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Dec. 13, 2022
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Minutes for SB252 - Committee on Public Health and Welfare

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Expanding medical assistance eligibility and implementing a health insurance plan reinsurance program.

Minutes Content for Tue, Jan 28, 2020

Chairman Suellentrop opened the third day of testimony on SB252 with testimony from neutral conferees and one opponent.

Lee Modesett stated that his neutral testimony focuses specifically on the 1332 waiver (commonly referred to as reinsurance) aspect of SB252.While SB252 was not introduced by the Kansas Insurance Department, it does direct the KID to do a number of things, all of which cost money and does not make specific provision to cover the costs of applying for or administering the program. SB252 is a dramatic expansion of the KID's role beyond its current statutory purposes and it is the belief of the KID that the cost of the work should be funded by the State General Fund.(Attachment 1)

He took questions from committee members.

Kari Bruffett presented neutral testimony that updated KHI's estimate of new enrollees in KanCare if the program were to be expanded and also how some of the provisions in SB252 might affect expected enrollment and costs.KHI estimates that expansion will increase KanCare enrollment by about 33 percent, but because of enhanced federal match rates and the net effect of new revenues, offsetting savings and administrative costs, expansion will increase the state's current net cost of KanCare by around four percent.  (Attachment 2)

She took questions from committee members.

Travis Oller stated in his neutral testimony that coverage of chiropractic services for Kansas Medicaid patients will result in lower costs to the Kansas Medicaid system for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and asked that chiropractic services be added to SB252. (Attachment 3)

Question were asked by committee members.

Chuck Weber testified that "absent any clear alternatives, our support for Medicaid Expansion is contingent upon adoption of the following provisions"; Medicaid Expansion in Kansas shall exclude abortion beyond current provision as a reimbursable service; the "no Medicaid abortion" provision is virtually meaningless without the "Value Them Both" amendment excluding abortion as a constitutional right and Medicaid Expansion shall include religious and professional conscience protections for healthcare institutions and individuals.  (Attachment 4)

He took questions from committee members.

Beverly Gossage (Attachment 5) presented opponent testimony. She testified about the ACA component of voluntary expansion of the state Medicaid program and about the non-group market, where those who may be eligible for Medicaid, if expanded, currently buy or are qualified to buy an insurance plan. Our leaders made a prudent decision not to expand Medicaid and should hold to that decision.

She answered questions from committee members.

Chairman Suellentrop adjourned the meeting at 10:37 a.m. The next scheduled meeting is January 29, 2020.