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2019 Statute

Section Number

2-2438a - Definitions.
2-2439 - Administration of act; rules and regulations.
2-2440 - Unlawful acts; pesticide business license, requirements and fees, exemptions; government agency registration, exemptions; license and registration renewals.
2-2440a - Pesticide business licensee requirements.
2-2440b - Unlawful acts; pest control technician registration, requirements and fees.
2-2440c - Registered pest control technician; training; approval of training materials; maintenance of records verifying training.
2-2440d - Same; fees.
2-2440e - Pesticide business licensees and pesticide dealers; civil penalties; appeal procedure; deposit of moneys.
2-2441a - Commercial applicator's certificate; exemptions; application and fees; expiration.
2-2442 - Same; temporary permit; examination.
2-2443a - Same; examination; reciprocity; fees; subjects included in examination.
2-2444a - Categories of qualification for certification and licensing; subdivison by secretary.
2-2445a - Certified private applicator's certificate; qualifications; examination; fee; educational materials; reciprocity of certificates.
2-2446 - Renewal of certification or registration.
2-2447 - Nonresident applicant for license; consent to action for damages; service of process.
2-2448 - Surety bond, liability insurance, letter of credit or escrow account required for pesticide business license.
2-2449 - Grounds for denial, suspension, revocation or modification of license.
2-2450 - Suspension of pesticide business license for failure to have surety bond, liability insurance, letter of credit or escrow account or to employ certified commercial applicator.
2-2452 - Appeal of denial, suspension or revocation.
2-2453 - Unlawful acts.
2-2454 - Unlawful acts.
2-2455 - Written statement for services to customer; records, maintenance and availability to secretary.
2-2456 - Registration and marking of equipment.
2-2457a - Statement of claim of damage from pesticide application; filing with secretary; forms; effect of failure to file.
2-2459a - Courses of instruction.
2-2460a - Cooperation with other agencies; educational institutions or persons.
2-2461 - Penalties; injunction.
2-2462 - Enforcement.
2-2463 - Subpoenas.
2-2464a - Disposition of moneys; pesticide use fee fund.
2-2467a - Rules and regulations.
2-2468 - Citation of act.
2-2469 - Pesticide dealers; registration; exemptions; denial, suspension or revocation, notice and opportunity for hearing; fees.
2-2470 - Allowable pesticide applications by the applicator.
2-2471 - Rule and regulation authority to the secretary to limit pesticide use.
2-2472 - Pesticide management areas; development by the secretary.
2-2473 - Same; factors to examine in area development; pesticide management area technical advisory committee; composition and duties thereof.
2-2474 - Same; public hearing concerning designation; notice.
2-2475 - Temporary pesticide management areas; secretary authorization.
2-2476 - Pesticide management area; order of designation.
2-2477 - Same; secretary authorization to revoke, modify or expand.
2-2478 - Same; use of pesticides in area; civil penalty; appeal procedure.
2-2479 - Same; statewide education program on areas and plans.
2-2480 - Uniformity of pesticide law; state has exclusive jurisdiction.
2-2481 - Format of required documentation.