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Dec. 13, 2022
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Minutes for HB2608 - Committee on Transportation

Short Title

Regulating funeral processions and creating a violation for not properly yielding to funeral processions.

Minutes Content for Tue, Feb 18, 2020

Staff explained the bill and answered.

The Chairman recognized Representative Jeff Pittman as the first proponent. (Attachment 6) Representative Pittman said while being part of a funeral procession recently they had a former military escort and he wondered about any legal protection this escort might have if there was an accident. He said 30 states have laws recognizing funeral processions and Kansas does not. This bill would require all pedestrians and vehicle operators to yield the right-of-way to any vehicle that is part of a funeral procession.   He said the bill would create a fine for failure to yield the right-of-way to a funeral procession. 

The next proponent was Pam Scott. (Attachment 7) She said the tradition continues of family and friends following the body to its final resting place, honoring the dead and providing the family with a peaceful, uninterrupted, reflective trip to the cemetery, and which also ensures out-of-town mourners don't get lost along the way.  She said Kansas does not have a law governing funeral processions. According to Ms. Scott, a uniform law would allow the public to be better educated on the rules concerning funeral processions.

Written only testimony in support of HB2608 by:

Ed Klumpp, KS Ass'n. Chiefs of Police, KS Peace Officers Ass'n. and KS Sheriffs Ass'n.(Attachment 8)

Lynn Rolf, Motorcycle Guard, Leavenworth, KS (Attachment 9)

George Westbrook, with Patriot Guard, Leavenworth, KS (Attachment 10)

Chairman Proehl asked if anyone else desired to speak to this bill.  Ron Yorgovan stepped up to the podium and spoke in support of HB2608, as well as Col. Lynn Rolf, George Westbrook and Whitney Davis Moulden.

The Chairman asked if there were any opponents or neutrals, there were none so he closed the hearing on HB2608.

The Chairman asked for adoption of the Committee Minutes for the meetings on January 29, 30 and February 4.  Representative Helgerson moved the adoption of the Minutes, seconded by Representative Thimesch.  Motion carried.

Announcements - Chairman Proehl announced the next meeting will be February 19 and the Committee will hear three bills:

HB2568 - Allowing local authorities to decrease a speed limit to 5 miles per hour and decrease any speed limit without requiring an engineering and traffic investigation.

HB2614 - Requiring transportation network companies to require drivers to display official trade dress.

HB2649 - Providing for the availability and use of the wheelchair emblem decal on a personalized license plate.

Chairman Proehl also advised the Committee they would be taking Final Action on four bills:

HB2502 - Designating a portion of United States highway 77 as the Cpl. Allen E. Oatney and SP4 Gene A. Myers memorial highway.

HB2525 - Designating a bridge on United States highway 77 as the PFC Loren H. Larson memorial bridge.

HB2531 - Establishing a fee on firefighter distinctive license plates.

HB2608 - Regulating funeral processions and creating a violation for not properly yielding to funeral processions.


There being no further business before the Committee the meeting was adjourned.