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2017 Statute

Section Number

79-2001 - Entry of unpaid real property taxes; publication notice of all taxes; mailing of tax statements; contents of statements.
79-2002 - Tax receipts by county treasurer; contents.
79-2003 - Warrants to be received in payment of taxes, when.
79-2004 - Time for payment of real estate taxes; interest, when; distribution of interest to city, when.
79-2004a - Time for payment of personal property taxes; interest, when.
79-2005 - Protesting payment of taxes; written statement of grounds; distribution of taxes paid under protest; proceedings for recovery of protested taxes, limitations; informal meeting, requirements; refund of protested taxes; taxing districts authorized to issue no-fund warrants; loans by pooled money investment board to counties or taxing subdivisions to pay such refund of taxes, requirements and procedures; levy of taxes for payment of no-fund warrants and PMIB loans.
79-2005a - Same; invalidity of part.
79-2005b - Taxes paid under protest; disorganization of taxing district; no-fund warrants; tax levies.
79-2009 - Highway or railroad bridge; appointment of receiver upon failure to pay tax.
79-2010 - County commissioners to certify list of claims allowed.
79-2011 - County treasurer to check claims against delinquent tax lists; certification to county commissioners and county attorney.
79-2012 - County commissioners to authorize county treasurer to credit delinquent taxpayer for the amount of claim; receipt; warrant issued where claim exceeds delinquent tax.
79-2013 - County commissioners to issue warrants to county treasurer for amount of claims credited on delinquent tax.
79-2014 - Abatement and cancellation of unpaid taxes upon certain mineral interests or royalties.
79-2015 - Actions for debt to collect taxes, fees, interest and penalties, when; remedies.
79-2016 - Same; liabilities imposed by other states; comity.
79-2017 - Collection of delinquent taxes in certain counties; tax lien.
79-2018 - Employment of persons to assist collection of unpaid personal property taxes in counties; contingency fee compensation; disposition of taxes; costs.
79-2019 - Same; bond of contract collectors; report and accounting of taxes collected.
79-2020 - Voluntary transfer of personal property before tax paid; lien, exception; collection.
79-2022 - Contingent fee based employment to audit personal property tax returns prohibited, when.
79-2023 - Wyandotte county accumulated interest amnesty program.
79-2024 - Partial payment of delinquent real and personal property taxes authorized.
79-2025 - Cancellation of taxes and penalties on certain property in Johnson county by county commissioners.
79-2026 - Liability for unpaid taxes on personal property abandoned or repossessed; extinguishment of tax lien.