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2019 Statute

Section Number

12-2001 - Granting of franchises; purposes; conditions; limitations; assessment of fees; certain provisions declared void.
12-2002 - Same; act not to affect 12-824.
12-2003 - Franchise provision for billing and collection of sewer service charges by water corporation; compensation; obligation of company.
12-2004 - Same; obligations of city.
12-2005 - Same; application of act.
12-2006 - Cable television service; regulation.
12-2007 - Franchises; installation; term.
12-2008 - Rates, charges, delinquency fees.
12-2009 - Cables and equipment; map required to be filed.
12-2010 - Compensation and levies by cities.
12-2011 - Franchise; violations of act; penalty.
12-2012 - Existing systems and services.
12-2013 - Act does not apply to public utilities.
12-2014 - Severability.
12-2015 - Telecommunications providers; franchise agreements; restrictions.
12-2016 - Franchise fees for electricity or natural gas; effective date in annexed areas.
12-2021 - Citation.
12-2022 - Definitions.
12-2023 - Video service application, authorization; transferability; termination; franchise; compliance not required with mandatory build-out provisions, specific technology; PEG access; emergency broadcast; franchises in effect prior to July 1, 2006; multiple service providers within a municipality; customer service requirements; denial of service based on income; service extension process; state corporation commission authorized to promulgate regulations governing application process.
12-2024 - Video service provider; notice; agreement; video service provider fee; percentage of gross revenues determined by municipality, limitation; audit; customer billing.
12-2025 - Video competition act; consistent with federal cable act.
12-2026 - Video competition act; state corporation commission powers and duties relating to costs and fees.
12-2027 - Same; severability.
12-2034 - Citation of act.
12-2035 - Definitions.
12-2036 - Organized collection service establishment; procedure; delayed implementation.
12-2037 - Application of act; exclusions.