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2017 Statute

Section Number

79-2801 - Action to enforce lien for unredeemed real estate bid in by county; summons; service by publication; assistance by city in foreclosure proceedings, when.
79-2802 - Joinder of parties defendant; decree as to.
79-2802a - Receivership.
79-2803 - Joinder of issues; trial; judgment; redemption before day of sale; duties of clerk and sheriff; apportionment of costs, charges and expenses.
79-2803a - Sale of lots or tracts as unit.
79-2803b - Order and conduct of sale authorized by 79-2803a.
79-2804 - Order of sale; publication notice; auctioneer may be employed; procedure for bidding in behalf of county; deed, execution and recordation.
79-2804a - Sale of school lands; bond.
79-2804b - Actions to open, vacate or modify foreclosure proceedings; time limitations.
79-2804c - Refund of purchase money, taxes and charges when foreclosure sale adjudged to be invalid; interest; quitclaim deed.
79-2804d - Refund of amount paid to state, township, city or school district, when money so refunded by county.
79-2804f - Record of real estate acquired by county; sale by county; removal and sale of improvements, when; reduction of price and sale six months after confirmation of sale; advertisement; bids; deed; assessment and entry on tax rolls.
79-2804g - Sales of real estate to certain persons prohibited; exceptions.
79-2804h - Confirmation of sale of property under 79-2804; affidavit required.
79-2804i - Purchase by city of property offered for sale under 79-2804.
79-2805 - Apportionment of proceeds of sale.
79-2808 - Amount of state tax uncollected certified to director of accounts and reports; credit; penalty for unlawful certification.
79-2809 - Sale, redemption, conveyance, foreclosure and sale of real estate begun under prior statutes.
79-2810 - Action to enforce lien for delinquent taxes upon real estate bid in by counties over 300,000; county counselor duties; employment and compensation of abstracters.
79-2811 - County sale for affordable low-income housing; abatement of taxes.
79-2812 - Persons not eligible to purchase real estate at tax sale.