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2017 Statute


79-34,170.Definitions. As used in K.S.A. 2017 Supp. 79-34,170 through 79-34,175, and amendments thereto:

(a) "Biodiesel" means a renewable, biodegradable, mono alkyl ester combustible liquid fuel derived from vegetable oils or animal fats and that meets the specifications adopted by rules and regulations of the secretary of agriculture pursuant to K.S.A. 55-442, and amendments thereto. Such specification shall meet American society for testing and materials specification D6751-07 for biodiesel fuel (B100) blend stock for distillate fuels, but may be more stringent regarding biodiesel quality and usability than specification D6751-07;

(b) "diesel" means any liquid, other than gasoline and biodiesel, which is used as fuel for use in an internal combustion engine and ignited by pressure without the presence of an electric spark;

(c) "gasoline" means any liquid product sold as motor fuel for use in a spark-ignition internal combustion engine;

(d) "motor fuel" means any inflammable liquid by whatever name such liquid shall be known or sold, which is used, or practically or commercially usable, either alone or when mixed or combined in an internal combustion engine for the generation of power;

(e) "motor fuel pump" means a commercial measuring device used to measure and dispense motor fuel or special fuels on a retail basis at a fixed retail motor fuel site;

(f) "renewable fuels" means a combustible liquid derived from grain starch, oil seed, animal fat or other biomass; or produced from biogas source, including any nonfossilized, decaying, organic matter which is capable of powering spark-ignition machinery; and

(g) "retail dealer" means a licensed seller of motor fuel or special fuels at retail at a fixed retail motor fuel site.

History: L. 2007, ch. 180, § 7; July 1.