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2019 Statute


13-3101.Transit systems in cities over 225,000; findings; resolution; election, notice; operation; transit system defined. Any city having a population of over two hundred twenty-five thousand (225,000) may invoke the authority contained in this act on a finding by its governing body that all of the following states of fact exist:

(a) Transportation of persons within the metropolitan area of such city is necessary and convenient to the well-being of such city and its inhabitants.

(b) Privately owned public transportation facilities in operation in such city are inadequate.

(c) It is impossible for existing franchised operators of transportation facilities or some of them to render the necessary service with adequate resulting return on their investment of capital.

(d) Assignment of the existing franchise by the holder to another or release thereof and granting of a new franchise by any such city will not afford adequate service.

Such findings, if made, shall be by resolution adopted by the governing body of such city on an affirmative recorded vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the elected members of such governing body. Such resolution shall outline the proposed public operation of a transit system and shall call for a special election by the electors of the city and shall fix the date thereof. Such resolution shall be published in full in the official city newspaper. Notice of said election shall be given and the election shall be conducted all in the manner provided by law for regular city elections. The proposition submitted at such election shall be substantially as follows: "Shall the public operation of a transit system be authorized as outlined in the resolution of the governing body of the city of _____________ dated ________?" If a majority of the votes cast are not in favor of the proposition such city is not authorized to proceed further under this act. If a majority of the votes cast are in favor of the proposition the governing body may proceed by ordinance to acquire and operate a transit system as provided in this act.

For the purposes of this act, "transit system" is defined as motor buses or electric buses and trucks and maintenance, repair and servicing equipment and supplies for the transportation of persons and property, and shall also include land and buildings used or useful for such purposes.

History: L. 1965, ch. 123, § 1; May 15.