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2017 Statute


79-3316. Certain records required of dealer; restrictions on purchase by dealer; tax exemption forms. (a) All purchases of cigarettes by any dealer shall be evidenced by an invoice, a duplicate of which shall be furnished to the party receiving the cigarettes from any dealer.

(b) Purchases of cigarettes by wholesale dealers shall be made from the manufacturers of cigarettes or from other Kansas licensed wholesale dealers. Purchases of cigarettes by retail dealers or vending machine operators shall be from wholesale dealers.

(c) All invoices issued by wholesale dealers shall be in duplicate and a copy must accompany the consigned cigarettes. Cigarettes sold by a wholesale dealer to any other dealer shall be evidenced by invoices bearing the vendee's name and license number. A wholesale dealer selling cigarettes to a manufacturer's salesperson shall at the time of delivery of same make a true duplicate invoice, inserting therein the name of the salesman together with the name of such salesperson's employer, except that for an outlet, or fuel outlet or fuel center owned by the same entity, separate invoices are not required if cigarettes are sold from the fuel outlet owned by the same entity.

(d) All records pertaining to sales of cigarettes by dealers in the state of Kansas shall be preserved for a period of three years and shall be available for inspection by the director or the director's designee at the dealer's place of business or, if the dealer has more than one place of business in the state, at a central location of the dealer.

(e) Every wholesale dealer shall report to the director on or before the 10th day of each month, stating the amount of cigarettes sold during the preceding month and the amount of all cigarettes returned to the manufacturer. Any wholesale dealer who refuses any shipment or part of a shipment of unstamped cigarettes or has a shortage in the shipment of cigarettes consigned to such dealer shall in the monthly report next following the refusal or shortage report to the director the number of packages or cartons of cigarettes refused or short and the name of the carrier from whom the cigarettes were refused or shortage occurred. Such report shall be filed electronically in the manner prescribed by the director.

(f) Exemption from payment of cigarette tax on sale of cigarettes made outside the state by any wholesale dealer shall be filed on forms provided by the director.

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