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2019 Statute

Section Number

13-1209 - Purchase, construction or extension of waterworks; jurisdiction of city over grounds.
13-1210 - Same; bonds.
13-1213 - Bonds for utilities in cities over 50,000; submission to vote.
13-1214 - Same; ordinance.
13-1215 - Same; limitation.
13-1216 - Railway franchise in cities over 75,000; election.
13-1217 - Same; ordinance.
13-1220 - Board of public utilities, any city; administrative agency, duties.
13-1221 - Same; membership; term; elected officers and secretary; vacancies; elections by district.
13-1221a - Same; ratification of prior appointments.
13-1222 - Same; meetings, records, quorum, salary and expenses, qualifications.
13-1223 - Same; powers and duties of board; purchasing agent, powers and duties; governing body of city, powers and duties; ability to sue and be sued; personal liability of member or employee of board.
13-1223a - Same; collection of sewer service charges.
13-1224 - Same; manager of production and distribution; qualifications; duties; salary; bond.
13-1225 - Same; manager of collections and accounts; qualifications; duties; bonds.
13-1226 - Same; how appointments made; legal services to be provided by city attorney's office.
13-1227 - Same; water rates; fire hydrants.
13-1228 - Same; electricity rates; street lighting equipment and traffic signal equipment.
13-1228a - Board of public utilities; rate increases; notice; procedure.
13-1228b - Same; definitions.
13-1228c - Same; application for review.
13-1228d - Same; notice of review.
13-1228e - Same; delivery of transcript to court; review by district court.
13-1228f - Same; stay or suspension of increase.
13-1228g - Same; duty of court.
13-1228h - Same; appeal to court of appeals.
13-1228i - Same; pending actions.
13-1228j - Same; invalidity of part.
13-1229 - Same; use and investment of sinking funds; record and report.
13-1230 - Same; treasurer; duties; bond.
13-1231 - Same; bonds; election.
13-1232 - Same; general obligation bonds; limitations.
13-1234a - Same; invalidity of part.
13-1234b - Bonds for street lighting and traffic signals in certain first class cities.
13-1234c - Same; cost estimates, plans and specifications.
13-1234d - Same; limitations.
13-1235 - Power to grant right to furnish electric energy to certain customers in cities over 110,000; application.
13-1236 - Sale of electric energy by private utility to customer within city not served by municipal utility; ordinance; limitations; term.
13-1237 - Same; certain contracts prohibited; exception.
13-1238 - Revenue bonds for public levees, docks, wharves, terminals and related facilities in cities over 115,000; additional bonds.
13-1239 - Same; definition; recitals; negotiability.
13-1240 - Same; city not obligated; sale to federal government; lien on revenues.
13-1241 - Same; maturity; tax levy not authorized.
13-1242 - Same; payment; rates and charges; sinking fund.
13-1243 - Same; contracts; rentals; conditions and safeguards; annual audit, filing.
13-1244 - Same; limitation.
13-1245 - Same; act supplemental.
13-1246 - Retirement pension plan for employees and dependents in cities over 120,000; agreement.
13-1246a - Board of pension trustees in certain cities over 120,000; composition; contributions for operation of plans; costs of increased pensions; agreements between pension board and public utilities board as to assets and property; powers of pension board; plan, revision, printing; pension and retirement benefits; funds and earnings; exemptions; qualified domestic relations orders; beneficiaries for benefits.
13-1249 - Same; rules and regulations.
13-1250a - Federal old-age and survivors insurance for employees in cities over 120,000; referendum.
13-1250b - Same; contributions.
13-1250c - Same; agreements.
13-1252 - Revenue bonds for water and electricity in certain cities over 120,000; definitions.
13-1253 - Revenue bonds for water and electricity in certain cities over 120,000; utility rates, fees and charges; refunding revenue bonds.
13-1254 - Same; revenue fund; use.
13-1255 - Same; liens on revenues of utility; recitals; negotiability.
13-1257 - Revenue bonds for water and electricity in certain cities; terms; limitation.
13-1258 - Same; payment of bonds; rates, fees or charges; covenants, agreements and restrictions.
13-1259 - Same; issuance of bonds; publication notice; protest; election.
13-1260 - Same; issuance of bonds; duties of city officers; election; expenses.
13-1261 - Same; repairs and improvements of utility; compliance with federal acts or rules.
13-1263 - Same; act supplemental.
13-1264 - Same; invalidity of part.
13-1269 - Certain cities over 100,000; transfer of revenues to certain other funds; adjustment of rates.
13-1270 - Same; utilities having bonded indebtedness.
13-1271 - Same; transfer of funds; limitation.
13-1272 - Same; transfer of funds; determination of amount.
13-1273 - Same; transfer of funds not authorized if general obligation bonds outstanding; exceptions.
13-1274 - Same; allocation of transferred moneys.
13-1275 - Transfer of ownership and control over certain township water systems to certain cities; conditions; powers and obligations of city or board of public utilities.
13-1276 - Same; determination as to customers and outstanding bonds.
13-1277 - Same; transfer of properties and funds to city.
13-1278 - Same; township tax for bond and debt service cost.