designee at meetings of board of equalization.
79-1473 - Penalty for neglect of duty by county appraiser or employee.
79-1474 - Waiver of taxes and penalties upon certain personal property if timely reporting made.
79-1475 - Duties of county appraiser and clerk regarding property discovered to have been omitted from tax rolls.
79-1476 - Statewide reappraisal of real property; duties and authorities of state director of property valuation and county and district appraisers; methods of establishing valuations; time of application of valuations.
79-1476a - Application of 79-1476.
79-1477 - Same; computer system development; duties of secretary of revenue; advisory committee, composition.
79-1478 - Same; payment of costs by state, schedule; assistance of state division of property valuation upon request; contracts with private appraisal firms.
79-1478a - Withholding of appraisal maintenance cost moneys, when; duties and authorities of director of property valuation.
79-1479 - Appraisal of property; submission of progress reports; duties and authorities of director of property valuation and state board of tax appeals relating to compliance with reappraisal guidelines and timetables; complaint procedure; review of valuations after completion of reappraisal; compliance plans, approval and enforcement.
79-1480 - Same; maintenance of valuation listings, contents; public inspection.
79-1481 - Statewide reappraisal of real property; class assessment changes prohibited unless approved by state board of tax appeals; procedure.
79-1482 - Statewide reappraisal of real property; tax levy to pay costs of reappraisal.
79-1483 - Same; rules and regulations; forms.
79-1484 - Severability.
79-1485 - Kansas real estate ratio study act; purposes.
79-1486 - Same; definitions.
79-1487 - Same; duties of local officials; access of records by director.
79-1488 - Same; authorities and duties of director.
79-1489 - Same; notification of ratios to county by the director; appeals, procedure.
79-1490 - Same; publishing of study, when.
79-1491 - Same; rules and regulations.
79-1492 - Same; application of act.
79-1493 - Same; authority to compile and publish other statistics not affected.
79-1494 - Binding arbitration process in certain counties for property valuation disputes; procedure; duties and authorities of the director of property valuation.
79-1495 - Computer-assisted mass-appraisal system; verification of accuracy; requirements.
79-1496 - Appeals by taxpayers from classification or valuation of property; third-party fee simple appraisals; duties of county appraiser; appeals to state board of tax appeals.