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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-101 - County as corporation; powers generally; home rule.
19-101a - Home rule powers; limitations, restrictions and prohibitions; procedure.
19-101b - Same; charter resolutions; exemption of county from acts of legislature; procedure; election.
19-101c - Same; powers to be liberally construed.
19-101d - Enforcement of resolutions; penalties; prosecution in district court; enforcement of county codes and resolutions in certain counties.
19-101e - Enforcement of resolutions; costs; witness fees and mileage; disposition of fines and penalties.
19-101f - Same; appeals.
19-102 - Real and personal property.
19-103 - Exercise of powers by commissioners.
19-104 - County buildings.
19-105 - Title of actions.
19-107 - Inhabitants as witnesses and jurors.
19-108 - Court proceedings; judgment against county; security or bond.
19-110 - Leasing of lands for oil, gas or other minerals; royalty.
19-111 - Same; bids.
19-112 - Same; restriction.
19-113 - Same; proceeds to county general fund.
19-114 - Claims for services or materials pursuant to statutes afterwards declared void.
19-115 - Same; county commissioners not liable, when; county cannot recover.
19-116 - Actions for delinquent taxes when realty transferred to U.S.
19-117 - Limitations and procedures for exercise of home rule power of taxation or other revenue measures; resolution; notice; referendum; initiative; continuation in effect of tax or other revenue measure.
19-119 - County equipment reserve fund; purpose; investment and transfer of moneys in fund.
19-120 - Multi-year capital improvement fund; purpose; investment and transfer of moneys in fund.
19-121 - County service taxing district; procedure for creation; dissolution.
19-122 - Payment of taxes, utility fees and exactions; credit and debit cards accepted.
19-123 - Redevelopment districts encompassing federal enclaves; authority to grant utility franchises, authorization and approval by county commission, conditions, franchise fees, fee collection, use of funds by redevelopment district.