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2019 Statute

Section Number

2-1313a - Definitions.
2-1314 - Declaring plants as noxious weeds; control and eradication.
2-1314b - Noxious weeds; declaration of multiflora rose, bull thistle as noxious authorized.
2-1314c - Emergency declarations of noxious weeds.
2-1314d - State noxious weed advisory committee; organization; duties.
2-1315 - Adoption of official methods for the control of noxious weeds; control districts; duties of secretary; cooperation of secretary, county agents and weed supervisors; rules and regulations.
2-1316 - Responsibility for enforcement; weed supervisors; duties; salary; annual surveys, progress report and submission of a prospective management plan.
2-1317 - Weed supervisors, cooperation with certain entities.
2-1318 - Tax levies by counties, townships and cities; budgeting through township or city general operating fund; use of proceeds; retention of records.
2-1319 - State political subdivision land; control and eradication of noxious weeds; failure by political subdivision to control; payment of costs.
2-1319a - Certification of forage, straw or mulch carried onto state land as weed free.
2-1320 - Unpaid costs of labor or material; itemized statement and notice to owner; penalties and interest; liens; copy of notice to register of deeds and county or city clerk; lien payable upon sale or transfer of ownership.
2-1321 - Filing of protests; hearings; appeals.
2-1322 - Purchase and use of equipment and chemicals; sale of chemicals, price; charges for use of machinery and equipment; record of purchases, sales and charges.
2-1323 - Penalty for violations.
2-1324 - Invalidity of part.
2-1325 - Unlawful acts; disposal of screenings and materials.
2-1326 - Same; disposal of infested plants, materials or fertilizers.
2-1327 - Same; harvesting and other machines; labeling.
2-1328 - Same; infested livestock feed material.
2-1329 - Same; unprocessed livestock feed.
2-1330 - Entry upon and inspection of property.
2-1331 - Notification of owner of lands infested with noxious weeds; inspection; initial general or official notice; subsequent legal notice.
2-1332 - Notice of the costs of treatment; itemized statement, contents; filing with register of deeds and county clerk; payment plans; liens, payable on sale or transfer of ownership.
2-1333 - County option for discount program to control noxious weeds; petition to establish program, election and procedures.